Paul Ryan Faces Left-Wing Religious Attack


The Obama re-election campaign huddled today with “progressive” religious leaders as they coordinate a line of attack against conservative Catholic congressman Paul Ryan, Republican Mitt Romney’s selection as his ticket-mate.

The Democrat-aligned religious leaders are critical of the budget proposals Rep. Ryan has championed on Capitol Hill, which, they charge, will exacerbate the sufferings of the nation’s poor.

They also portray Ryan as a secret admirer of Ayn Rand, who famously authored “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead;” who was, at once, a strong defender of capitalism and an avowed atheist.

Of course, it is hard for left-wing religious leaders to play the poverty card against Ryan when they are supporting a Democrat president on whose watch the ranks of the nation’s poor has grown by more than 6.5  million.

As to Ryan’s affinity for Rand, there are many faithful Christians, including yours truly, who share her belief in limited government and individual rights, but who absolutely do not share her disbelief in God.

What amuses is that the Obama campaign actually believes that the left-wing religious attack on Ryan it is plotting can somehow win Christian evangelical votes to the Democrat column this upcoming November.

That’s no more likely than Obama returning the poverty rate, the jobless rate and (while we’re at it) gasoline prices to where they were the day before his inauguration.

Because the faith espoused by religious leaders carrying water for the Obama campaign is quite different than the faith practiced by Christian evangelicals.

No true Christ follower would support abortion-on-demand, like the left-wing religious leaders who stand with Obama. Nor would authentic Christians give their blessing to same-sex marriage. Nor would they endorse government-mandated contraceptives-on-demand for single women.

The Scripture advises believers that, during the early years of Christianity, there were “false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in damnable heresies.”

The left-wing “religious” leaders who have joined the Obama campaign in its planned attack on Ryan are the false teachers of whom the Scripture warned. And the day surely will come when the Lord holds them accountable for the heresies they espouse.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Faces Left-Wing Religious Attack

  1. csho123 on said:

    Mormons are not Christians

  2. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Although I seem to agree with you on every point you make, the thing that scares me are those who call themselves Christians and will still vote for Obama. Don’t forget, when Obama first ran he received (if I am not mistaken) almost 70% of the vote. I remember when Clinton ran and I argued that we needed to vote for the moral man and “Christians” were telling me . “But Clinton will fix the economy”. This begs the question, do genuine Christians make these obviously horrendous choices or perhaps the percentage of real Christians in America is far less than we think. I have a friend and a supporter that asked me why would I vote for Romney when Obama is a Christian. I then asked, what constitutes a Christian but received no answer. It’s frightening.

    • I believe there is a disconnect between many who consider themselves Christians, but who support political candidates and causes contrary to Christian values.

      That’s why I launched The Christian Diarist: To be a voice crying out in the spiritual wasteland, “Make straight the way of the Lord.”

      And that message is not just for the wicked and the unsaved, but also for Christians who have left their first love for the prince of this fallen world.

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