Atheists Mad As Hell Over Federal Court Ruling



Hooray for the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Unlike all too many liberal courts throughout the country, which have held that atheist hate speech against Christians is perfectly okay, the Sixth ruled last week that such anti-religious malice is not protected by the First Amendment.

The case dates back to 2010, when the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an atheist hate group based in Madison, Wisconsin, wrote a series of letters to Jim Fouts, Mayor of  Warren, Michigan, demanding that the city remove a nativity scene from a holiday display it has put up for years.

Mayor Fouts told the atheists they could go to the devil. So FFRF suggested a supposed compromise. Keep the nativity scene, but add a sign declaring:

“At this season of The Winter Solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

Mayor Fouts told the atheists, again, they could go to the devil (whether they believe in their master, the devil, or not). “I will not allow anyone or any organization to attack religion in general,” he wrote, in a letter to FFRF. So the atheist hate group sued, claiming that the city of Warren had trampled upon its free-speech rights.

A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit unanimously disagreed, upholding a previous federal district court decision. The panel declared that holiday displays are not “a seasonal public forum, requiring governments to add all comers to the mix.”

Moreover, the jurists stressed, it is not unconstitutional for a city like Warren to keep an opposing viewpoint out of a holiday display – like the sign created by FFRF, which the atheist hate group specifically designed to provoke and offend Christians.

“If strict neutrality were the order of the day,” the panel reasoned, logically, “the United States Postal Service would need to add all kinds of stamps, religious and nonreligious alike, to its December collection. Veterans’ Day would lead to pacifism Day, the Fourth of July to Non-patriots Day, and so on.”

The heathens at FFRF raged against the Sixth Circuit’s ruling. They attributed it to the fact that “(a)ll thee judges that decided the case were appointed by Bush I or Bush II” and that the author of the unanimous opinion “is considered one of the most conservative judges on the Sixth Circuit.”

But what really must trouble the litigious atheists at FFRF is that the Sixth Circuit has given municipalities throughout the country a new legal defense when and if FFRF demands that they remove a nativity scene during the holidays or tear down a cross at a public war memorial or tell public school kids they are not allowed to pray before football games.

It is, as Mayor Fouts celebrated, “a victory for freedom of religion.”

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7 thoughts on “Atheists Mad As Hell Over Federal Court Ruling

  1. Sharon Middleton on said:

    Thank you Captain Obvious. Finally an Atheist with some common sense. The FFRF are a group of hate mongers butting in where they are not wanted or needed. They do for the atheists what the Westboro “Church” does to Christians: Make us all look like ignorant fools, which we are not.

  2. This awesome!! No Hate Group such as FFRF should prevail in America!!

  3. Paul Hutton on said:

    Hopefully we will see a successful appeal. This judge is notoriously conservative. What I find funny is that Christians think atheists are all about hate, in fact we are all about reality. There will be more triumphs to come in the legal system, this just wasn’t one of them.

    • Deb S on said:

      Actually, it was 3 judges. I’m a Christian, and I don’t think ALL atheists are about hate. But the FFRF sure isn’t oozing tolerance and love.

      • Captain Obvious on said:

        I am an atheist, and I agree that FFRF shenanigans give us a bad name. Just because I disbelieve something does not mean I must make it my raison d’etre to disabuse everyone else of their notions. The mere existence of a nativity display is no inquisition turning the screws on me to convert. In fact I rather appreciate that religion is something others may need to give themselves a moral code and a sense of self worth and comfort. As long as you’re not bombing synagogues or mutilating your daughters’ genitalia, it is perfectly “realistic” to live and let live. I do not recoil in horror when wished Merry Christmas, because I understand the sentiment of well wishing. If liberals have taught us anything, it’s that forcing your views on someone else through the courts is a poor substitute for spreading your message through private persuasion. I hope the appeal fails for the obvious reason that it would alienate more than it convinced. “Not actively promoting” one’s message through government display is NOT the same as “stifling free speech.” Is our argument so feeble we must rely on government subsidy to compete? “But the other side is getting promoted!” the FFRF whine, to which I reply “So what?” Did Washington ask George III to give equal representation of revolutionary views in monarchist propaganda? Did Lincoln demand abolitionist propaganda be promoted by the Confederacy? This is not to disparage either side as monarchists nor slavers, merely to note that government endorsement/non-endorsement of a view is no great proof of that view’s merit, no matter which side utilizes it.

  4. Deb S on said:

    So glad to see our justice system upholding the Constitution and these towns not backing down and standing strong for freedom of speech and religious expression!

  5. This is a wonderful, fantastic, and amazing victory for Christians everywhere! Thank you Jesus!!

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