Welcome to The Christian Diarist. This blog, authored by a veteran newspaper journalist, promises to analyze the issues of the day from an unabashedly Christian perspective.

It aims to provide an online refuge for true believers who despair of the anti-religious bias of the putative “mainstream media,” which barely masks its contempt for the Christian community — particularly   those of us it counts as “evangelicals” or, worst, “fundamentalists.”

The Christian Diaristis proud to join the ranks of the Christian blogosphere and to be an online advocate of the values and principles of the more than 225 million Americans who identify themselves as Christians.

This blog is not meant to be an ideological or theological monologue, but a conversation between the author and readers, and readers and readers. All comments are welcome here, whether you agree or disagree with a post, whether you are a Christian or secularist.

2 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. I have Dish TV. Looked up NBC and went through the guide to see when “Jesus Christ Superstar was on, and couldn’t find it.

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