‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson a Stand-up Christian



I’d heard rumors that Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Louisiana family that stars in the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty,” was a faithful Christ follower.

I confess I wasn’t convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. Not the least because there is always hearsay about this celebrity or that public figure, which, upon close scrutiny, turns out to be fiction.

(Indeed, it’s often been said that Barack Obama is a Christian. But no true Christ follower would undermine the institution of marriage, as Obama has. And only a false-hearted Christian, like Obama, would pledge allegiance to America’s unGodly abortion-industrial complex.).

Anyway, I went to see Robertson in person last weekend, to hear his testimony for myself. And after listening intently to his message, I am persuaded the anointing of God truly is upon him.

Robertson told a church congregation that he was unsaved when he famously invented the Duck Commander Duck Call back in 1973; that he was wasting his substance with riotous living.

Hard drinking. Whoremongering.

Indeed, a handsome young man, a college football quarterback – who actually played in front of Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech – he would often meet a woman in some bar or another and tell her, “I think I love you. Now take off your britches.”

Then Robertson experienced a game-changing event in his young life. “I heard the good news of Jesus Christ,” he testified. And after stumbling along in darkness, he said, he finally saw the light.

He realized, “The devil had me by the throat and I didn’t even know it.”

And he spoke the truth – with love – to the unsaved souls in the congregation, many of whom wore camouflage in the Duck Commander’s honor. “You can run sex, drugs and rock and roll for a little while,” but there eventually is a price to pay.

He urged them to turn to the Lord, Who will forgive them their sins and cleanse them of all unrighteousness.

“The rarest commodity in the world is peace of mind,” said Robertson. “And you can only find that through Jesus Christ.”

What I found most disarming about Robertson’s testimony was his humility. “Don’t glorify me,” said the co-star of the A&E channel’s most popular show (which reached 9.6 million viewers for the final episode of its most recent season).

To God be the glory.

And Robertson has proven that he is not ashamed of the gospel, no matter how much fame and fortune “Duck Dynasty” has brought him.

Indeed, he confided that the producers of his A&E show took him aside at one point and asked if he would stop invoking the name of the Lord when the family prayed over supper. They worried that some of the show’s non-Christian viewers might be offended.

Well, after the chat with his producers, Robertson once again led his family in saying grace. “Lord,” he prayed, “give them (the show’s producers) the sense to repent before you burn them.”

That’s what I call a stand-up Christian. And I pray continued blessings upon Phil Robertson and his wonderful family.

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