Slouching Toward Gay Takeover of Boy Scouts



One of the more memorable sketches to air on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” featured actor Alec Baldwin and comedian Adam Sandler as members of a Boy Scout troop.

Baldwin played a gay scoutmaster, “Mr. Armstrong.” Sandler reprised his role as “Canteen Boy,” a scout clearly suffering arrested development.

In the sketch, Mr. Armstrong makes a sexual advance on Canteen Boy, brushing his unshaven face against the lad. So uncomfortable is Sandler’s character, who is not so dimwitted that he doesn’t know a pedophile when he sees one, that he flees into the woods.

The sketch was uproariously funny.

But what is not funny is the prospect that the Boy Scouts of America will today reverse its longstanding policy barring openly gay adults and boys from bringing their homosexuality to scouting.

It is almost certain that if BSA allows gay scoutmasters – like Mr. Armstrong – it is only a matter of time before one of them succumbs to the lust of the lies and the lust of the flesh and molests an innocent young scout.

I’m not hating on homosexuals. I’m not saying they are all child-molesters-in-waiting.

I’m not trying to stir up controversy (as SNL did with its provocative Canteen Boy sketch, which the gay community condemned as homophobic, and for which all-too-politically-correct Alec Baldwin continues to apologize to this day).

I’m just looking at the hard evidence.

Indeed, just this past October, the Boy Scouts of America released 20 years worth of documents revealing a pattern of molestation by not a couple dozen, not a couple hundred, but thousands of grown up men who saw scout troops as a target rich environment to exercise their sexual depravity.

The Los Angeles Times painstakingly examined nearly 1,900 confidential files created between 1970 and 1991 (only God knows how many there have been since then).

The common thread, according to the Times, is that molesters engaged in what psychologists call “grooming behavior,” a gradual seduction in which under-age Boy Scouts were lavished with gifts, favors and attention.

In hundreds of cases, Scout leaders allowed the boys to drive cars, drink alcohol or look at pornography. They gradually tested physical boundaries during skinny dipping, group showers, sleepovers and one-on-one activities.

Those Mau-Mauing the Boy Scouts to open up their ranks to homosexuals would have us believe that doing so will not lead to more unholy man-boy sexual abuse.

But even dimwitted Canteen Boy would know better than that.

Boy Scouts Under Attack by Gay ‘Rights’ Activists


Jennifer Tyrell, a 32-year-old Bridgeport, Ohio “mom,” was well aware of  longstanding Boy Scouts policy forbidding homosexuals from serving as troop leaders. Nevertheless, the lesbian took a position last year as den leader of her 7-year-old son’s Cub Scout pack.

In April, Tyrell was ousted from the post after being informed by the Boy Scouts of America that she “did not meet the high standards” of moral behavior it expects of both adults and boys associated with the 102-year-old organization.

Now the gay-rights activist is waging an online campaign to pressure BSA’s Board of Directors to rewrite the organization’s rules to allow both gay Scout leaders and gay troops.

The Boy Scouts have been down this road before. Back in 1990, it expelled New Jersey Scoutmaster James Dale after a newspaper interview in which he stated that he unabashedly proclaimed himself gay.

Dale sued for readmission and the Garden State’s highest court sided with him. However, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the lower court decision in 2000, declaring that BSA’s rule against homosexual troop leaders and troops was part of its constitutionally protected “expressive message.”

Allowing homosexuals like Dale to be scoutmasters would interfere with that message, the nation’s highest court held.

Since gay-rights activist Tyrell has no legal recourse against the Scouts, her campaign – backed by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which recently honored Tyrell, her lesbian “partner,” and their “family” – is targeting influential corporate leaders on the BSA Board, like James Turley, Global Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young, and Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T.

The execs need to “take their leadership on diversity within the workplace,” says Tyrell, “and extend it to their role as board members of the Boy Scouts of America.”

Well, it’s one thing for CEOs Turley and Stephenson to acquiesce to the gay-rights agenda in the name of “diversity” at Ernst & Young and AT&T respectively. But it’s quite another thing for them to impose that ungodly agenda upon the Boy Scouts.

Indeed, Boy Scouts take an oath to do their duty “to God” and to keep themselves “morally straight.” That’s why six of the top 10 chartered organizations associated with BSA are faith-based.

Were the Boy Scouts to welcome open homosexuality, as Tyrell, the lesbian, and her gay-rights supporters urge, the organization would break faith with those Christian chartered organizations that account for most of its membership. It would enter an ungodly partnership with the homosexual community.

Well, the Boy Scouts of America – God bless them – are standing strong against gay-rights activists. They acknowledge Tyrell’s campaign to rewrite the organization’s rules  against gay Scout leaders and troops, but, said BSA spokesman Deron Smith, “there are no plans to change this policy.”

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