Young Rape Victim Plans Return to Tahrir Square


Natasha Smith has a death wish. Barely a month and half following what she described as a “horrific sexual and physical attack” in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the foolish young British journalist is planning to return to the scene of the crime.

Smith insists she has learned the hard lesson from her last visit to Egypt, a nation that has fallen into the hands of radical Islamists.

“I was overambitious,” she says. “I was also cursed with ‘Invincibility of Youth’ syndrome, with symptoms including naivety, impulsiveness, recklessness, carelessness, idealism and underestimating danger and difficulty.”

Yet, she’s going back to the land of the Pharaohs, where female journalists like her, like CBS News reporter Lara Logan, are ripe targets for Islamist mobs who think it perfectly okay to gang rape Western women since they are all whores in the eyes of Allah.

Smith, 26-years-old, believes her attack in Tahrir Square has given her purpose:  To use her journalism skills to share the stories of Egyptian women “plagued by the sexual harassment epidemic.”

That’s why she’s making reservations for Cairo. “I absolutely have to make my documentary about sexual harassment and assault in Egypt,” she says.

Smith should follow Logan’s example. After the CBS war correspondent was brutally and repeatedly raped last year in Tahrir Square, she didn’t even think about resuming her assignment in the dangerous Egyptian capital.

Logan now realizes that Islam is not the “religion of peace” its adherents claim. Otherwise she would not have been gang raped by a mob of Egyptian men. Otherwise Egypt’s Coptic Christian population would not be subject to brutal persecution by the country’s supposed peace-loving Islamists.

Smith, on the other hand, remains in denial. “I understand,” she says, “why many people feel I am foolish to plan to return to Egypt.” But fear not, the young journo says. She promises to “never take the kind of risks” she did the last time she was in Cairo and she anticipates a “wide support network to ensure (her) safety.”

But the risk is in returning to Egypt. And there is no support network wide enough to ensure Smith’s safety if she is set upon, yet again, by a mob of Islamist men that would love to get its hands on “a blonde young Western girl,” as she described herself following the horrific attack she suffered little more than six weeks ago.

Recounting her near-death experience in Egypt, Smith says that, while she did not consider herself religious at the time, she repeatedly pleaded, aloud, “Please God. Please make it stop.”

And God heard her plea. And He made it stop.

Now, Smith is planning to tempt God by placing herself in harms way yet again. And woe to the young journo if He withholds His protection on her foolish return to Islamist Egypt.

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2 thoughts on “Young Rape Victim Plans Return to Tahrir Square

  1. Pure stupidity. Sometimes my wife and I joke around about what God would protect us from or if He would allow something we might want to do. We might answer the other by saying, “Don’t forget what God says, Don’t be stupid!” We are not trying to be cursed by adding to the word but it is a small joke to make us understand that God wants us to have common sense.
    Nowhere does the article suggest this young lady is a Christian other than her evoking God in her peril. Also nowhere does it suggest she is guided by the Holy Spirit. This as you suggest, sounds like a death wish.
    I read about those three “hikers” that were up on the Iraq-Iranian border and was arrested by the Iranian Government as spies.. They were either the stupidest people in the world, or they really were spies. Who tempts fate like that?
    I feel no sorrow for a foolish person. Maybe as a Christian I should but just as someone who rejects Christ, there is no answer for that.

    • @jack you “feel no sorrow for a foolish person?” Oh you must be perfect then! As a matter of fact I’m quite sure you are because you judge everyone else so harshly. I know a friend of the people who got caught up at the Iran border. They were lost and were told by people to go that way to see the “best hiking they have ever seen”. They were not spies, they were just lost. God forbid they were not perfect. I live in Cairo, I have been to Tahrir more times than I can count. I have never been raped. But if I do get raped is it because I was stupid and irresponsible? Is that what I deserve for living here? Well I have news for you, I know plenty of girls that were raped in my homeland of America. Were they stupid and irresponsible and deserved it because they got raped? I’m sure in your loving Christian eyes you would say yes. Then you would ask, why did they get raped? Did they have a short skirt on? Were they drunk? Did they lead the men on? You are no different from any one of these people out in the world who blame other people’s ignorance and hate on the victim.

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