NBC’S ‘The New Normal’ is Anything But


So I tuned in last night to a preview of the new NBC sitcom, “The New Normal,” which officially debuts tonight. I wanted to see why USA Today TV critic Robert Bianco was so giddy about the show that he gave it not one, but two fawning reviews in the space of four days.

Well it’s not because “The New Normal” is destined to go down in TV history as one of the all time greatest sitcoms, alongside, say, “Seinfeld” or “M.A.S.H” or “All in the Family” or “The Honeymooners.”

No, the only reason it is generating favorable buzz is because of Bianco and other “progressive,” agenda-driven TV critics who hope the gay-themed show furthers the mainstreaming of homosexuality.

“The New Normal’s” main characters are two gay men who want to have a baby, who hire a single mom (who already has a daughter of her own) to be their surrogate. The gays, the surrogate, the daughter are all so sweet. The show’s baddy is the surrogate’s “outspoken, bigoted mom,” as Bianco describes her, played by actress Ellen Barkin.

At least one NBC affiliate – KSL-TV in Salt Lake City – didn’t think “The New Normal” appropriate for its audience. It was something about two men lying in bed, kissing, and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Of course, Bianco and other TV critics, along with gay “rights” groups accused the station of homophobia.

But the same station previously decided that it wouldn’t air the NBC’s “The Playboy Club.” Yet neither Bianco or his fellow TV critics accused the station’s management of being bunnyphobic.

NBC learned last year that the mass of Americans really didn’t want to see a show on primetime network television that was, in the words of the conservative Parents Television Council, “so inherently linked to a pornographic brand that denigrates and sexualizes women.”

Indeed, the “The Playboy Club” premiered to low ratings, which steadily declined over its next three episodes before NBC finally pulled the plug.

“The New Normal” probably won’t suffer as quick an exit as “The Playboy Club” because of all the hype the show has gotten from Bianco and other TV critics who are determined that “The New Normal” will be the homosexual version of “The Cosby Show.”

But while any and every family with traditional values could identify with “the Cosby Show,” only a small percentage can identify with “The New Normal’s” gay couple who want to bring an innocent child into their ungodly lives.

That may be “normal” at 30 Rock, where NBC execs green-lighted the gay-themed sitcom. But it’s still decidedly abnormal to most Americans.

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9 thoughts on “NBC’S ‘The New Normal’ is Anything But

  1. The gay rights movement and its push for same-sex marriage, I believe, is not the cause of our degenerate society, but rather a symptom of it. When social morals begin to decline, this is when all sorts of evils (which previously kept itself hidden) begins to erupt all over the place. I pray that Christians, Jews, and others who believe in God and righteous behavior will be bold in their stance and not let those who do (or support) evil bully us into silence. Don’t be afraid to tell gay-friendly businesses that you will boycott them should they use gay celebrities or sponsor shows about the gay lifestyle. Speak up and tell gays and their supporters that there is no such thing as discrimination/unequal rights concerning marriage in this country. Every man has the right to marry the woman of his choice, regardless of her religion, race, national origin, etc. Every woman has the same right to marry the man of her choice, regardless of who he is! It seems that gays are fighting for rights that are over and above those given to all citizens in the U.S. Gays are also constantly agitating for equal rights concerning employment, housing, protection from harassment–BUT THEY ALREADY HAVE THESE BY LAW, the same as any other person in this country.

  2. I suggest that everyone who finds shows like this offensive should indeed take time to watch of few episodes. Why? To find out who the sponsors are. Money talks, so write to the sponsors telling them you will refuse to purchase their products if they continue to advertise on these programs. Find and join others who are protesting in similar ways–enough numbers will make an impression on some of the sponsors. As said before, money talks!

  3. You nailed this. The media push is ubiquitous.

    “Although there is a caricature of the gay man draped in leather and chains at the gay pride parade, most gay people don’t fit that stereotype. (But if that was the only image presented by the media, how well do you think the gay-marriage narrative would play out within culture?) Likewise, many who oppose gay marriage don’t fit the caricature of the isolated, holier-than-thou reactionary. Many of us have college degrees, live in diverse communities, have gay family members, friends, or neighbors that we love, spend time with, and with whom we wrestle though these issues. But I doubt you’ll ever see that portrait depicted on Glee.”

  4. “All it takes for evil to win is for enough good men to do nothing”
    I spend so much time on the internet (Face Book) voicing my opinion agains abortion and same sex marriage as well as trying to make sure everyone gets the word about Obama as I oppose him as well.
    I do it so much a very close and dear friend of my expressed that she was starting to worry about me. Truthfully, sometimes I worry about myself.
    I think the amount of folks voicing their opinions about this evil is severely disproportionate to the amount of proponents of such evil. So you have the few that fight for bringing some normalcy back to the world. It’s not working. We need help. We need more good men to open their mouths.

    The liberal strategy is to call us names. I have used that as I took up the word Christophobe and also their word hater and use it on them every chance I get. I like the word they use–Homophobe. Other than perhaps a skinny little guy in jail with a huge cellmate named Bubba, I don’t know of one person who is afraid of Homosexuals. Opposed to their actions but never afraid of them.

    I’m rambling and it is almost my bed time. Please send reinforcements as I am getting tired and I know many others who are also tired. Perhaps the Lord will come and we will finally have peace.

    • Decent, God-fearing people indeed should not just stand by doing nothing. I am urging folks to fight back by writing sponsors of objectionable TV shows to let them know we will boycott the products and services they are advertising as long as they are connected with shows that push the gay agenda.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        I like that only be a bit more pro active. 95% of all people are followers so be a leader. Find out the sponsors names, post them here and share this on Face Book.

      • Thank you, Pastorjackwilson, for responding! I only had a chance to see a few minutes of “The New Normal,” but did note that J.C. Penney is a sponsor of this show. Not surprising, since they pushed Ellen Degenerate as a spokesperson last year! I thought that this was the premier showing of TNN, but understand that this was the second week. You can be certain that I will be watching them like a hawk and sharing a list of sponsors from this point on.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Great! That is sad about J.C. I had heard some years ago that he was a Christian. Not sure though. He is long gone.

      • there is no reason why those who do not share my beliefs should not be able to derive the same legal protections and benefits that opposite-sex married couples currently enjoy Sure there is: society wants to discourage this behavior. Just because it is not politically correct to say it, doesn’t mean most of society doesn’t feel that way. It’s just like most of the income tax laws they exist to encourage preferred behavior, like giving to charity or investing long-term rather than short-term.

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