Is Social Liberalism Compatible With Christianity?



Karen Owen, a writer for the Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, Virginia, authored a recent column in which she sneered that “the term Christian conservative” is “an oxymoron.”

How, she asked, “can we call ourselves – and practically insist that we are – a Christian nation when we seemingly ignore so many teachings of Christ?”

So what examples does she cite to make her dubious case?

Well, there’s the decision by greeting card giant Hallmark to alter the lyrics of “Deck the Halls” on a Christmas ornament from “don we now our gay apparel” to “don we now our fun apparel.”

“Why aren’t we bothered,” asked Owen, “by the insult to a subset of the U.S. population?”

Well, maybe it’s because “gay” has a different meaning in 2013 than it did in 1862 when Thomas Oliphant’s original English lyrics were published. Also, Hallmark hardly can be considered “homophobic” when it sells gay wedding and gay Valentine’s Day cards.

Owen also claims that Christian conservatives “actively despise” the “down on their luck,” the “mentally ill” and the “substance abuser.”

Those canards do not stand up to scrutiny.  

Indeed, a recent study by the Chronicle of Philanthropy found that states in which residents are most generous to the needful are overwhelmingly red states populated by God-fearing folk, most of whom are Christian conservatives.

Another study, sponsored by the UCLA/Rand Research Center on Managed Care for Psychiatric Disorders, found that “faith-based providers are the only source of care for some persons with mental disorders.” That is, the mentally ill residing in “low-income, ethnically diverse communities.”

And as to substance abusers, there is no more effective program for treating alcohol or drug dependency than Celebrate Recovery, which was launched 20 years ago at Saddleback Church in Southern California and which has since been adopted by 20,000 other churches.

Then there’s Owen’s suggestion that Christian conservatives “have no problem with poor people or the uninsured dying rather than receiving quality medical care.”

She obviously hasn’t heard of Methodist Healthcare in Memphis, the largest provider of medical care for the Volunteer State’s poor, often for no pay. Nor Texas Health Resources, a faith-based nonprofit that is the largest health care provider in North Texas.

Nor the many other faith-based health care systems around the country – most guided by Christian conservative principles – that provide most of the uncompensated indigent care in this country.

Owen suggested she learned compassion “as a little girl attending Sunday school at the family Presbyterian church.” But her grown-up view of compassion has been corrupted by her doctrinaire social liberalism.

Indeed, the column writer suggested Christ would look favorably upon homosexuality. But as the Lord declared, when God created humankind, He “made them male and female.” If the Almighty was okay with gay couplings, He could have given Adam a boyfriend. But He did not.

As to the needful, Owen places her faith in the welfare state to feed the hungry, to provide drink to the thirsty, to shelter the stranger, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick and to rehabilitate the prisoner.

But those of us who are Christian conservatives know that faith-based organizations do a much better job than government in ministering to the least of those in our communities.

For instance, the government proffers food stamps. But faith-based organizations – like Second Harvest – not only provide food and drink but also the Good News of Jesus Christ, who promised: “I am the bread of Life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”

Finally, Owen agrees with other disciples of social liberalism who maintain that Christ would support Obamacare.

But there’s no way the Lord would give His blessing to government-mandated contraceptives for the unmarried, tacitly condoning sexual promiscuity. Nor would He condone taxpayer-funded abortions under Obamacare.

Owen’s brand of Christianity is amoral and soulless. But because of her socially liberal world view,  she’s too blind to see it.

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3 thoughts on “Is Social Liberalism Compatible With Christianity?

  1. Isn’t it interesting that liberals love big-government spending programs? Liberals are so generous with other people’s money, but they won’t reach for their own wallet to help anyone. That’s liberal “generosity” for you.

  2. pastorjackwilson on said:

    That’s a sticky subject for me as we are probably the most under funded Mission in the Philippines. I have seen many cheap Christians. I do see many who are generous to homeless pets. Hmmmm. However that is only my personal experience. From what you pointed out there are many charitable hearts out there.
    I would like to point out something. The story of the good Samaritan, The man was hurt and the Samaritan responded. No where in the Bible does it suggest that we need to help the pcp addict who is about to kill us or the drunken lunatic who is unapproachable nor does it say we need to continue feeding those who do not respond. Visiting the sick, helping the orphans, helping those who are truly homeless. We have all that here and we work hard at meeting needs. But those who make their living sucking off society with no hope for repentance, the Bible tells us not to cast our pearls before swine. I believe God gave them over to the Liberals.
    My view.

    • I agree with you, Pastor. There are far too many of us who consider ourselves faithful Christians who are unwilling to support ministries that are doing the Lord’s work; that are fullfilling the great commission in places like the Philippines. God bless you.

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