Is Trinity Broadcasting Network Doing God’s Will?


I’m conflicted about Trinity Broadcast Network, which wrapped up its Fall Praise-A-Thon today.

There is no denying that “America’s most-watched faith and family friendly network,” as TBN advertises itself, provides a service to the Christian faithful.

I, for one, appreciate the platform it provides for such pastors as Ken Copeland, Charles Stanley, John Hagee, Ed Young Sr., David Jeremiah and Joel Osteen.

I also enjoy the praise and worship music it presents from such Christian artists as Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Michael W. Smith, Israel Houghton, Martha Munizzi and Cindy Cruse Ratcliff.

Yet, my soul is troubled by news reports of what goes on behind the scenes of the network founded 39 years ago by Paul and Jan Crouch:

A bitter division within the Crouch family that belies the happy front 78-year-old Paul and 74-year-old Jan, and son Matthew and wife Laurie, put on while hosting TBN’s Praise-A-Thon this past week.

Lavish spending by “Papa” and “Mama,” as Paul and Jan are called on air, which might be acceptable for a billionaire couple like Bill and Melinda Gates, but not for a putative Christian couple that has spent the past week encouraging its viewers to “plant of seed” with TBN of $100 or $1000 or more if they desire God’s favor.

This past Spring, Brittany Crouch Koper, the 26-year-old granddaughter of Paul and Jan Crouch, went public with allegations of scandalous, decidedly unGodly behavior within the Crouch family.

That includes, she said, the family’s cover-up of a “bloody sexual assault,” as well as infidelities by both Mama and Papa Crouch, and repeated incidents in which Uncle Matt Crouch exposed his genitals to TBN cleaning staff.

Equally damning were allegations by Brittany, who served as TBN’s finance director, of unscrupulous financial practices by the non-profit Christian enterprise.

Indeed, Mama and Papa Crouch have his-and-her $5.6 million mansions one street apart in Newport Beach, California. Mama spends little time at her SoCal estate because she’s usually at a huge TBN-owned home in Orlando – where she oversees the company’s Holy Land Experience theme park – which is adjacent to a similarly lavish home there Papa uses on his rare visits to the Sunshine State.

The Crouches travel back and forth across the country, and around the world, in TBN jets valued at $8 million and $49 million apiece. The Christian TV network  also owns a Bentley, which Papa Crouch sometimes uses to get from place to place.

“People have been conned by my grandparents,” said Britany, who is estranged from the Crouch family along her dad, Paul Jr., who used to host both “Praise the Lord” and “Behind the Scenes” TBN’s flagship programs, before parting ways with his parents last year.  

Now, there’s little dispute that Paul and Jan Crouch have done a great work in growing TBN over the past four decades, from renting a couple hours a day on a small SoCal television station back in 1973 to overseeing the vast broadcasting empire network TBN is today.

But “Papa” and “Mama” must well know, from reading the Bible, that their works, however great that may be, are as “filthy rags” in the eyes of God.

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5 thoughts on “Is Trinity Broadcasting Network Doing God’s Will?

  1. I love TBN and what is accomplished up front, 24/7 Christian television. Many of souls have come to know the LORD because of this program, myself included. It is not important Paul and Jan’s life style. TBN has been going strong for 39 years, lets hope there is 39 more. GOD bless all at TBN. Sincerely: Richard Shea

  2. The only reason Christians will be persecuted in this country is because they cannot stop judging and persecuting others. It’s just that simple.

  3. kchase77 on said:

    Goodness, where do I even begin? Suffice to say that Dr. Charles Stanley is the only ministry I’d watch if I watched TBN, but there are other stations to see In Touch so I stay far away from TBN. If you are going to watch that mess, then be very discerning so as not to get caught up in the mess yourself.

    I am also not sure why you’d be interested in Joel Osteen’s or Hagee’s ministries. As I said, discernment is incredibly important in these matters. Pray for discernment.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Paul and Jan Crouch are the Devil’s accomplices. .I remember in my naive , younger days supporting the likes of Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart and Jim and Tammy Baaker and others. Looking back I can see each one of them was way out in left field. I will no go as far as to say they were not saved, but dastardly deeds have been committed by Christians before. supposedly Jim Baaker repented and was involved in a humble ministry but before you know it, he is back on TV. I wrote to them asking for help. They assured me they try to help everyone. I never heard from them again. I thought perhaps after the thousands I gave them, they might in turn help my ministry. I found out it doesn’t work that way. it’s, “You do me and I’ll owe you some.”

    Paul and Jan are probably carbon copies of Jim and Tammy. Jan looks like a old doll that some little girl who got into momma’s makeup, decorated.

    Some of the people you pointed out teach lies, or feel good religion. I don’t know all of them but I get deeply disturbed if I know someone was on their show. Bill gates sold a product. The Gospel is not to be sold. Billy Graham for the longest time had a simple house in N.C. and about $85,000 a year. Jerry Falwell was also a dear humble man. The preacher has a right to get paid but not like these Charlatans.
    I won’t go on.My opinion is obvious. Anyone who even associates with TBN is on my avoid list.

  5. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth; in otherwords, let’s not cause the collapse of TBN by being a gossip. These people have given Christians a great gift with not only TBN, but at least one other Christian TV channel also. Is there any one of us who does not sin every day? There is no little sin or big sin. Sin is sin. I’m assuming the author is a Christian, so I’m assuming he/she knows that. Lest the author perceives no one will know the sins of that family, he/she needs only to wait a few years as all Christians will be persecuted, most likely by our federal government.

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