Defiling the Lord’s Day With Gay Pride Parades



From Chelsea in New York City to Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. to Boystown in Chicago to the Castro in San Francisco, homosexuals across the country are celebrating gay pride today.

Their orgiastic parades – at which men in various stages of undress often can be seen groping on each other while prancing down the street – will probably be especially uproarious this year in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s twin rulings this past week effectively legalizing same-sex marriage.

It’s “a victory for American democracy,” proclaimed President Obama.

“This was discrimination enshrined in law,” he said. “It treated loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. The Supreme Court has righted that wrong, and our country is better off for it. We are a people who declared that we are all created equal – and the love we commit to each other must be equal as well.”

Obama is dead wrong.

It’s hard to see how the high court’s rulings were victories for democracy when it struck down a federal law – the Defense of Marriage Act – that won bipartisan approval in Congress and was signed into law by former President Clinton, and when it nullified a state law passed California voters – Proposition 8 – which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

The president says, rightly, we are all created equal. But what he refuses to acknowledged is that the Creator of us all has declared, unequivocally, that homosexual practices are an abomination before Him.

Indeed, it is because the men of Sodom and Gomorrah were guilty of “giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh” that the Almighty destroyed the two cities of the plain.

And the everlasting God has not suddenly changed His perspective on same-sex couplings, no matter the Supreme Court’s rulings; no matter President Obama’s pronouncement.

Homosexuality remains today an abomination in the eyes of God. And the proof is that He continues to punish those who engage in sodomy in such gay communities as Chelsea, Dupont Circle, Boystown and the Castro.

Indeed, just this past spring the national Centers for Disease Control released a report which confirmed that one of every five MSM – that’s CDC’s designation for “men who have sex with men” – are HIV-positive. And nearly half don’t even know they are infected, often spreading the disease to others.

“Sexual risk factors account for most HIV infections in MSM,” according to CDC. Moreover, homosexuals  are at “increased risk for syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia.”

“The most effective ways to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections,” CDC advised, “are to avoid anal sex.” In other words, don’t chase strange flesh.

If homosexuality was natural, one in five gay men wouldn’t be afflicted with HIV, along with God knows how many infected with other sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s the dark side of homosexuality that will go unacknowledged at today’s gay pride parades throughout the country.

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16 thoughts on “Defiling the Lord’s Day With Gay Pride Parades

  1. pastorjackwilson on said:

    🙂 Hey JP, I got to tell you. I hate that photo. It is giving me chills.

  2. pastorjackwilson on said:

    I can’t find “Like” on the comments so JP—LIKE!

  3. Bubba on said:

    A sad bigot trying to use religion to justify his hatred.

    I think Christianity is just a cover for you. People who hate gays do so for the same reason that people who hate Jews hate Jews, its never rational, they just get off on hurting people, it brings them pleasure to watch others suffer. What makes you think you have the right to force your morality on other human beings, People that do not share your faith or your worldview and could care less what you think about their love.

    You are right about one thing. The Supreme Court victories were not victories for democracy. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a Constitutional republic, the highest authority is the written law of the Constitution, not the mob. Any law that seeks to demean, ostracize, and vilify a segment of the population is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court’s job is to take such laws and toss them in the trash, much to the frustration of the knuckle drugging troglodytes that passed them.

    • Bubba, you sound as indignant as the men of Sodom when Lot begged them to turn away from their wickedness.

      The Sodomites angrily accused Lot of “acting as a judge.” You sneeringly accuse me of being both a bigot and a hater.

      Well, I think it facile to suggest that anyone who looks askance upon same-sex marriage is a bigot and that everyone who believes homosexuality a sin before God is a hater.

      I have gay family members and friends for whom I have nothing but love. But because I love them doesn’t mean I condone things they do that fall short of the glory of the Lord.

      No, I pray they will be convicted by the Holy Spirit, repent their homosexual lifestyle and go and sin no more.

      For I assure you, Bubba, there is a God before Whom we will all, everyone, be judged. And those who live their lives in defiance of God – as men of Sodom did – will be eternally separated from their Creator.

  4. pastorjackwilson on said:

    I understand David so well when I see this:
    Psa 74:10 O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? shall the enemy blaspheme thy name for ever?
    The good news is Jesus will return and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess!
    As for Claire- I give her credit for not being anonymous but look at her site. Scripture is twisted (I’m sure it is probably the NIV that is used) She is another one who says David loved Jonathon in a wrong way. It goes on and on. There are no facts from her standpoint, only copied diatribe of others.

  5. You poor, ignorant man. You know nothing of God or of gay people.

    • Does the Word of God not say that homosexuality is an abomination?

      • Of course not! Read it with understanding, and you will see.

      • Okay, “Clare.” I understand you disagree. Why don’t you share with us what the Scripture has to say about homosexuality?

      • My reply appears to have been deleted.

      • Clare, We won’t repost posts appearing on other blogs. Write something original, that doesn’t simply provide a list of links to articles you didn’t write yourself, and we’ll be happy to post it. And address the issues raised by our blog post, rather than simply, and lazily, impugning our motives.

        Otherwise, go in peace.

      • You have deleted and edited other refutations I have made. Do you find them so challenging?

        If my comments are meretricious, why not publish them and let your readers decide? I have let through some pretty vile homophobic comments on my blog- people will read them, and draw their own conclusions. And where I showed you the true interpretation of Romans 1, you must be unable to answer me, or you would not be afraid to publish.

      • Why don’t you submit you a succinct comment, sans links, making your points?

      • You deleted my quote of Romans 1! Why should I “submit” anything for your judgment? If you could answer any of the points I made, you would publish them.

        People need to know that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. There are books on the subject, but the one link I provided has links to many pages, and to church statements of acceptance. You do not want your readers to be exposed to these because you want them to be benighted, to imagine that “God’s Will” is what you say it is.

        This is more succinct than Jack’s comment. Go on. Publish it. What harm can it do?

      • Clare, you are broken. You don’t know whether you are a man, woman or other. Seek the Watchmaker. Only He can fix you.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Claire, Are you a Bible interpreter? That’s very interesting. what I also find interesting is that 54 very learned med have through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, given us the very accurate Scriptures that we have now. It is unfortunate, that the weak and the feeble, in order to justify sin, has now re-interpreted the truth into a twisted mess of lies. It’s called revisionist history. Anyway, then come people like you, who have decided against discipline, and to give in to your evil desires. The natural order of things makes you feel so insecure, dirty and a offender of God that you try to seek justification apart from God and when that doesn’t work you seek out those who have twisted those scriptures and now you can feel a little bit better about what you do, Thankfully, you are not feeling 100% right and so you continue this self justification by blogging and going on Christian blogs to push your sleazy agenda. Your mind tells you that if you can get the Christians to believe you and agree with you, then you can be justified. I am afraid you will not get your justification from this site. The sad truth is that your diatribe is old and worthless and you should Google Old tired homosexual diatribe to see the real fundamental Christian position because it is so tiring to try to convince you of the truth and then when you fall away, another takes up the deviant banner and once again the brilliant resources of the one who made this blog is being sucked away in a relentless pursuit of setting you all straight.

        Claire, we want you to have peace but you will need to follow Christ and get some discipline. Children walk down the street and put anything in their mouth until they learn discipline. You can not go with your feelings i.e. I really want to be rich I feel like robbing a bank so let me do that. Even something simple as stop picking at that scab or it won’t heal. Discipline. “I am not a homosexual.” “God did not make people to be homosexual and no matter the desire to be one, I refuse!”

        That pretty much sums it up Claire. Twisting scriptures to say David loved Jonathon is disgusting and the silliest attempt to justify yourself.

        Come on Claire, Jesus loves you so much but you will need to put something into the relationship.

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