FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews is a ‘Special Angel’


I do not know Erin Andrews’ faith life, but I do know the FOX Sports personality is doing the Lord’s work with her promotion of the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

Andrews sent a Thanksgiving shout out to her 1,598,063 twitter followers urging them to join her in support for COTA, a charity that raises funds to assure that no child is denied a life-saving transplant, or excluded from a transplant waiting list, because of limited family finances.

Like little Liam Houck, the two-year toddler whose recent photo with Andrews was posted by COTA.

Liam is the son of Reid and Vanessa Houck, a San Diego military family. The Houck’s first-born child has been diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Without a kidney transplant, the toddler will die.

Reid, a Marine Corps captain, is a pilot. Vanessa, a former Air Force pilot, left the service to take care of her baby boy. The couple is not destitute, but they simply haven’t the means to pay for their son’s desperately-needed transplant.

Indeed, notes COTA, the cost of an organ transplant often exceeds a half-million dollars. And few families are able to shoulder the financial burden of such an expensive procedure, even if the life of a child hangs in the balance.

Fortunately, Liam’s liver transplant will “only” cost his parents $150,000. Much of that sum has already been raised by COTA volunteers, whom the charity aptly describes as “special angels.” And with the Thanksgiving appeal from Andrews, the family is certain to reach its goal.

So little Liam will get the life-saving transplant he needs.

Celebrities like Erin Andrews often get grief from those who resent their fame and fortune. It seems especially so in her case because her detractors are convinced she has managed to go so far in her sports broadcasting career strictly on account of her good looks.

Well none of that matters to this new fan of Miss Andrews. I admire celebs like her who use the blessings God has given them not for purposes of self-aggrandizement, but to bless others.

Like COTA. Like the Houck family.

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    God Bless her.!

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