Climate Change Alarmists Are Cult-like



I was in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

It was there that I first observed for myself the almost religious fervor of those who subscribe to the global warming orthodoxy; who accept, as an article of faith, that Earth’s 6.9 billion human inhabitants are dangerously overheating the planet.

The Kyoto summit wasn’t about drafting an international treaty based on science. It was about promoting theology based on radical environmentalism.

So it continues to this very week with a new study, published in the journal “Science,” reported uncritically in the mainstream media, warning that the polar ice in both Antarctica and Greenland is currently melting several time faster than in the 1990s.

We need to worry about that melt off, the MSM tell us, because it is raising sea levels by as much as 2 millimeters a year.

“And while a 0.4 percent inch rise sea levels over 20 years doesn’t sound like much,” NBC News journo Miguel Llanos reported, “many experts fear that further warming will accelerate the polar melt.”

Indeed, he warned, hysterically so, the ice sheets could “raise sea levels by more than 200 feet.” That is, “if they completely melted over centuries.”

And while Llanos acknowledged that such a scenario is “not likely,” he nevertheless informed us that “even a tenth of that would have catastrophic impacts on coastal areas.”

What the NBC journo buried in his news report is that a “few” studies “said that overall polar ice was growing, and thus countering sea level rise.”

He really didn’t want to give those studies more than a token mention because they do not comport with climate change orthodoxy. Because they contradict global warming prophecy that polar melt will lead to a catastrophic rise in sea level that will swamp coastal areas like nothing seen since Noah’s flood.

And woe to those of us who dare to challenge the accepted wisdom on climate change.

Who have the temerity to suggest that, while there very well has been some planetary warming in recent decades, that climate change is most likely natural, rather than anthropogenic (I picked up that term in Kyoto).

Who proclaim that the Earth is the Lord’s. And that He continues to control its climate. Not man.

To express such thoughts is to invite attack by climate change cultists who countenance no opposition to their radical environmentalist theology.

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change Alarmists Are Cult-like

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    Climate Change people are exactly like Evolutionists. They distort facts and in most cases they outright lie. Considering that, there is no reason to believe them. However the gullible and those prone to believe such things, will continue to believe them,

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