Would Jesus Give a Junkie a Clean Hypodermic Needle?

A plague has beset the Seattle area – an increase in heroin overdose deaths in recent years that has reached “crisis levels,” according to a report by a task force convened by the mayors of Seattle and neighboring cities in King County, Washington state.

The best way to address the plague, task force members agreed, is to establish so-called “Community Health Engagement Locations” where “supervised consumption occurs for adults with substance abuse disorders…”

Of course, what the task force really is recommending are legalized shooting galleries; supposed “safe” sites where junkies are given clean needles with which they are free to inject heroin or other poison into their veins with public health personnel standing by with naloxone in the event of an overdose.

This is what the liberal public health establishment euphemistically refers to as “harm reduction.” But what it really amounts to is social nihilism.

For drug addiction is a work of our adversary, the devil, whom, the Scripture warns, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. And public policymakers, like Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who bestow their official blessing on such social nihilist abominations as government-sanctioned shooting galleries are unwitting tools of the evil one.

Yet, Mayor Murray maintains that enabling heroin addicts and other junkies is the best way to address the plague afflicting his city, which has suffered some 3,700 overdoses in just the past two years.

What this Christ follower finds revealing is that, of 42 task force members, representing various and sundry public sector agencies and private sector organizations, Mayor Murray invited not one faith leader to participate.

Perhaps he was afraid that such a faith leader would recommend a program that would not invite junkies to shoot up in a putative “safe drug consumption site” – merely delaying their all but inevitable drug-related death – but an alternative Christ-centered program that would deliver junkies from their addiction.

Like Celebrate Recovery, which was founded in 1990 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California and which has since spread to some 19,000 churches. That’s because there is no more effective drug recovery program in the world.

Mayor Murray could have invited John Baker, who headed up Saddleback’s Celebrate Recovery ministry, to address his task force. Or he could have arranged a special showing of the 2013 film “Home Run,” for which Celebrate Recovery figured prominently in the story.

Instead, the Seattle mayor chose to fellowship with social nihilists in Vancouver, Canada, which boasts the only government-sanctioned, supervised injection center in North America.

Murray’s visit to Insite, the destination site for Vancouver heroin addicts who want a nice, warm place to shoot up, made it clear to him, he said, “these sites save lives,” which is the goal shared by Murray and his fellow mayors in King County Washington state.

But Murray, and others who point to Insite as supposed proof that government-sanctioned shooting galleries save lives, have been deceived by the devil, whom the  Scripture calls “the father of lies.”

Indeed, Vancouver recorded 215 overdose deaths in 2016, up 60 percent from 2015. And a report last month by the city of Vancouver noted that “the number of overdoses and associated consequences have been most severely felt in the Downtown Eastside (DTES)” where Insite, a magnet for injection drug consumption, is located.

“Harm reduction” measures, like those currently employed by drug-ridden Vancouver and those proposed by similarly drug-ridden Seattle, are ineffective against the plague of heroin overdose deaths.

That’s because the pitiable souls struggling with heroin addiction are slaves of the evil one. And they cannot escape his clutches in their own strength.

They need the divine intervention of the one, the only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

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