The Wicked Descend on the ‘City of Angels’ This Week for ‘Adultcon’

The devil is a mimic. When God goes high, the evil one always goes low.

For instance, SoCal Harvest was held last month in Anaheim, California. Hosted for the 28th year by Pastor Greg Laurie, more than 90,000 worshippers attended the three-day, spirit-filled event at Angels Stadium, during which more than 10,000 souls gave their lives to Christ.

One month later, the wicked will gather in Los Angeles for “Adultcon,” which bills itself as a “weekend of sin and fun,” during which the unGodly can give themselves over to sexual depravity “without shame.” Marking its 16th year this upcoming weekend, Adultcon is expected to draw 10,000 demonically-influenced porn devotees to the LA Convention Center..

Of course, the sponsors of the officially titled Adult Entertainment Convention almost certainly would quarrel with the characterization of the sexual deviants slouching toward L.A. for a weekend of debauchery as pawns of the devil. But the Scripture advises, “You will know them by their fruits.”

Indeed, only at a gathering of the hellbound would the sponsors find it necessary to advise attendees that Adultcon “has a zero tolerance for rudeness, inappropriate touching or violence to other fans, exhibitors or the porn stars.”

Only at a convention of the wicked would sponsors post the disclaimer that they they are “not responsible or liable” for “personal injury, wrongful death or property damage suffered by an attendee.”

Only at a meet-up of the morally depraved would sponsors remind that there will be no “bodily fluid exchanges allowed including but not limited to the following: Any type of kissing, sexual intercourse, oral sex, insertions of either animate or inanimate objects.”

And only at an event for those who unwittingly worship at the altar of the devil would sponsors admonish that there will be no “bloodplay including but not limited to the following: Cutting, needle play, extreme whipping that results in broken skin.”

What truly reveals the hearts of darkness of Adultcon’s sponsors is their insistence that “women benefit from porn.” And they cite a dubious study from the obscure Archives of Sexual Behavior, which claims that 80 percent of women have watched porn.

And they quote the study’s lead author, a “sexoligist” at Copehagen University Hospital that, “Porn may teach women new sexual knowledge, get them to experiment more and potentially increase their sexual arousal and ability to fantasize.”

That’s the kind of deception that the wily serpent used to beguile Eve into eating the forbidden fruit that led to the fall of humanity. The evil one assured Eve that if she ate the fruit, she would be as God.

In the same way, today’s purveyors of pornography suggest that women actually are empowered by defiling their bodies on film. They suggest that so-called “porn stars” are somehow worthy of admiration.

Well maybe they are in the eyes of the reprobates who’ve purchased tickets to Adultcon. And maybe they are in the eyes of millions of men who watch pornography without shame; who think it a harmless vice.

But not in the eyes of Almighty God.

He is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. That includes women who have sold their bodies to the porn industry. It also includes men who are regularly consumers of the sexually explicit.

God recognizes that our adversary, the devil, has ensnared all too many of us in pornography. Our Heavenly Father recognizes that many of us struggle to control our lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh. He promises that, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

But a different fate awaits those unrepentant of their appetite for pornography. For they shake their fist at God, and defy the Almighty. And for such defiance there is hell to pay.

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One thought on “The Wicked Descend on the ‘City of Angels’ This Week for ‘Adultcon’

  1. Lee B. James on said:

    This article confused me a little. It seems to be a scathing indictment of these people, talking about them as though they are the worst kind of sinners imaginable.

    But from what I can tell, these people are just regular folks with loose attitudes towards marriage. I don’t see them as being any more, or less, sinful than the rest of the human race.

    These gentile folks have not been enlightened by God, and so they lack the moral guidance to know about adultery, fidelity, and to understand that sex is a spiritual joining which forges a permanent, irreversible relationship (Mark 10:6-9).

    It’s not so much “casual sex” that’s the problem, them problem is the man’s failure to marry her. For the Law commands that if you sleep with a girl, you must take her as a wife.

    So, yes, these folks are certainly ignorant of God’s laws, and certainly lack boundaries when it comes to sex.

    However, the actual *desires* these people have are all perfectly normal and healthy. It’s not a homosexual convention, for example. Nothing weird is going on there. Every man and woman on the planet has normal desires, given by God, and these are a blessing because they speak of Christ (Eph 5:22-32).

    So I really don’t see why these people are being singled out as though they are worse sinners than any other. The vast majority of Americans are adulterers (physically or mentally), and divorce rate is sky high.

    There is nothing particularly special about men attending a porn convention. Everyone in America is filthy to God. All have gone astray. All belong to Satan. All are perishing. They’re all in the darkness, while we are the children of the Light.

    The article quotes the words of the Lord Jesus: “You shall know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15) but I must point out that this Scripture has nothing whatsoever to do with the sinners of the world.

    Jesus was talking about discerning between false and genuine prophets (read the verse immediately before it). He was talking about Christians only. It is Christians we need to discern, because, as we clearly see, most Christians are false.

    But as for the sinners of the world: We do not need to “examine the fruits” of the world to know that it is evil. The Scripture tells us that all men are evil because they are descendants of Adam, born into sin.

    Finally, I would like to point out that Christians should not be “struggling to control our lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh”.

    If we have truly repented of our carnality, and truly come to hate our sinful ways and cried out to God for salvation. If we have repented, and been baptized into Christ, had our bodies put to death, and raised to newness of life in Him, baptized in His Spirit, and born again–then those old carnal ways should be far behind us, put to death. We should be victorious over sin, and able to resist temptation. We should not be held captive by evil thoughts.

    But I find it important to point out that the modern English word “lust” has come to mean sexual desire. However, in the Bible, the word “lust” has absolutely no sexual connotation whatsoever, it simply means an urge or a desire. The Bible talks of good lusts (Jesus had good lusts) and evil lusts. “Lusts of the flesh” means sinful desires, pertaining to evil thoughts which come from the sin nature.

    Sadly, I have heard many false Christians teaching that sexual desire is wrong. That is a wicked lie of Satan! Sexual desire is a wonderful blessing given to man, and a mystery which speaks of Christ and His church. We are also warned not to deprive ourselves of sexual satisfaction, or we may be tempted by the Devil (1 Cor 7:5).

    There is also a modern feminist movement creeping into the church which says that women should not be regarded by their physical attractiveness, and that women are people, equal to men–not objects of pleasure. Such a view is Satanic, and in direct opposition to the Biblical view of marriage, which clearly says that women are possessions, and things of pleasure: valued by their husbands, yet of less intrinsic value than men.

    However, the Bible does exhort us to not get distracted by women, or to multiply wives. We are commanded to buy as few wives as possible, ideally none, with overseers having one wife maximum. That is God’s way.

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