Richard Mourdock Was Right on Rape


When I think about the sound and fury swirling around Richard Mourdock, the Indiana Republican vying for a U.S. Senate seat, my thoughts turn to Rebecca Kiessling.

In a debate this week with Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly, Mourdock defended his opposition to abortion even in cases in which a pregnancy has resulted from rape. “I think,” said Mourdock, emotionally, “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something God intended to happen.”

Rebecca, I suspect, would absolutely agree with Mourdock. Because the Michigan woman was conceived, she attests, “out of a brutal rape at knife point by a serial rapist.”

While God condemns the abominable act of rape, He has nothing but love for the innocent unborn child that, in rare cases, results from the act. And the life of that unborn child, conceived in violence, is no less precious to Him than the unborn child born in love.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the adult pregnancy rate associated with rape is 4.2 percent. That adds up to roughly 31,000 rape-related pregnancies each year to women over the age of majority.

Abortion “rights” advocates insist that those pre-born babies should not be allowed to exist. And even some of those who are otherwise “pro-life” are willing to countenance abortion in cases of rape.

Indeed, I used to be one of them. But my mind was changed by Rebecca’s powerful testimony.

Her birthmother, she says, was referred by police to a rape counselor who told her that abortion was the best thing for her to do. So she went to two different abortionists thinking she would terminate her pregnancy.

Both times Rebecca’s birthmother had misgivings – I believe it was the Holy Spirit whispering in her ear – and, ultimately, she decided to have her baby.

And, today, 44-year-old Rebecca is a married mother of five children, a family law attorney, and a pro-life Christian.

Those that are bashing Mourdock, are telling Rebecca, and telling others like her that were conceived in rape, that they should have been killed in the womb; that their birthmothers made a mistake by allowing them to be born.

“All these people are out there who don’t even know me,” says Rebecca, “are standing in judgment of my life, so quick to dismiss it just because of how I was conceived.”

For much of her life, said, she felt she had to justify her existence; to prove “I shouldn’t have been aborted and that I was worthy of living.”

And there are thousands of women and men in this country who feel exactly the way Rebecca does. Some are products of rape. Some were conceived in incest.

Abortion “rights” advocates tell them that they didn’t deserve to live.

And those same abortion “rights” advocates are now crucifying Richard Mourdock for saying to those thousands of women and men that, while they may have been conceived under ungodly circumstances, they nevertheless had the God-given right to life.

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6 thoughts on “Richard Mourdock Was Right on Rape

  1. This is horrible. The term is not pro-abortion, it is pro-choice. True supporters of pro-choice do not tell a rape victim that she should have an abortion because her unborn fetus has no right to exist. They tell the woman that she has a choice and if she chooses to have the baby, then she made a difficult choice, and I wish them all the luck in the world. Those who are pro-choice do not say that the children of rape victims are unworthy of life; I have never even heard that said or insinuated.
    Yes. I am pro-choice and was made pregnant through my brother raping me. I was torn between having an abortion and having an adoption when a miscarriage made the choice for me, but I did my research. 21% of children born through incest of close relatives have birth defects. That’s over one in five. One. In. Five. Those are odds are too, too high- you want to tell a women who was raped by a family member and is already traumatized enough that she must have that child? A child that may be born with birth defects?
    I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control and that women should get repeat abortions instead of relying more on birth control or other methods- but it is still the woman’s choice. Who are you to force your beliefs on others? This is your blog and you can say what you like, but the idea that it should be law is a whole other matter. Just because you may never get an abortion yourself doesn’t mean that you have any right to restrict other women’s rights to control their own bodies.
    Also, I am assuming I have never been raped. If I am right, then don’t you dare say that a rape victim has no right to abort their fetus. You have no idea how painful it is to have something growing inside of you, something that resulted from the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. You have no idea how painful it is to love that little collection of cells and, at the same time, hate the ‘father’ and be terrified that your child has the genes of a monster. To walk around for nine months if you chose to adopt, the rest of your life if you chose to keep, with a constant reminder of the worst night of your life. To walk into an abortion clinic and be heckled by “pro-life” supporters, to live in a country where political figures, fundamentalist Christians, and numerous people on the internet constantly speak out against women who get abortions, calling them whores and sluts and sinners and killers when they already feel badly enough. So don’t you dare just assume the pain of a rape victim is inconsequential and should be brushed aside in order to save a few cells.
    Yes, amazing children are born from rape. Amazing are children are also conceived in love. If a women becomes pregnant through rape and chooses to have that child, then I see nothing wrong with that choice. Once that child is born, he or she has every right to exist. But, just as innocent ‘children’ should not suffer from the violence of rape, as pro-life supporters constantly proclaim, neither should just as innocent women. If a woman chooses to keep a child conceived from rape and isn’t strong enough to deal with it, she could become depressed, even suicidal. What then? Still because of God’s will?
    I do not believe in God, but everyone has a right to their religion. And it’s my understanding that, in Christianity, there is free will- God does not control our actions, we control our actions. That is the responsibility and curse of free will. So how can it be God’s will that a man choose to rape? If God controls everything, then there really is no such thing as free will at all and we have no choice in anything we do; God is responsible for it all.
    Your main point is that those who are ‘pro-abortion’ believe that children conceived from rape have no right to exist. That is simply untrue. A collection of cells that is a fetus can not think, can not feel, can not anything. I struggled over my choice to have an abortion or not because of the potential of the fetus growing inside of me, not because it was already a human being that could think and feel pain and sadness and anxiety. Everyone woman deserves the right to decide on whether or not she should have an abortion. My moral beliefs are not perfect, your moral beliefs are not perfect- no ones are. So why should they be forced on the rest of the country? If, God forbid, you were raped and wanted to keep your baby, then good for you, and I commend your choice. But you also would deserve the right to have an abortion, if you so wished. Every women deserves that choice.

  2. Great website! I just stumbled upon it minutes ago and really like all I’ve read so far. And yes, Obama is like the Old Testament tyrants such as Ahab. God permitted his re-election but that doesn’t mean God approves of his abominations. Abortion, contraception, sodomy, etc. are all against nature and God’s revealed law. Amen!

  3. kchase on said:

    that is something God “intended” to happen.

    I disagree….I believe God allowed it to happen…not intended it to happen. Very different things. And God can make good come from the rape by allowing a pregnancy. But even as a born-again Christian, I still think this is the woman’s choice to make. It may not be His will and it may not be biblical, but I cannot see forcing a woman to have a baby conceived by rape. This is a tough one for me and I struggle with it but at the end of the day, I do support abortion in certain circumstances and I accept that it may not be what He wants. And that’s between He and I.

  4. Bobloblaw on said:

    good for you…be right and lose.

    • Better to be right and lose then wrong and win. For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

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