Darwinists Wrong Again on Human Evolution


Paging Nicholas Wade. He’s the New York Times science writer who worships at the altar of Darwinism.

Two years ago, he reported that biologists, led by Svante Paabo of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, had determined that Neanderthals mated with modern humans.

That “scientific” finding provided a convenient explanation for what happened to humanity’s supposed ancestor: We interbred with them until they disappeared.

Now comes a new study, reported this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that the finding reported by Wade were wrong. There was no mating, no “hybridization,” between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens (us).

The study’s authors, Andrea Manica and Anders Eriksson, scientists with the Evolutionary Ecology Group at Britain’s Cambridge University, say that modern humans have no Neanderthal DNA.

Whatever DNA modern humans and Neanderthals share in common came not from interbreeding, the scientists concluded, but from a common, unknown ancestor (a chimpanzee, maybe?).

That  is a stunning scientific turnabout in the prevailing wisdom about human evolution. Yet Wade has yet to weigh in on what it all means.

Are we never to know what happened to Neanderthals? Shall we never discover the “missing link,” proving that man evolved from monkey?

Could the proponents of “intelligent design” actually be right, that man did not begin existence as a simple, one-cell organism in this planet’s primordial ooze, but as the fully-formed creation of Almighty God?

Of course, Wade is not going to concede anything to those of us who dare to question his god, Darwin.

He sneers, “To many biologists and others” – meaning enlightened journalists like Wade himself – “it is a source of amazement and embarrassment that many Americans repudiate Darwin’s theory and that some even espouse counter-theories like creationism or intelligent design.”

“How,” he asks, “can such willful ignorance thrive in today’s seas of knowledge?”             

Wade’s attack on evolution doubters, like yours truly, is nothing new for the New York Times.

All the way back in 1906, the “Gray Lady,” as the Times is affectionately known in some quarters, published an editorial supporting a decision by the Bronx Zoo to put an African pygmy named Ota Benga on display in its Monkey House – a putative live exhibit of human evolution..

“We do not quite understand all the emotion which others are expressing in the matter,” the Times harrumphed. “It is absurd to make moan over the imagined humiliation and degradation Benga is suffering. The pygmies … are very low in the human scale.”

The Times was wrong on human evolution then. And its pro-Darwin reporting is no less wrong today.

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15 thoughts on “Darwinists Wrong Again on Human Evolution

  1. After having a chance to read the paper and discussion of it, it would seem that it does not stand up to scrutiny. Neanderthal/human interbreeding is still the best evidenced explanation.

  2. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Hey, I’m sorry but this stuff gets to me. Here, read the truth:http://www.nwcreation.net/evolutionfraud.html/

  3. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Neanderthal,Java,Piltdown, moths in England, these and many other instances are propagated lies. when someone was asked why are these proven falsehoods still taught in the schools the answer was, “What is the alternative?” In other words, if we don’t teach these lies we will have to state the truth, Creationism.

  4. The paper has yet to be made available to the entire scientific community so hasn’t run the gauntlet of secondary peer review. As such these results are far from confirmed for the moment, certainly the researchers responsible for the original neanderthal interbreeding work dispute these conclusions.

    At any rate, even if the interbreeding hypothesis did hold up it does not mean that humans somehow absorbed neanderthals into them via hybridisation. The amount neanderthals have contributed to the human is very small, explainable by a few dozen instances of interbreeding. That’s not quite on the same scale as mass “absorbtion.” No, for the most part neanderthals went extinct. Only a few pieces of them survived via a few isolated interbreeding instances.

  5. Wow! Great piece. It never ceases to amaze me that supposedly, great men, scientists and the like, believe such nonsense. Oh wait, I have it:2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: Pray that the Holy Spirit will convince and convict many more.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Mr. Wilson, you quote from a letter written to a particular group of people in an early church in a place called Thesolonica. The people to whom that was written have been gone for 2000 years. It certainly wasn’t referring to those of us who realize that the animals we have today are not identical to those we had a million years ago, that those on the earth a million years before that are different still. We realize that here was a time before primates, a time before mammals, a time before birds, before reptiles. We further realize that the theory evolution ties together these and many other truths in a way that makes sense. Living things of today evolved from ancestors (who evolved from earlier ancestors, who evolved from yet earlier ancestors still. Evolution happened, get over it.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Every word in the Bible is for then as it is for now. The lies then are the same lies now. Evolution not only has not been proven by scientific method’s standard, it has been a great hoax by so many of those people who consider themselves great, pseudo scientists if you will. What should I get over? The earth is millions of years old. Proof it by the geologic layer or the amount of cosmic dust on the moon. NO, I better not go there or I will be giving facts to someone who has already agreed in their mind to believe a lie.

    • The earth is definitely NOT millions of years old–that’s for sure.

    • boggyboy777 on said:

      Pastor Jack, Paul didn’t know he was writing “The Bible.” He thought he was writing a letter to a particular group of people. What you call “The Bible” is a compilation of writings by many authors over many years, none of whom knew it would be eventually compiled into a book called “The Bible.” You don’t know the compilers nor the translators yet you supposedly know that every word is true. You seem to be one of those that has “already agreed in their mind to believe…” something with no other reason than someone once upon a time told you so. There is far more evidence that the life of today evolved from life of the past than there is for a deity picking up some dust and molding it into a man. The former is science, the latter is the creation myth of an ancient nomadic tribe of shepherds. You asked me what I want you to get over. I want you to get over the fact that evolution happened and quit calling everyone who doesn’t believe the same creation myth as you do, liars. I’ll give you some words that I’m sure you’ll believe are true: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” All that calling so many people liars, because they don’t believe exactly like you do, seems very judgmental, Pastor Jack.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Listen, I can certainly understand your frustration. After all, you had to believe a group of people who have lied and foisted unproven and untrue opinions as truth upon the world.. Also, when I actually get to delve into a persons life I usually find out that they are hoping so hard that Christianity and the Bible are wrong because if not, they are destined for a Godless eternity. Christians do not have a mindless faith like those who believe the myth of one day, nothing bumped into nothing and here we are or we have come from primordial ooze and coincidentally, now we are perfectly engineered beings who, walk, talk and think and not only that we have emotions. That’s like saying the Sistine chapel was painted when Michelangelo threw various colors of paint up in the air and this is what came out.
        No, I am afraid it takes much more faith to believe in your fantasies then the truth of the Bible,
        Not only does the Bible produce hundreds of prophecies that have come true, it is proven by it’s detractors as well as it’s friends. It is also proven scientifically. For example the children were to be circumcised on the eighth day. Only within the last hundred years do doctors know that the eighth day is the highest point of blood clotting. Simple things about germs knew well in advance of your science as don’t touch a corpse, ritualistic hand washing, stay away from pork and shellfish. There are so many things such as the wind has paths and circuits which weathermen have since “discovered”
        the biggest proof however comes from the liberals. those of you that come onto a Christian blog and try to get everyone to believe your nonsense. It is such a cry for approval that it is heart breaking.
        I wish I could help you but you probably have rejected the message so many times that God has already hardened your heart so it is pointless. The only reason I even answer you is because someone seeking answers might see it and become saved. In the event you are not totally hardened I would implore you to ask God if He is real and if He is to please show you. If you are sincere and humble, I believe He will.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Additionally, when you use the bible (which you don’t believe in) to try to tell me something (Judge not…) at least try yo understand the meaning of the statement. You have used it out of context.

  6. bjohnson1 on said:

    True scientific facts are established by the predictable results of repeatable, scientific method-based experiments. On the other hand, evolution “scientists” seem to think that they have a license to revise evolution “laws” every time the neighbor’s dog digs up a strange bone.

  7. Hey, “science” is “self-correcting.” Who cares about who gets hurt in the process?

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