Would Jesus Approve of SI’s Swimsuit Issue?



The annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue arrives on newsstands Tuesday. It features three semi-nude babes on the cover.

The issue is eagerly awaited by much of SI’s readership. However, let those of us who are Christ followers not deceive ourselves: the magazine’s swimsuit issue is nothing more than softcore pornography.

Indeed, SI’s cover, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its swimsuit issue, actually is more sexualized than the cover of the latest issue of Playboy, which marks the skin magazine’s 60th anniversary, and which features the model Kate Moss in a bunny costume.

What particularly offends about SI is its hypocrisy.

The magazine’s writers and editors pride themselves in being on the right side of controversial social issues that transcend sport. But they have been silent about the sports media’s shameless exploitation of young women for the lustful pleasure of men (and boys).

To wit: SI recently published a fawning cover story about Michael Sam, the former Missouri college football player who came out of the closet as a homosexual, who hopes to become the first openly-gay player in the NFL.

“America is ready for Michael Sam,” SI declared.

Then there’s SI’s campaign to compel the Washington Redskins to change its team name to comport with the magazine’s politically correct sensibilities. In fact, the mag’s NFL writer Peter King decided last football season he would no longer reference the franchise’s team name.

“It has nothing to do with calling anyone racist.” said King. “It’s just I’m uncomfortable using the name.”

Yet, SI’s writers and editors think it perfectly acceptable to pander to its preponderantly male readership with lascivious pictorials of young women that are seminude or fully nude (save for body paint).

MJ Day, the madam of sorts  who edits the mag’s swimsuit issue, even goes so far as to suggest that the cover shot of models Nina Agdal and Lily Aldridge, “clad in orange thong bikini bottoms,” as the New York Daily News described their skimpy attire, and Chrissy Teigen, in a “barely-there pink bikini,” was perfectly wholesome.

As to the models themselves, who’ve sold their souls for fame and fortune, “They’re really good girls,” Day told the Newark Star-Ledger. “They’re the girl next door.”

Well, really good girls do not take their clothes off for the titillation of millions of men. And girls next door don’t strike come hither poses suggesting that they’re inviting a sex acts.

Of course, most of SI’s male readers look forward to this Tuesday’s arrival of the swimsuit issue. They can’t wait to ogle the scantily clad models therein.

But for those us who are Christ followers first, sports fans further down the list (behind family, country, et al.) we are instructed to be not “conformed to this world,” where soft core pornography has been mainstreamed by the popular culture.

No, we will not go to hell by viewing the risqué photos in SI’s swimsuit issue. But we certainly will be conducting ourselves outside of God’s will.

Indeed, in the Gospel According to Matthew, Jesus declared, “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

That’s why the men among us who are committed Christ followers will bring every lustful thought into captivity to the obedience of God. And that means avoiding SI’s soft core porn issue.

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6 thoughts on “Would Jesus Approve of SI’s Swimsuit Issue?

  1. bostoncommon on said:

    How about referring to women as “women,” not “babes” or “girls.” Says more about you than SI.

    • If a female defiles herself by posing seminude on the cover of a magazine for the lustful pleasure of men, is she anything more than a “babe?” Let her go and sin no more then she will be a “woman” of God.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        As long as you try to write something good there will always be someone whose only focus is to find something wrong with what you write. When we were kids we played, “King of the mountain” We would fight to get to the top of the giant snow pile. The idea is to replace the guy on the top with yourself. Many feel the same way that if they can make the guy on the top look bad it somehow elevates their position in the world. Look at it as a back handed compliment when attacked.

      • bostoncommon on said:

        How about men taking some responsibility for their own eyes? If you can’t control yourself, don’t look.

    • joesmith on said:

      Lets call them what they are… whores for money.
      And the people who put them there are pimps.

      The only reason those girls are there is because they look good. SI discriminated against all the fat chicks and apparently non-white girls. Communists are the most discriminatory, hate filled people on earth. Every problem mankind has ever had can be traced to pagan communism. Millions of murders in Russia and Cuba are the norm. 30 million murders of children in America by Margaret Sanger’s corporation that murders mostly black children and caused thousands of women to be stereilized.

      It seems a requirement to get higher up in business today especially communist media that you have to remove every value and dignity that you have ever had to live in a bigger house and let other abuse you.
      I have no respect for people like that. they can demand respect all they want. But when you act like a whore you should be treated like a whore.

      Most models turn into drug dosed party favors for whatever guy happens to be around.
      I have seen it happen many times.

      These little girls are not women.
      Women don’t act like whores they act like women.

      The other whores get upset with what word you call them. Because they just don;’t want to be called whores for all the whore ct they have performed over the years.

      I had a friend whose girl friend started hanging out with liberal socialist teachers. these women were all divorced and hated men. they told her she had to have sex with many men to “decide” which one she liked. She believed them. Ruined everything. You can always find a guy who wants a whore for a party favor. It is different when a real man wants a real woman to have a children and create a family. Whores need not apply.

      But there is hope . . . GO AND SIN NO MORE.
      Evil people have always hated people trying to be good.
      Evil people are bullies. We have to stand up to them and resist them and try to be kind at the same time.

  2. I have to admit I was fooled. I am looking at your reference to “SI” and I am thinking “Sy” as in Robertson. I was thinking how could he support such a thing. Duh! I finally figured out the initials. Anyway, that tells you what I feel about it.

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