Is Yoga the Work of the Devil?



Father Gabriele Amorth is an old school priest. The octogenarian told The London Times this week that, since he was ordained way back in 1954, he has cast out some 160,000 demons.

I believe that gives Father Gabriele some authority on the devil. So when he told the Times, “Practicing yoga brings evil,” he got my attention.

I’ve long considered yoga a benign form of exercise, no more harmful than, say, aerobics or Pilates or, the apparent latest craze, Zumba. But after doing some research, I’m inclined to agree with Father Gabriele, the exorcist.

While yoga indeed has a physical component, it’s the spiritual component that leads to the devil. For yoga, defined as a “union with the divine,” is not about obeisance to the God that Christ followers worship. It’s about homage to the false gods of Hinduism.

That brings me to a lawsuit, brought by parents of children enrolled in the Encinitas Union School District in California, challenging the yoga program the district mandated for its nine public schools, under the guise of “physical education.”

Funding for the program comes from the KP Jois Foundation, which promotes a form of yoga called Ashtanga. The Ashtanga practice traditionally begins with a mantra, which concludes, “To Patanjali I salute.”

“Lord” Patanjali, as he is known by the Hindu faithful, is considered to be one the incarnations of Shesha, a many thousand-headed serpent god.

The Encinitas Union School District maintains that its district-wide yoga program is strictly secular; that neither Shesha, the serpent god, nor Patanjali, his human avatar, are anywhere to be seen.

But that’s not what Harvard-trained religious scholar Candy Brown found when she visited the Encinitas public schools. “I see it all over the place,” she testified in court a fortnight ago.

And even though the school district insists that there is no chanting of mantras, Dr. Brown provided the court written statements from teachers in the district that children have, in fact, been observed chanting while doing their yoga.

They were sending shout outs to Patanjali, the several-thousand-headed serpent god, and they were none the wiser.

Now, many may think the court case in California is much ado about a trifle. And even some Christians may argue that there is nothing unGodly about yoga. That they separate their faith and their workout. That Shesha and Jesus can peacefully co-exist.

Well, that’s what the KP Jois Foundation wants Encinitas parents to believe. That’s what the devil wants all of us to think.

Which should bring to mind to all of us who count ourselves Christ followers the challenge Joshua issued to the children of Israel: “Choose you this day whom you will serve.

The choice for the Joshua’s people was between the gods their fathers served “that were on the other side of the flood,” or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land they dwelled after the Exodus, or the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The choice today for those who consider themselves faithful Christians, who have been advised by Father Gabriele and others that yoga is a gateway to evil is whether they will stand with the Lord, or sit, in Lotus position, in homage to the serpent god Shesha.

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5 thoughts on “Is Yoga the Work of the Devil?

  1. Satan will use what he can to pry us away from God. Some, do not even have to be pried.Visualization, chanting are all tools of the devil. Slip it in with good old healthy exercise and Voila! You have changed the way you have believed for years. Even as the man who calls himself father, (I won’t because the Bible says not to call any man Father) speaks out about the evils of yoga he then goes back to his own temple and offers what he calls god in the form of a cookie so all can eat. His place is decorated with statues and perhaps some relics of the dead. Yet we might be persuaded that he is okay because we are both against Yoga and spirit ism.
    Test the Spirits.

    • Guys.

      I mean this in the nicest way possible.

      If you believe in Christ, Satan, God, Krishna, Buddha, Patanjal, or any other ‘god’…

      ……Then you have devoted your life to folly.

      I am attempting to reach you, not as a ‘satanist’ or a ‘heathen’ or a ‘blasphemer’, just as a man of reason.

      There is no tangible evidence to prove that ‘God’ does exist, but there is a lot of evidence that says he DOESN’T exist.

      I don’t mean this as an attack, please understand, I mean this as nothing more than a logical observation, there are countless psychological explanations for your faith, cognitive dissonance, illogical reasoning, post traumatic stress disorder etc etc, there are also countless historical explanations for the stories that you consider ‘fact’, there is nothing at all to suggest that any god is any more real than any other god. They are all made up…..

      The truth of the matter is our ancestors created gods to help them sleep at night but our society has progressed beyond that, we no longer need ‘gods’.

      You are on the wrong side of history and frankly…… it’s embarrassing.

      Ask yourself something. Did you grow up with a poor education? Did you grow up with religious parents? Did you have a traumatic experience at some point in your life which helped you ‘turn to god’…

      Because if you had any of the above things then your faith is not based on anything tangible, it is based on basic psychology.

      Once again.. I am not trying to offend, I am trying to liberate you.

      Your first reaction to this post will be anger and denial. I understand that. But tonight, when you are in bed waiting for sleep and your thoughts are your own I want you to think about what I have said and ask yourself if it could be true?


      • The only reaction I have is pity. Pity that you somehow were brought up without any knowledge of God. The fact that you exist proves God. If there were no other facts that one fact would shout that there is a God. No matter what your Theory on the beginning of life you never get to that first cause. I and others like me have. In the Beginning GOD created….”

        The Bible speak of those who think themselves wise and calls them fools.

        I can speak for hours giving you proof but if you are not drawn by the Spirit of God you will not hear me anyway. I will ask, why would you come on a known Christian site and say what you say. To “liberate” us? From what? We believe in the 10 commandments that such as people like you want removed from society. We believe in the normalcy of man. Manners, Integrity, wisdom, knowledge, chastity, …. We believe in helping our fellow man –OK, it is obvious I could go on and on with that also. So which one of those things do you want us to stop believing? Why does it bother you so much that we base our lives on God? How about those who believe in Global warming and are fanatical green. Should we now somehow stop their beliefs. What about homosexuals, murders, thieves. Whose beliefs do you want us to take on.

        Which morality will we emulate? Societies? Which one? Those of the headhunters? Or city dwellers where men have sex with men. You might say that there is no morality because we have nothing in whom to answer so we can do as we please. Anarchy is the rule of the day.

        I am sorry but your argument will just not stand up. Why don’t you do this, when you are about to go to sleep say out loud, God, if you are really there, show me.
        If you mean it, He will. I think your attempt to “help” us is probably your own cry for salvation.
        Think on those things.

      • Anonymous on said:

        If it helps me sleep at night why do you really care?

  2. Rich Kline on said:

    I’ve often wondered why Christian organizations don’t launch a Christ-oriented yoga program. I practiced yoga for many years and did not become a Hindu. Rather, I think it made me understand and appreciate Jesus’s words and works more fully through systematic physical relaxation, breathing, visualization and mediation, which still the noisy mind and focusing the consciousness on eternal themes. The many benefits of yogic practice do not have to be oriented toward a specific religion; they can be enjoyed solely for the recognized health benefits, and they could be combined with Christian philosophy and theology if desired.

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