Spiritual Warfare: 10 Sin-Sick U.S. Cities Under Demonic Influence

During the reign of Cyrus the Great, king of all Persia, the prophet Daniel foresaw a great war that filled his heart with fear and trembling. So troubled was Daniel he spent three weeks, the Bible says,  fasting and praying for divine intervention.

God heard the prayers of his prophet and sent an angel to deliver a message. But the heavenly messenger was delayed, Daniel was told, because he was resisted for 21 days by the demonic spirit that laid claim to Persia.

Such demonic spirits continue today to exert powerful influence over earthly jurisdictions to which they lay claim. And the evidence may be seen in 10 U.S. cities whose sins have reached to heaven; whose iniquities God will remember in the Day of Judgment.

1. Chicago, where angels fear to tread

Prohibition ushered in an era of gangland violence in the Windy City that reached its apex on St. Valentine’s Day 1929, when four hit men acting on orders from Al Capone rounded up four members of the rival Bugs Moran gang, lined them up facing a wall and pumped them full of lead. The carnage in Capone’s Chicago reached what was at the time historic levels. Yet it paled in comparison to the current reign of death in the Windy City. In 1929, Chicago’s murder rate was just shy of 15 per 100,000 residents. In 2016, it was 27 per 100,000, which amounted to 762 killed. Not even the infamous Scarface thought life so cheap.

2. Los Angeles, porn capital of the world

While Hollywood releases up to 600 motion pictures a year, L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, releases up to 10 times as many sexually explicit “adult” films. Those who’ve sold their souls to the porn industry find they have hell to pay, attests former porn star Shelley Lubben, a born again Christian. Almost every so-called “porn star” has been cursed with a sexually transmitted disease, she says, be it Chlamydia or gonorrhea or herpes or HIV.

3. San Francisco, Sodom on the Pacific

In 2004, then-San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the city clerk’s office to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Thus began what would become a nationwide campaign for so-called “marriage equality” that culminated 11 years later with the U.S. Supreme Court’s unholy decision that marriage is reserved not jut for one man and one woman – as God Himself ordained – but also gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and every other conceivable abomination.

4. New York, killing field of the preborn

The National 9/11 Memorial in New York City has the names of each and every one of the nearly 3,000 souls killed in the worst terror attack on U.S. soil inscribed on the bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools. Yet, there is no memorial to the 164,000 preborn babies that were slaughtered the year before by the Big Apple’s God-less abortionists. New York’s annual slaughter of innocents dates back to 1970, when it passed the nation’s most liberal abortion. Today, it is the U.S. capital of abortion, not just in the numbers of preborn babies aborted, but also the city’s rate of abortion

5. Minneapolis, recruitment hotbed for radical Islamists

With the nation’s largest Somali-born population, Minneapolis has proven fertile recruiting ground for ISIS, which has supplanted al Qaida as the world’s greatest terror threat. “Everyone talks about Brussels and Paris having cells,” U.S. District Court Judge Michael David said last November. “We have a cell here in Minneapolis,” he exclaimed, after sentencing nine young Somalis on terror conspiracy charges.

6. Seattle, “safe” injection sites for junkies to shoot up

The Emerald City faces a drug epidemic, with overdose deaths increasing in 2016 for the seventh straight year. To address what Seattle officials declare a “public health crisis,” the city in January approved the nation’s first so-called “safe-injection site,” where heroin and other opioid addicts can shoot up as much as they please.  If a junkie overdoses, a health-care worker will be tasked with reviving them before they flat-line. Seattle Ed Murray Mayor said a visit to a Vancouver, British Columbia safe injection site – the first in North America – convinced him that a similar government-approved shooting gallery would reduce overdose deaths in his city. But what Murray conveniently overlooked is that British Columbia suffered 914 overdose deaths last year, 80 percent more than in 2015.

7. Houston, street gang takes souls for Satan 

There is hardly a major metropolitan area that has not been infiltrated by Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), the nation’s most ruthless street gang. But in no city are gang members more overt about their homage to demonic spirits than in Houston, where in March two MS-13 gang members were charged with killing a 15-year-old girl as a ritualistic sacrifice to the demon they worshiped. “The beast did not want a material offering,” explained one of the MS-13 killers. “He wanted a soul.”

8. Las Vegas, the prurient pedophile’s sexual paradise “Sin City” unabashedly embraces its moniker, which it has earned for tempting visitors with every conceivable depravity – none more damnable than child prostitution. Indeed, Vegas is “ground zero” for child sex trafficking, according to Lt. Karen Hughes, who headed the vice unit for the city’s police department until two years ago. From 1994 to 2015, Las Vegas Vice rescued more than 2,650 child prostitutes – average age 16 – from their pimps. “This is totally part of Las Vegas,” attests Annie Lobert, a redeemed prostitute who founded Hookers for Jesus. “It’s really common,” she said, “for Johns to ask for under-age children.”

9. Miami, Gomorrah on the Atlantic

On World AIDS Day this past December, the national Centers for Disease Control reported that Miami had the distinction of leading the nation in new HIV cases. Luigi Ferrer, health director of Pridelines, a LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) community group, attributes Magic City’s sky-high HIV transmission rate, three times higher than the rest of the nation, to “people coming here from all over the world to play here, to do drugs here, to have unsafe sex when they’re on vacation here.” But that’s because Miami has made itself a magnet for homosexual sex seekers, celebrating its gay bathhouses and sex clubs.

10. New Orleans, destination place for those with an appetite for the occult 

The Crescent City is the American epicenter for occultism. There will be found among inhabitants of the city those who practice witchcraft, as well as those who are soothsayers. There are interpreters of omens, and those given to sorcery. There are those who conjure spells, those who are mediums, those who are spiritists and those who call up the dead. All who do those things are an abomination to the Lord, the Bible tells us. And, as such, He drives them out before those of us who are Christ followers. Indeed, Newsweek magazine reported that there were as many as 3,000 voodoo practitioners before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. A decade later, there were fewer than 400 such practitioners.

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