The Devil Shows Up at Franklin Regional High



Why did Alex Hribal do it? Why did the 16-year-old sophomore at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania stab and slash 20 of his classmates (and a security guard), leaving at least four of his victims in critical condition?

WTAE in Pittsburgh reports that “investigators continue to explore bullying as a possible motive.” NBC News cites criminologists who suggest Hribal was driven “by rage and adrenalin.” The Associated Press reports “[t]he boy’s family is just as puzzled as police about what triggered the attack.”

But there is an obvious explanation of Hribal’s murderous rampage, which has been ignored by the investigators, the criminologists and even the teen-age slasher’s family: He was acting under demonic influence.

Indeed, the Apostle Peter warned that our adversary, the devil, “walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” That’s why the Apostle Paul advised Christ followers to “[p]ut on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

Secularists dismiss the Word of God as fiction. They are the 30 percent of Americans, according to the Gallup Poll, who don’t believe the devil exists; who refuse to accept that the evil one is behind the violence and mayhem that occurs all too frequently in this country in places like Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

And the devil isn’t interested in devouring a troubled kid here, a troubled kid there. He wants to destroy an entire generation. And his means of doing is to undermine our institutions and corrupt our culture.

Indeed, under the evil one’s influence, secularists have succeeded in getting God banished from the nation’s public schools.

On-campus prayer is forbidden, even to ask the Lord to heal the victims of the latest incident of school violence. The pledge of allegiance is no longer recited in an increasing number of school systems because it includes the words “under God.”

The theory of evolution, which posits that monkeys somehow transmogrified into human beings, is freely taught in the nation’s classrooms, while discussion of intelligent design, is considered subversive.

Public school students still get time off for Christmas and Easter, but schools must not mention the reasons for the seasons – celebration of the birth of Christ the Lord, and commemoration of His death, burial and resurrection.

That’s why the spirit of God has departed from the nation’s schools.

That’s why the Almighty has withdrawn the divine protection the public schools enjoyed from 1635 – when Boston Public Latin School, America’s first public school, was established by Reverend John Cotton – until 1962 – when the U.S. Supreme Court banned school prayer.

The nation’s public schools have been Satan’s playground ever since.

Indeed, was not Mark Berndt, a teacher at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, under the influence of the devil when he molested 23 children, blindfolding them, spoon-feeding them semen, placing cockroaches on their faces?

Were not Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who took the lives of 13 souls at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, Adam Lenza, who massacred 27 innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and, now, Alex Hribal, whose knife attack last week left 21 injured, doing the evil one’s bidding?

That’s why those of us who are Christ followers should not be deceived by those attributing violence in the public schools to guns or bullying or mental illness or other secular causes.

No, there is spiritual warfare going on in the nation’s public schools. Which is why we must pray, without ceasing, that God will put a hedge of protection around our schoolchildren.

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5 thoughts on “The Devil Shows Up at Franklin Regional High

  1. Jay Ro on said:

    By the way, excellent job on this article, JP. I am a public school teacher. Please pray for me and my students. Fortunately, I am in a conservative, predominantly Christian area. We say the pledges every day and no one, as of yet, minds teachers/schools mentioning Christian origins of holidays, Judeo-Christian influence on history, having Christian books in the school library, etc. However, you know how quickly that can change. It may one day come that I have to take a stand for Christ that will cost me my job. Please pray for me that I will stand firm for Christ not matter the cost!

  2. Birtukan Aberra on said:

    America, please turn back to God. Great America was a God-fearing country, no more and the wrath of God is falling on this great nation. To save our generation, we have to come back to God. Our God is a forgiver and once he forgives, he also protects.

  3. zoebrain on said:

    How do you know God didn’t tell him to do it? After all,He has commanded worse in the past, and who are any of us to judge Him?

    • Do you dare to speak against the Holy Spirit, “Zoe?” You are a pawn of the evil one.

    • Jay Ro on said:

      His god, “Satan,” may have told him to do it, but not the One True God. You need to read God’s Word…he never commands anyone to kill innocent people who are just going about their daily lives. He commanded the Israelites to wipe out godless enemies…every last one of them…who were coming against God’s people in battle to destroy every last one of THEM. That’s a different scenario than commanding someone to go and kill random people, which God has never, and will never, do.

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