Obama’s Ungodly Policies Risk Black Christian Votes


Once upon a time, I wrote a newspaper column while onsite at a Democratic National Convention.

I opined that, “It really doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate as their party standard-bearer – Bill Clinton, David Duke or a loaf of bread – black voters will blindly support him (or it).”

Indeed, blacks have gone overwhelming Democrat since the 1932 presidential election, when Franklin Roosevelt captured 71 percent of the black vote.

Given that history, most political observers expect the same outcome when black voters go to the polls this upcoming November. Especially since one of their own is running for a second term in the White House.

Well, I have a different view. While I expect that the majority of blacks will indeed cast their ballots for Barack Obama, I seriously doubt he will capture 95 percent of the black vote this time around.

That’s because a certain segment of the black population – socially conservative, church-going Christians – are none too pleased with the ungodly positions the president has taken on such issues as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Indeed, the 1,300-member Coalition of African-American Pastors is currently circulating a petition among their church congregations encouraging Obama to reconsider his election-year support for same-sex couplings.

“By embracing gay marriage,” said Rev. William Owens, the Coalition’s president, “President Obama is leading the country down an immoral path. Some things are bigger than the next election.”

Then there’s the National Black ProLife Coalition, a network of pro-life and pro-family organizations. It points out that abortion is the leading cause of death for blacks.

And that Democrat-aligned Planned Parenthood, whose president got podium time at the Democrat convention in Charlotte, is most responsible for the yearly slaughter of pre-born black babies.

“We’re calling out black leaders,” the Coalition declares, “who align themselves with the destructive eugenic force of Planned Parenthood.” That includes Obama, who has sold his soul to the abortion-industrial complex.

So, while a majority of black voters almost certainly will line up behind Obama again – despite the immoral path down which he has led this nation, as Rev. Owens lamented, those that place God above political party, above racial hegemony, will vote not to return him to the White House.

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One thought on “Obama’s Ungodly Policies Risk Black Christian Votes

  1. It always mystified me how the left would lump the Black people into the same category as the homosexual and the black people went along with it. I asked where are all those wonderful black people who go to Church and love the Lord? Don’t they get it. Also, being that the founder of Planned Parenthood founded it so that she could do her fair share to eliminate the black race, it also makes you wonder.
    They went to Harlem, you might have seen it, when Obama first ran in 2008. They asked black people things like, “Will having Sarah Palin as his running mate hurt Obama” or “Will you still vote for Obama knowing he is pro life?” The people were all answering that they would vote for him. The platform that belonged to the right was attributed to him and they all said yes. Now some of these people looked dopey but some seemed intelligent.

    This is how I imagine it happened with Jim Jones right down to drinking the Kool Aid.

    I understand the desire for a President of “your own” I am still waiting for the first Norwegian, German, Irish, Scottish, and English President but when he comes, if his platform doesn’t match mine, he’s out.

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