The End is Near For Marriage As We Know It



As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in a landmark case that seeks to establish “marriage equality” as the law of the land, my thoughts turned to Kody Brown, David Epstein and Kenneth Pinyan.

Brown, who appears with his four brides and 17 children in the TLC reality show “Sister Wives,” faces prosecution for violating Utah’s ban on polygamy.

Epstein, a Columbia University political science professor, was charged last year with one count of incest for his three-year consensual sexual relationship with his 24-year-old daughter.

And Pinyan, the subject of a documentary film, “Zoo,” which won an award at the Sundance Film Festival, died after having sex with an Arabian stallion at a Washington state horse farm.

If the nation’s highest court declares that same-sex marriage is protected – somehow – by the Constitution, it follows that polygamous marriage, incestuous marriage and – who knows? – maybe even interspecies marriage must be similarly countenanced under the law.

Because if justices embrace a secularist, laissez faire approach to marriage, if they accept the premise President Obama tweeted yesterday – “Every American should be able to marry the person they love” – the legal takeaway will be “anything goes.”

If a man loves four different women, like Brown, have a five-way marriage. If a man has the hots for his daughter, like Epstein, marry her. If a man is smitten with an Arabian horse, like Pinyan, who are we to say they shouldn’t be wed?

That sounds absurd to those of us who continue to believe in “holy” – as opposed to unholy – matrimony. But know that there are defenders of even the most abberant “relationships.”

Indeed, Jenny Edwards, who runs Help for Horses, an organization that nurses abused and abandoned equines, arrived alongside police at the farm where Pinyan died after his sexual encounter with the stallion.

In “Zoo,” the documentary, she says she had a change of heart about man-horse relations. She came to appreciate zoophiles, like Pinyan, acknowledging, “the love and care they give their animal partners.”

As to interspecies sex? “I’m right at the edge of being able to understand it,” she said.

Similarly, Matthew Galluzzo, attorney for Epstein, said there is nothing wrong with incestuous sex between consenting adults. “It’s okay for homosexuals to do whatever they want to do in their own home,” he argued. “How is this so different?”

Brown makes his own same case.  Let everyone, he said, including gays, including polygamists, including others in “noncoventional” relationships, “Choose and define who you marry. Choose and define who you love.”

If same-sex marriage receives the blessing of the Supreme Court, does anyone doubt that polygamists, incestuous adults, and – who knows? – maybe even zoophiles will be next to demand “marriage equality?”

For that is the unGodly path down which our fallen society is heading.

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4 thoughts on “The End is Near For Marriage As We Know It

  1. This blog post misrepresents and incorrectly states my position on bestiality.

    • Might you elaborate, Ms. Edwards, on how we misrepresented and incorrectly stated your position (especially since we directly quoted you from the documentary)? Also, you referred us to your website, but we read nothing (at least on the home page) that contradicted our post. If we hear back from you, we’ll restore the link, allowing our readers to make their own judgment.

  2. It will mean Gay Marriage will not have equal status. It will have superior status. The Force of LAW will be used against Christians like you’ve never seen. Christians will be sued into silence. We will be marginalized into razor thin margins.

    It will be the beginning of the Great Persecution of Christians in this nation that was settled by men and women searching a place to worship according to their conscience and own dictates.

  3. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Marriage represents the unity of God with the unity of man.My thought is that when God created woman, He created her from man and He literally separated her from Adam and made her a separate person who, in order to grow the world , would need to come together as one. This union was never designed for same sex or multiple partners. It is the returning of female to male to become one in the Lord just as God is one.

    Saying that it is a matter of equal rights doesn’t make it. Can you give men equal rights so they can also have babies? Do woman have equal rights to be born with male parts? The truth is, God made us different so that we fit together, mentally, spiritually and yes, physically in a holy union created by Him.
    There is no way to give that to another and it be the same. It will only be against God.

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