Dog Cult Prays For Pit Bull That Mauled A Child



“Save Mickey.” So pleads the Facebook page lamenting that the pit bull faces “the death penalty” just because he mauled four-year-old Kevin Vicente.

The Phoenix, Arizona boy was hospitalized with a broken eye socket, check bone and lower jaw bone. “He still can’t open his eye,” said Dr. Salvatore Lettieri, chief of cosmetic surgery at Maricopa Medical Center.

“Well need to fix the tear duct drainage system,” said the surgeon. “That is, if he makes tears.”

Meanwhile, there are no tears shed for poor young Kevin on Mickey’s Facebook page, which announces that 50,000 people have signed a petition (on imploring Maricopa County Animal Control to stay the canine martyr’s scheduled execution this upcoming Tuesday.

“Thank God,” read one of the comments on Mickey’s Facebook page, that so many people have registered their objection to what the online petition terms nothing less than a “travesty of justice.”

But the real travesty is the cult that has developed around Mickey, who brutalized a four-year old child. That the dog’s supporters dare to invoke the name of God in their campaign to absolve the animal of its horrific attack upon a defenseless child is a sacrilege.

Indeed, the Mickey cult actually created another Facebook page promoting the “Save Mickey Candlelight Vigil.” Cult members were invited to gather in a plaza “to show our love and support for Mickey.”

Those who couldn’t attend were encouraged to “light a candle,” wherever they happened to be, and “post the picture.” And many did so.

“Mickey, we’re praying for you sweetheart!” proclaimed one of the pit bull’s supporters. “We love you and are thinking of you Mickey,” commented another. “You are in our thoughts and prayers sweet Mickey,” posted still another.

Well, there’s nothing unGodly about having an affinity for animals. That is, unless that affinity is taken to the extreme, as is the case with the Mickey cult, which has elevated the dog to deity status.

Like the Hindus, who worship dogs as part of Kukur tithar, an annual religious festival during which a big red tika is put on a dog’s forehead and a garland around its neck as the faithful pray to dogs to protect their houses.

Like the ancient Mesopotamians, who created a dog cult around Gula, a supposed healing goddess. The dog was considered Gula’s earthly mediums, possessing protective magic and supposedly guarding cult members against certain sicknesses.

The thousands of Mickey supporters, who liked his Facebook pages, who signed his online petition, who attended his candlelight vigil, who are praying on his behalf for divine intervention, are a modern day dog cult.

They care more about the pit bull than they do about the helpless four-year-old boy he would have killed but by the grace of God.

“Having Mickey killed is not going to take away Kevin’s pain or injuries,” said John Schill, the dog’s attorney (that’s right). “The only thing this is going to do is kill a poor, innocent dog.”

Such is the callousness of Mickey’s supporters, who declare the dog “innocent” of his vicious attack on young Kevin. Their cultish adoration of the animal smells to heaven.

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8 thoughts on “Dog Cult Prays For Pit Bull That Mauled A Child

  1. pastorjackwilson on said:

    In the old Jewish law they would go back and forth to see the fault. Was there a fence? Was there protection from the dog in place? And so on.
    Neither the child nor the dog was at fault. Unfortunately in life, someone always has to pay for the stupidity of others. As the story goes there was a woman “watching” the child. She put him in the yard and he walked within the parameter of the dog’s 18 foot long chain. Supposedly he tried to take the dog’s bone. Kids do these kind of things and the woman should be charged with reckless endangerment. However, there is the case of the dog. The dog was obviously trained for protection. Most “normal” dogs do not attack children. The owner also had a responsibility that anyone who was allowed on the premises, should not be able to come in contact with the dog. The law requires a fence with a locked gate around a swimming pool. How much more for a vicious dog? So the owner is also responsible and should be charged.
    We already can see how the child was punished for the babysitter’s and the owners irresponsible behavior. This leaves the dog. Although he did what vicious dogs do when contact is made with people he needs to be put down.
    The first reason is he attacked a non aggressor whether he knew it or not. If the story said a burglar walked past the dog and was mauled I would say give the dog a medal but this was not the case.

    A good, well trained dog can tell if a person is an aggressor or not while a dog like this is trained to be aggressive to anyone outside of it’s master.

    As for the dog cult. It is a sick, society we live in today. If you check out FB we have so many people advocating spending thousands of dollars to save dogs from euthanasia. I loved dogs and raised them but when they over run society and have no one that will take care of them they need to be harvested just like animals who are hunted are harvested. To painlessly euthanize a dog is not a problem yet these people get hundreds of “likes” while I in turn publish the need to help the poor children with no likes at all.

    This is the way the world has turned and as the three witches in Macbeth cried, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” so it stands true today.

    My prayer is that Jesus will return soon to deliver us out of this evil world.

  2. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time, thank you!!!! Which cult are you representing?

    • Joann, you obviously love dogs more than you love people, based on the comment posted on your Facebook account declaring, “There is one dangerous breed: human.” Loving pitt bulls that maul little children will not get you into the Kingdom. And that’s no laughing matter.

    • No anonymous comments.

  3. You are not Christian people you are a cult of crazy people sickos . You put religion to shame you are the kind of people who bomb people in the name of god you sickosssss

    • Your unrighteous indignance might be taken with more than a grain of salt if you hadn’t previously posted a Facebook apologia for Mickey, who mauled a defenseless four-year old child.

      • … I never apologized for Mickey. …

      • Is this not a post on your Facebook page?:

        So iif he was so dangerous then why was there never a vicious dog petition filed before. This lady is totally lying especially since the story has changed so much. So she saw him attack a puppy he was so dangerous and NOW she files a viciou…s dog petition. And she saw him attack a puppy but allowed the children to get near the dog. Lupe is the babysitter and trying to cover her butt you should watch the new coverage where the EXPERTS say that the wound was suggestive of the dog defending his bone. And he has not shown any aggressive behavior. I am losing faith in humanity which thinks they are so high and mighty that they would kill anything. If he ran out of the yard and attacked the child that would be completely different. The babysitter is to blame here

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