Supposed ‘Christian’ Dad Claims Gay Son is No Sinner



Chris has a gay son. He neglected to mention that when I met him at a business event the week before last, when we talked a little politics, when he invited me to join him and his buds for their weekly golf game.

All was amicable on the golf course. As it turned out, two of the guys were fellow conservatives. And two others happened to be members of my church.

But things got twisted when our two foursomes sat down for post-round libations and conversation. That’s because Chris, a social liberal, an Obama-loving Democrat, insisted on talking politics.

And particularly about homosexual “rights.”

He made the pseudo-scientific claim that homosexuality was an “immutable” trait, like race or gender. And the church-going Presbyterian claimed there is no Biblical basis for declaring homosexuality a sin.

So I challenged him on both claims. And my fellow conservatives, my fellow church members backed me.

Having lost the debate he started, my golf host stood up and angrily stalked out of the clubhouse, leaving the other seven of us sitting there. That’s when one of the guys confided to me that Chris has a gay son.

His was the typical reaction by social liberals who have a family member or friend or business associate or even acquaintance who is gay.

The social libs not only delude themselves that homosexuality is perfectly “normal,” not only deceive themselves that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable to God, they also insist that those of us who are social conservatives, who are Bible-believing Christ followers, agree with them.

Otherwise, they slander us as “homophobes.”

But the word of God declares, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Indeed, those of us who oppose homosexuality on Biblical grounds are very much like Lot, who lived in the ancient city of Sodom, who was visited by two angels of the Lord, whose home was surrounded by the men of the city who wanted to have to have their way, sexually, with his visitors.

“Please, my brethren,” Lot pleaded, “do not do so wickedly! See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish.”

Lot’s gay neighbors were offended. “He keeps acting as a judge,” they murmured among themselves.

They deluded themselves that evil was good, that darkness was light. Just like Chris, who hosted me for golf, who insisted his gay son is “normal;” that his son’s sexual preference for men was okay by God.

Well, I’ve never met Chris’ boy. But I think I actually love him more than his dad does. Because I don’t want him to befall the fate of the homosexuals of Sodom, on whom God rained brimstone and fire. They all died in their unrepentant sin and will spend eternity separated from God.

Indeed, even if I accepted the dubious, politically-motivated science that there is a supposed “gay gene,” that homosexuality is a supposed “immutable” human trait, I would continue to believe homosexuality a sin.

And to those attracted to men, like Chris’ son, I would urge them to “crucify the flesh” with its passions and lusts; to present their bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God. And I would encourage that they pray that God lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from their desire for “strange flesh.”

Those of us who are social conservatives, who are Christ followers, are not “homophobes.” We do not hate gays.

We speak the truth to them – in love – that homosexuality was and is and always will be a sin. And that the Bible warns that homosexuals shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

We also encourage them that the Lord desires that none would perish, but that all should come to repentance. And that if those who are gay confess their sins – rather than denying that homosexuality in a sin in the eyes of God – He is faithful and just to forgive them and cleanse them of all unrighteousness.

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33 thoughts on “Supposed ‘Christian’ Dad Claims Gay Son is No Sinner

  1. This article is disgusting I do not think you are real Christians religious and spirituality is about love and you are promoting hate and predujice

    • We love gays. That’s why we pray that they come to repentence and experience the Lord’s saving grace.

      • jp have you never read 1 corin 12-13

      • I assume you meant 1 Corinthians 5:12-13. Yes, I have read it. But have you ignored the instruction to Christ followers to “[e]xpel the wicked person from among you.” That would be, according to 1 Corinthians 5:11, “[a]nyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral.” That includes those who practice homosexuality.

    • pastorjackwilson on said:

      JP, this woman has a phoney FB account. It was set up just to defend that fog that mauled the boy. You can see how her mind works. Now she bashes you for answering what the homo’s father put before you even as you also say we love all people and pray they get saved.

    • No anonymous comments.

  2. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Being that my “Particular Religion” Started with the creation of the world and the laws were directly given from the creator, It suffices to say, the laws we believe are not arbitrary. Again, you associate Muslim ideas with our laws. There is no connection. Just as you believe Muslim law is no good (and rightly so) we also believe your ignoring God’s laws are no good. You said, “Laws should be based on logic and argumentation. Not arbitrary.” however we just tried to pass a law that said the President has to obey the law and he vetoed it. So as you can clearly see, man can not rule himself. He needs God to set down laws.

  3. Wonderful! Chris walked out on you!

    You put your false understanding of doctrine above his love for his son, and you gloat that he walked out. It is an expression of contempt, JP. and rightly so.

    As for the Sodom story, well, gay bars can get a bit rowdy, but that is as far from most gay men’s experience as from that of most straights.

    • He didn’t just walk out on me, he also walked out on his golf group, with whom he plays a weekly game. Chris was dishonest because he did not disclose that his son was gay when he introduced the subject of gay rights in our post-round fellowship. He obviously did not want us to know – rightfuly so – that his non-Biblical view of homosexuality was influenced by his son’s sinful lifestyle.

      • joeandhisblog on said:

        People don’t consider gay being a sin anymore. However, being an antiquated, judgemental and insensitive **** does though.

      • joeandhisblog on said:

        Sorry for my outburst, but I’m not use to being told I’m a sinner. I forget some people still consider harmless happiness a sin.

  4. pastorjackwilson on said:

    In case someone wants to know the basis for the christian belief:

  5. pastorjackwilson on said:

    This is a battle that will never end. I am putting my two cents in because it needs more enlightening. those of us who know, know Chris is not going to hell because he is a homosexual. He is going to hell because he is separated from God. He is also a homosexual because of that separation.
    If Chris’ father would have relayed a message that his son was a pedophile or a bank robber or a womanizer, we could safely assume he was going to hell because of the conduct he was displaying and the fact that it is not a sign of being saved.

    So the argument in this case is whether homosexuality is right or wrong. All sin is wrong and there is some sin that bothers us more than others. Murder and pedophilia bothers me the most but as I said, the real sin is separation.

    They created the NIV to show that only “Temple Prostitutes” were forbidden by God. Of course we know the men of Sodom were no temple prostitutes and the attempt to change the Bible to reflect a lifestyle is obvious.

    I know, am related to and have a friend who is a homosexual. I enjoy the friendship and I always pray that someday they will be receptive to the Gospel. Once someone is reunited with God, their desire is to get closer and do the things He wants them to do. Our problem is not to stop sin whether it would be liars or gossipers or yes, homosexuals. Our quest is to share with those who are perishing, the Gospel and to continue to pray for them.

    As for Chris’ father. He needed that dose of reality because he is a carrier. He justifies sin without the Bible and I don’t believe for a second he is saved.

  6. I’m wondering what you would say to your son if roles were reversed? Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time and energy condemning folks – he saved his wrath for the religious leaders who’s life purpose was to condemn people and rant about how their behavior separated them from God. What exactly did you want to accomplish in your confrontation with Chris? That he should hate his son? That his son’s sins are worse than yours? That his pain and turmoil will never pierce your shield of Biblical righteousness? Congrats. A trifecta. In order to make a point, you have forfeited the possibility of ever having influence with Chris and his son.

    • pastorjackwilson on said:

      If you believe in the truth, you would tell your child. that doesn’t mean you would ever stop loving them. As for Jesus, you say things that are just not correct. Jesus spent more time warning of hell than anything else. John 3:17, a very much overlooked scripture agrees with you but the reason He did not spend much time condemning is because we were already condemned. He spent much time trying to save us. Yet unlike liberal philosophers he did not avoid calling sin, sin. If a man’s house was on fire would you scream to wake him up or would you not, for fear of disturbing him? Do you yell at children who are playing in the street so they don’t get hit by a car? I am afraid you missed the love in truth. You think to ignore, to avoid to perhaps be politically correct is the answer. You are right. Feelings may not be hurt but the condition is not healed.

  7. joeandhisblog on said:

    I can’t argue with your biblical knowledge, after all, you’re right in a biblical sense. But even if you think homosexuality is wrong it still doesn’t mean gay men and women shouldn’t have the same rights as heterosexuals. People should be able to do what they want with their life without judgement, if they want to do something that is right for them and they aren’t hurting anybody then why stop them.

    • Sure, gays and lesbians should have rights. But not at the expense of religious rights. If I’m a wedding photographer, for instance, I shouldn’t be forced by law to photograph a same-sex marriage if it is contrary to my religious beliefs.

      • joeandhisblog on said:

        I work in a museum. Should I refuse entry to visitors if their Catholic? I do understand what you’re saying though. But I don’t see religious rights as an excuse for excluding people. To me religious beliefs aren’t any different to opinions and if your opinions make you treat a homosexual differently then that is homophobia.

      • Does a church not have the religious right to exclude from its leadership those who do not agree with its tenets? Does a Christian university not have the right to exclude administrators, faculty or students who do not share the faith?

      • joeandhisblog on said:

        I’m pretty confident that most administrators, faculty and students of a Christian university do things that go against biblical principles. So to exclude homosexuals only proves homophobic discrimination.

      • Exactly! The same way Muslim extremists should have the right to stone the women in your family for walking into any of their establishments without wearing a veil. It’s contrary to their beliefs and they should even be able to spit on them and call them whores on the street, because in their religion it’s immoral.

      • Has anyone here suggested that gays should be stoned? Or spat upon? Or called contemptuous names. No, we have only urged that they repent their homosexuality. For only when they repent can they be forgiven. And only when they have been forgiven their sins can the inherit the kingdom of God.

      • Exactly! As women who don’t wear the veil should also kneel and repent and ask for forgiveness!!! As should tthose who eat pork products!

      • You’re not talking about Christianity, pinkagendist. This is not The Muslim Diarist. Go in peace.

  8. I’m somehow guessing your idea of whether or not Chris “lost the debate” is a teensy bit skewed.

    • When you stand up abruptly and walk out of the debate, that’s a pretty good sign you’re on the losing end.

      • Yes. Let’s let every religion uphold their views. Jewish waiters or waitresses or clerks can refuse to serve or sell pork products. Muslims can refuse to serve unveiled women. Hindus can refuse to serve beef!
        Let’s create a society where we all live in ghettos and only deal with other people of our same background (including skin colour, obviously)- surely that will work.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        I think you have a deep held belief about what you are saying for whatever reason but the reasoning is not there. If we stoned homosexuals we would have to stone ourselves because we are all sinners. Additionally, I don’t think a orthodox Jewish person would take a job where they served pork. If a Muslim restaurant wishes for women to wear certain clothing, let them. Who cares? Hindus who do not serve beef present no problem at all. Should we also protest the veggie Restaurant who serves no meat or the upscale restaurant that requires a tie and jacket. This argument is about a person who claimed he was a christian. The debate was, Is he a christian and also, is his son, according to Christianity, OK with being a homosexual. If you are not a Christian or belong to one of many diverse groups that consider themselves a Christian, than the argument isn’t even yours. If you claim christianity, than furnish Biblical proof of your convictions. What I hear you saying is that you believe your view is right and Biblical belief is wrong. In that case, there is no argument. We don’t agree.

      • Your claim presupposes ownership of a religion and its interpretation. Going down that road, Catholics can say that people who divorce aren’t real Christians.
        It’s wholly unconstructive and interferes with the individual’s RIGHT to practice or not practice religion (and variations of) as they choose.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Not really. In any argument there is a right and a wrong side. I do presuppose that you have no religion but it matters not. The truth is, without God and His laws there is no absolute morality. That means anyone can decide what is right and what is wrong. You might think murder is justified if the person angers you and who could argue? Who is able to make a absolute law? No one. So we either have God or we have anarrchy. I choose to believe God.

      • Laws existed long before your particular religion. In fact, the laws of your religion weren’t much more than a re-writing and adaptation of the laws of the time.
        Laws should be based on logic and argumentation. Not arbitrary. Arbitrary is what leads women in the middle-east to be forced to live under sheets.

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