Atheists Right at Home at Democrat Convention


Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx spoke yesterday at the Democratic National Convention, welcoming attendees to North Carolina’s largest city.

Two hours later, the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics, a local affiliate of American Atheists, held a convention protest, at which they reiterated their demand for absolute “separation of religion and government.”

So what does that have to do with Foxx, Charlotte’s first Democrat mayor in 22 years?

Well, back in May, Foxx proclaimed “A Day of Reason,” in a bow to the city’s atheists and agnostics. And he “commend(ed) its observance to all citizens.”

Sounding very much like the speakers ranting against God yesterday at the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics’ protest, Foxx’s proclamation declared that, “the application of reason, more than any other means, has proven to offer hope for human survival upon Earth, improving conditions within the universe, and cultivating intelligent, moral and ethical interactions among people and their environments.”

And the framers of the U.S. Constitution thought so too, Foxx added.

Why this is significant is that it provides context to what Mayor Foxx said yesterday during his remarks at the Democrat convention. “I live by the values,” he said, “this community taught me.”

And that’s not all, Foxx continued. “I have seen President Obama at work,” he said.  “And these are his values too.”

Well, I take Mayor Foxx for his word.

That both he and President Obama believe, as do atheists and agnostics, that “reason,” more than God, offers the best hope for human survival upon Earth. And that both he and President Obama believe that the nation’s founders were as godless as they.

Indeed, I think it no oversight by the Charlotte Democrats that there is no mention of   “God” whatsoever in the party’s 2012 platform (compared to 10 mentions of the Almighty in the Republican Party platform).

Just as I think it no oversight that not one Democrat leader uttered a word of disapproval when American Atheists put up a billboard, just before the Democrat Convention, which blasphemed, “CHRISTIANITY: Sadistic God; Useless Savior; 30,000+ Versions of ‘Truth;’ Promotes Hate, ‘Calls it Love.’”

No true Christ follower would be a member of a political party that refuses to acknowledge God in its platform; that embraces a hateful constituency that rants against the Lord Almighty.

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers,” the Scripture warns. “For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common?”

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4 thoughts on “Atheists Right at Home at Democrat Convention

  1. Let me ask you a series of questions:

    Did God call you to ministry despite your weaknesses and knowing that you would have moments of failure? If those in ministry fail, surely those in government will.

    There was a prayer room at the DNC. While you were finding ways to critique others’ speeches, did you ever find the time to go into the pray room and pray for those in government who are called by God, but sometimes struggle with applying good theology with major decisons?

    When is the last time you had dinner and Christian fellowship with someone other than your race?

    What is about your character, where God wouldn’t trust you in the President’s presence?

    What’s the difference between John the Baptist, Daniel, Elijah and Joseph’s relationship with political leadership? What were there roles?

    What does the bible say about God’s relationship with those in authority?

    How does a congressman handle an influential military leader who in despair admits he is gay, wants to kill himself b/c his homosexual lover left him, and is in fear of being reprimanded by a government he serves in faithfulness because of don’t ask -don’t tell? Why doesn’t the heterosexual who fornicates get reprimanded too?

    Decisions are not as easy as you think. This is the context by which same sex marriage is advocated. There are simply great lukewarm leaders who have better job skill sets than Christians who are on fire. Unfortunately, their poor theology influence bad decisions. The book of Kings shows us how God deals with political leaders, they vary in their theology. But the New Testament affirms their authority. Luckily, we have a President who professes christ, hired a christian pastor as his faith outreach director. Part of 9/11 incident was religious in nature, Muslims, asked American military to leave their land, b/c they considered it holy. Military leaders disrespected their faith beliefs and they sent an ugly message. America is arrogant sometimes. The faith outreach department is birthed out of the hard problem of not being so Christian focused that you are mean, persecute and undermine other people’s faiths who are not bothering you. Sometimes the stories the President hears are how people who are gay and of other faiths need protection from bullies, sometimes Christians who will cast them to hell in a second.

    You just can’t do that.

    The bible tells us the heart of the King is in the hand of the Lord and he turns it where he desires, so pray that those in leadership knowing that God is ready to work. This is the test that American Christians have failed. We don’t want to pray.

  2. Brawny71 on said:

    And why shouldn’t they be at home? There were people of ALL faiths at that convention, and those without a faith. That’s what made that convention different from, oh, the one last week, which was a tad bit more exclusionary. There are those of us–Christian and non—who get why that matters, and those who, sadly, don’t.

  3. “No true Christ follower would be a member of a political party that refuses to acknowledge God in its platform”


    No person who believes in the kind of god you do would be a member of that sort of political party.

    Clearly, they don’t think you are a true Christ follower either.

  4. So absolutely sad. The Bible says that there is a veil over their eyes. It is so frustrating because you will get some responders on this subject that will speak from the perspective that there is no God and you can not answer them because they refuse to believe. Perhaps as the Bible says it is too late for them to respond.
    They speak about having morals but their morals can only be on a sliding scale. For example, one thinks early term abortion is okay but not late. Then someone like Obama would kill them even if a late term abortion failed.
    Morality without a rule book is weak at best. Christians have the rule book. We don’t make the rules but we obey them. Liberals make their own rules.
    It’s a fight that so many more of them are going to lose. Eternally, and that’s sad.

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