The Devil Works in Insidious Ways



CMT just issued a press release promoting “an evening full of laughs” featuring comedian Ron White. “The cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking White headlines the 90-minute special,” said CMT, “giving his thoughts on being banned from the popular dating site ChristianMingle,” among other hilarious topics.

I find it interesting that CMT, which is owned by Viacom (which also owns MTV and VH1), would so prominently mention White’s riff on ChristianMingle. Especially in the wake of the recent arrest of a Del Mar, Calif. man charged with raping a woman he met on the online dating site.

Police suspect that Sean Patrick Banks used different aliases to prey upon unsuspecting women on the Christian site as he traveled frequently across the country for his job. Investigators are currently trying to identify other of Banks’ pitiable victims.

I don’t know whether CMT thinks it funny that ChristianMingle has been infiltrated by an online sexual predator. But there should be nothing funny about it to Christ followers, including those of us who usually find “Tater Salad” – as White is known – amusing.

Because what we are witnessing with ChristianMingle is spiritual warfare. And I say that not just because I published a Valentine’s Day post praising the site, an online destination place for hundreds of thousands of Christian singles looking for love with someone with whom they can share their faith life.

The Bible warns us that our adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. And I am convinced that nothing so appeals to his appetite than devouring – corrupting – the pure, the innocent, the holy, the Godly.

It began in the Garden of Eden, when the evil one corrupted Eve, who then corrupted her husband Adam. And such corruption has continued down through the ages, to this very day, manifesting itself in ways most sordid.

Indeed, is there anyone who doubts the devil successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church? How else do my Catholic friends explain the more than 10,000 child sexual abuse claims against more than 4,000 Catholic priests here in this country?

Or what about the unholy partnership between the Girl Scouts of the USA – founded by Daisy Gordon Low to promote the spiritual development (along with the physical and mental) – with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortionist?

Is not the entertainment industry under demonic influence, most obviously the adult film business, which devours young females barely older than Girl Scout Ambassadors (16 to 18 years of age), subjecting them to the most profane sexual degradation.

And who does not imagine that the evil one did not whisper in the ear of the president of the United States when he justified his endorsement of homosexual marriage by invoking the Golden Rule? When he blasphemously insisted that to “Treat others the way you would want to be treated” is to blithely accept a lifestyle the Bible declares “an abomination”?

Those of us who are Christ followers must be always on our guard against our adversary, the devil. And we must pray without ceasing for God’s divine protection, that neither we nor our loved ones fall prey to that roaring lion.

Companies Pay No Price for Offending Christians


So Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer each donated $100,000 each to defeat Referendum 74, a state of Washington  ballot measure that would overturn  a law, passed by the state’s “progressive” legislature and governor, that would allow same-sex marriages.

What both the Microsoft co-founder and CEO are telling those of us who use the software giant’s products, who object to homosexual couplings, who consider it an abomination in the eyes of the God, is that they couldn’t care less about our religious sensibilities.

If we don’t like their politics, too bad. We’re welcome to purchase our next operating system from some company other than Microsoft.

That’s the attitude of not only Gates and Ballmer, but executives of all too many Fortune 500 companies that promote causes and organizations that most social conservatives, most evangelical Christians, find objectionable.

Indeed, the list of corporations that have gotten in bed with gay rights activists on same-sex marriage includes not only Microsoft, but also Starbucks, Boeing, Google, Nike, Time Warner Cable,Aetna, Xerox, Goldman Sachs, Viacom and Alcoa.

There is a similar, unholy relationship between Fortune 500 corporations and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider. While few companies directly fund the death dealers, many indirectly support its agenda through such seemingly innocent organizations as the Girl Scouts and the YWCA..

Indeed, the Girl Scouts have partnered with Planned Parenthood to “bring information-based sex education programs to girls.” The YWCA has hooked up with the abortion “rights” organization to co-host workshops on youth pregnancy and prevention.

The list of corporations complicit in Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of innocents include Alcoa, All State, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Dell, Dove, Lockheed Martin, MetLife and Motorola.

I know  there are some, if not many, who count themselves evangelical Christians or social conservatives or both, who have misgivings about signing on to boycotts, for one reason or another.

Well, I will not presume to suggest that they ignore their misgivings; that they no longer drink Starbucks coffee or wear Nike sneakers or use AT&T as their cellular service provider.

I will only say that, as for me and my house, we will not give one dollar more to such corporations for them to use in support of causes – like same-sex marriage and abortion – that we find morally repugnant.

The Girl Scout Cookie Monster


I dropped by my local supermarket yesterday. I was greeted by a cherubic young girl who smilingly asked me if I would like to buy a box (or three or five) of Girl Scout cookies.

I was torn.

I’ve long supported the Girl Scouts, which celebrates its 100th anniversary next month, which was founded by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, who believed that girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally and – most importantly, at least to me – spiritually.

Alas, Daisy Gordon Low would no longer recognize the wholesome organization she established in Savannah, Georgia a century ago.

Her vision has been hijacked by the current leadership of Girl Scouts of the USA, which boasts of its “willingness to tackle important societal issues” and its “commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.”

What does that mean, in practice?

Well, for one thing, it means that the Girl Scouts organization has partnered with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

In an appearance some years back on NBC’s “Today Show,” the then-CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, explained that its unholy alliance with Planned Parenthood would enable the Girl Scouts “bring information-based sex education programs to girls.”

As part of that Girl Scouts-endorsed sex education, young girls were exposed to books, provided by Planned Parenthood, emblazoned with the Girl Scouts logo, featuring chapters on masturbation and homosexuality.

The book also included images of couples having sex and an illustration of a boy properly wearing a condom.

As to the Girl Scouts’ putative commitment to “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” that means de facto promotion of non-heterosexual orientation among girls. The latter day Girl Scouts not only welcomes girls (and, presumably, local troop leaders) who are lesbians, but also transgenders.

That is the kind of decidedly non-spiritual organizational policy Girl Scout cookie sales are subsidizing.

And that’s why this long-time Girl Scouts supporter will be buying no more of their cookies.

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