Christian Parents Cannot Assume Their Children Are in Safe Hands

The devil has a special place in his black heart for children. He delights in stealing their innocence, using those under his demonic influence to commit the most unspeakable acts against the under-aged.

So it was in the time of Moses that Pharaoh ordered all newborn Hebrew boys be put to the sword to cull the growing Hebrew population. So it was in the time of Jesus that Herod the Great ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem two years old and younger so that he would not be supplanted as King of the Jews.

And so it was, in more recent times, during the Holocaust, when more than one million children were victims of Nazi genocide, and so it is post-Roe v. Wade America that nearly 60 million pre-born babies have died at the hands of abortionists.

There is today no place children are beyond the reach of the devil and those who do his bidding. Not school, not the doctor’s office, not even church. And there is no to whom Christians can blindly entrust their children. Not teachers, not coaches, not even relatives.

Indeed, hardly a week passes without being reminded of that disquieting reality.

That includes this past week when the Oregonian newspaper exposed the secret sin of  Luke Heimlich, star pitcher on Oregon State University’s No. 1 ranked college baseball team.

The paper learned that, as a teen-ager, Heimlich twice molested a female relative. She was age four the first time he had his way with her; age six the second. The innocent little girl said nothing after the first offense, but knew enough after the second to tell her parents, who, in turn, contacted authorities.

The 6-year-old told authorities Heimlich lured her into his bedroom where he pulled down her underwear. He “touched her both inside and outside the spot she uses to go to the bathroom, according to her testimony.”

She pleaded with him stop. She told him that it hurt. But nothing she said or did stopped him from stealing her innocence.

As part of his plea agreement, Heimlich signed a handwritten statement admitting he had “sexual contact” with his 6-year-old relative. He was sentenced to 40 weeks of detention, but his sentence was suspended and he served no time whatsoever.

Heimlich’s female relative is now 11 years old. Her mother says that she and her daughter have been ostracized by family members, most of whom sided with Heimlich. “My daughter’s life has been changed for the rest of her life,” the girl’s mother lamented.

Then there was the email blast this past week from Saddleback Church informing members of the Southern California megachurch that “a student ministry volunteer had acted inappropriately with two 14-year-old boys.” The volunteer was arrested and “is now in the hands of the proper authorities,” the email informed.

Saddleback deserves credit for being forthcoming about the “sad news,” as described in the e-blast’s subject line. But its student ministry volunteer was arrested not because he merely acted “inappropriately” with the two under-age boys, but because of his suspected felony.

Then there’s the matter of the e-blast being co-signed by Saddleback’s Student Ministries Pastor & Elder and Executive Pastor & Elder. It’s well and good that the two pastors have taken ownership of this stain upon Saddleback’s reputation.

But this erstwhile Saddleback member wonders why Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback’s renowned spiritual leader, did not address himself to the devil’s infiltration of Pastor Rick’s megachurch.

Those of us who are Christ followers must stand in the gap for our children or for our children’s children. For they are besieged not by flesh and blood alone, but by spiritual hosts of wickedness.

That is why we must pray without ceasing that the Almighty put a hedge of protection around our children or our grandchildren. For without divine protection, our kids or kids’ kids are easy prey for the devil.

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