A Pastor Sells His Soul to the Party of Obama


Rev. Derrick Harkins is a hypocrite.

He’s the pastor of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., which the Washington Post describes as “theologically conservative.” And he serves on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals.

But the Baptist preacher also is the National Director of Faith Outreach for the Democratic National Committee, which supports public policies that are an affront to the Almighty.

Indeed, today Harkins presides over a meeting of the party’s so-called Faith Caucus at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Its task is to devise a strategy to somehow persuade Christian voters that the party’s platform is about “being our brother’s keeper” and “compassion.”

Pastor Harkins should be reminded of the Scripture which declares: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.”

Harkins obviously believes that Scripture does not apply to him. He thinks he can be, at once, a faithful Christ follower and loyal Democrat.

But the reality – which the pastor is too blind to see – is that his service to the party of Obama is a disservice to the Kingdom of God.

Indeed, there simply is no way that a man of God can support a president, support a political party, that defends the yearly slaughter of more than one million unborn children. And there’s no way that a pastor faithful to God’s Word could blithely associate himself with a president and a party that promote the abomination of same-sex marriage.

I imagine Harkins rationalizes his hypocrisy by invoking the words of Jesus: “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.” And I imagine the pastor deludes himself that he is somehow following the Savior’s example.

But the Democrats in Charlotte are absolutely unrepentant of their advocacy of ungodly policies. And they are absolutely convinced that the wrongdoers are those of us who oppose abortion, who oppose homosexual nuptials.

Harkins knows this. Yet he continues to fellowship with those who shake their fists at God, who are gathered this week at the Democratic convention.

The Bible tells the stories of two men – Samson and Saul – who were once highly favored by God, but from whom God’s Spirit departed when they did their will, rather than His.

Those should be cautionary tales for Pastor Harkin. By casting his lot with unrepentant abortionists and sodomites – among other recalcitrant sinners partying in Charlotte – he risks the same spiritual ruin as Samson and Saul.

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12 thoughts on “A Pastor Sells His Soul to the Party of Obama

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Homosexuality is not acceptable in the Bible, nor is racism and other societal ills that we frequently accept and condone. There was a time when women were not welcome in the pulpit, but they are
    there Now! America is a melting pot not only culturally, religously, but by differences in physical orientation and capabilities, it is not always a choice. God is the final judge, not you. His love is all that matters. Do you know who he loves? (prositutes, theives, adulterers) Are you one to judge. The world changes. Once in America Black people were slaves, the Bible is full of people enslaved, why continue to enslave a people who were born differently. The government pays for Viagra for men in several states, some can accept their right to enhance their physical need why can’t you accept the love needs of others. Are we refraining people born with physical and mental limitations beyond there capacacity. PEOPLE ARE BORN DIFFERENTLY. Why restrict people born with another sexual orientation. God loves us all he, bring sinners to the church. I am a lesbian women . I don’t want or need marriage but for those who do want to convict themselves to the more traditional value of marriage, more power to them. Haters should be glad. God accepts us all. He reigns. He will be the judge in end times. Why fight? you don’t have to, Is this hurting you? if it is your sexuality also is in question, think twice. Preying on those you think are less than you. Obviously undersatanding is the veiw of a vast majority of the people in the USA, otherwise gay marriage would have not have gone through. Try Love, like you would for other disenfranchised people. Unfortunately this is government and we must adhere to the will of the people. Remember there is a separation of church and state. I admire Rev Harkins for understanding, a real supporter of America and it’s history of diversity. May God bless us all.

  2. The actions of those who claim to be Christians determine whether one has been saved by grace or not. Sin will be destroyed in the lake of fire along with all of those who still cherish and cling to those very sins many of whom falsely claimed to be saved by grace. Intentionally voting for a immoral man who quite willingly breaks the commandment dealing with lying is not the act of a Christian saved by grace. As the Bible says: By their fruits ye shall know them.

  3. But when you do everything you can to go against the teachings of Christ and natural way of things and the willingness to kill the unborn and cast it off as nothing….then we are on dangerous ground. America was founded by people that wanted to be free and stand on there own two feet but we have become lazy and ungodly…..reminds me of Romans?….Lord help us

  4. Unfortunately, I see the exact same abominations going on within the Republican party in their outlook upon the poor, unemployed, infirmed, disabled, and elderly. I see absolutely no love of one’s fellow man within them or their expectations for our future as a nation. I see greed and a love of self, and very little love for mankind, animal-kind, or love for the planet.

    I also see a lot of bigotry and anything but Christ-likeness in the narrow mindedness of judgment over one’s Christian walk based upon their vote.

  5. zoebrain on said:

    A vote for Romney is a vote for someone who says that Lucifer is Jesus’ brother. That’s the basic fact of it, whether you want to face it or not.

    Maybe you think that’s compatible with your Faith as a Christian. I won’t argue.

    If so, where do you draw the line? If he had exactly the same policies, but worshipped Lucifer himself, would you say that voting for him was also compatible with your Faith? I won’t argue with you there either.

    I think you should take a good look at what you believe, no matter what you decide, and not be hypocritical about it.

  6. He needs to remember the verse, “Go and sin no more” The problem is this man has decided that money, power and influence is the way to go. His mind is askew. There is no logical thinking as thinking outside of Christ is always wrong. If God led Him there Godly people would rejoice. Instead we condemn him. Not to hell of course as that is not our job and if he is saved (I know not) he is not condemned. However God is not mocked and will not allow this disgrace to continue for long. I await future updates of his condition.

  7. Re: Pastor Harkins should be reminded of the Scripture which declares: “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.”
    Unfortunately the same can be said about religious conservatives who will willingly betray their moral principles when they flock to the voting booth in order to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and their sociopath logical agenda.

    • pastorjackwilson on said:

      Being in that category I feel the need to reply to your reply. I have wrestled with should I or should I not vote. I could definitely not vote for Obama but could I vote for a Mormon and a Catholic? Many people would say God is in control and just let what happens happen. Is that a reasonable response. In that wise I would allow my daughter to go to the store, crossing major streets and subject to what evil evil may lurk out there.. So then you might say, “Of course not, God wants us to use common sense.” So then I say. Invest in any market as a good steward and God will prosper it. There is no need for my research. Again, of course not. We do know that from time to time (more than liked) the Israelites were taken over by a foreign power. Okay, so they never voted for the foreign power. Or did they/ By not being the people of God they should be, they “Voted” on being taken over. Well, that certainly applies to most Christians today. In fact, that is why we have Obama. Yet still, should we vote for a Mormon/Catholic ticket? If we do not, Obama wins and his ungodly agenda will skyrocket. More babies killed, Laws made favoring evil and opposing the good. We see that now, how much more if he is reenforced and wins again?
      I believe God gave us brains and the Holy Spirit to figure things out. He gave us reason for a reason. I heard one say that all truth is God’s truth which means even the biggest liar, when telling the truth, is still truthful in that instance. Would it also suffice to say that all good is God’s good?

      DO you not buy a shirt because a homosexual made it? How about other products? Do you only shop at Conservative stores? Let’s go further. Do you make sure they are really following Christ before you buy that hamburger? Of course not. Yet many times your money will be supporting evil.

      Romney and Ryan are the first ones that I know of that came out with a platform that is against abortion in any form.They are against same sex marriage also. For those two things alone I will vote for them. As a missionary I have learned to depend on God for my daily needs so I am not focused on the economy. I think people prosper biblically, as God provides or removes His hand. Yet for morality on a whole, it takes moral leaders.

      I believe we need to vote for the moral man. Good is always good. who knows how God will touch the heart of those who obey His law?


      • Its an unfortunate fact that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are not moral but immoral as their willingness to lie and commit the crime of “Financial Rape” against the average American citizen proves beyond the shadow of a doubt. By voting for this pair of moral Impersonators you yourself are enabling them to commit evil and in the judgement you will be held accountable for the very evil they do in your name as if you had committed that very evil yourself by the Father Above.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        So, being saved by grace does not exempt me from the eternal punishment of God? I think we are from different Biblical backgrounds.

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