Are Transgenders the New ‘It’ Minority?


First came Richard Raskind, an ophthalmologist who in 1975 underwent “sex reassignment” surgery. He emerged as Renee Richards and decided to pursue a professional tennis career as a woman – four years after reaching the finals of the men’s 35-and-over tennis championship.

More recently, there was Chastity Bono, daughter of famed pop duo Sonny and Cher, who in 2010 became Chaz Bono after undergoing a sex-change operation. A documentary on her/his “gender transition,” imaginatively titled “Becoming Chaz,” was well-received at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

And now there’s Larry Wachowski, co-director of the “Matrix” series, who debuted this week as Lana. Wearing a gray dress and pink dreadlocks, the latest member of the transgender community appears in a promo for a new movie he/she made with his/her bro Andy.

There was a time, not so long ago – before Chaz Bono appeared on “Dancing With The Stars,” before Barack Obama climbed in bed with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community – when transgenders kept their sex change on the down low.

Now, they’re out and they’re proud. Transgenders are the new “it” minority.

Not on Main Street USA, mind you, where most of us reside.

But on the main drag in West Hollywood. And on Castro Street in San Francisco, the nation’s capital of LGBT activism.

And on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C., where LGBT guests of Obama recently took turns flipping off a White House portrait of the late great President Ronald Reagan.

Now that the LGBs have all but succeeded in mainstreaming their ungodly lifestyle, the Ts are next in line. They are determined to win legal recognition as a “protected” minority.

Indeed, transgenders are fighting to overturn the still-in-place Army regulation which declares those who’ve undergone a sex change unfit to serve.

They are challenging rules requiring athletes competing in women’s sports to actually have been born female.

They are demanding the “right” to continued employment when “transitioning” from one gender to another.

The transgender community represents that it’s no different than any other minority group in this country and, therefore, should be accorded “equal” treatment under the law.

But transgenders like Richards and Bono and Wachowski are clinically ill, according to the American Psychiatric Association. In fact, the APA has long held that men who want to be women, and women who want to be men, suffer from “gender identity disorder.”

So transgenders don’t need special legal protections. What they really need is psychiatric help.

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34 thoughts on “Are Transgenders the New ‘It’ Minority?

  1. Jennifer M on said:


    How did you get the idea that this is something “new”? Television has been cashing in by exploiting transsexuals for decades. Ever hear of Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Joan Rivers, Ricki Lake, Geraldo, Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, etc?

    What is the purpose of this article? You conclude with the comment “So transgenders don’t need special legal protections. What they really need is psychiatric help.”

    I don’t expect you to fully understand what transgender people experience. But you shouldn’t have to look too hard to realize that transpersons are much more likely to be brutally attacked, raped or murdered. Why shouldn’t the law provide specific protections?

    To me it seems much more likely that you could help fulfill the great commission by having a little compassion than by pathologizing transpersons.

  2. catezew on said:

    JP: Whether Zoe is, or is not, trans makes no difference to searching around for a male name to call her out with. You could have kept it to yourself and still achieved the same objective outcome. So it looks malicious despite your reasoning.

    Zoe used science (and quoted her resources!) to present to you the reality of transsexual and intersex biological conditions; she gave you content to work with, but instead, you and your peers dismiss them before even commenting on them. She has clearly made her point that there is no reasonable argument anyone can make to associate our lives with sin. It’s apparent that you’re not going to acknowledge biology & psychology so there’s a dead end in your claims of sin, there.

    Sexuality is a side issue yet you try to couple it into our lives – you are fabricating and theorising our sin. To begin with, sexuality is not linked to biological sex nor ‘gender’. The three are exclusive to each other. Before you dismiss this… I’m referring to an objective reality, which one may participate in sexual acts of any variation, and not the ‘moral’ association of sexuality based on reproductive partners. To aide you in this reality, TS and IS people who are ‘sexually abstinent’ or asexual exist – without practicing (what you consider) sinful sexual acts. Lust becomes as much of an issue for anyone in the world. So the ‘strawman’ in your argument which diverts our physical lives into a question of subjective sexual acts derails any chance of an intelligent conversation – something both Zoe and I have proven to be generalised misinformation by Pastor Jack Wilson.

    Pastor Jack Wilson: All this speak of creatures from outer space, paedophiles, comparison to dogs, general accusations of our inability to carry an intelligent conversation, our foul mouths, crudity, and prancing down the street… what a load of sensationalist nonsense. I could surrender all my ideological framework to support your inability to reach the ‘so called’ sinners you seem to care about… I find it fascinating that you cannot do this, yet still draw attention to our ‘sin’. It seems very much like you’re prepared to point the finger at trans people, make false accusations about trans people, while not able/wanting to get your hands ‘dirty’ with interacting with trans people.

    Finally, I oppose TS and IS people’s association with transgender people who are ‘liberal’ with gender-roles to support their sexual fetishes – for example, cross-dressers, transvestites, drag queens/kings. Regardless of the current trend to mash us into a dysfunctional community, transsexual and intersex people’s lives are very different to transgender people’s lives. This is a fact; and it’s a fact you would soon learn if you chose to inform yourselves with. I don’t expect you to understand yet, as you don’t even know who intersex people are, and it’s highly likely you have misconceptions of transsexual people too… funny how ‘you people’ have opinions on something you have no idea about?

    I’m genuinely confused why you use social opposition (read: comfort) to our lives (something Christians, themselves, experience), to claim we are sinful. Where in the Bible does it write about TS and IS people’s sin? Where does it even hint our objective existence is sinful without referring to external elements of sexuality? There is only one which I know of and it obscurely covers cross-dressing. The absurd association of God’s intervention and uncommon biological conditions, used to conclude that God makes no mistakes is so presumptive of God and his will that even an atheist would be offended. These baseless opinions are what, both, Zoe and myself have been leading you towards, yet you dismiss us without any reasonable retort.

    Anyway, I think I’m done here. It’s a shame really, because unlike your claim, we can discuss TS/IS in an intelligent conversation. However, I have no desire to discuss our lives with those who cannot overcome their prejudice towards us without any logical reasoning. I could even leave my snark at the ‘door’, but why should I adjust my tone when you all express us with so much human contempt?

    • Catezew, Zoe attempted to refute a Bible-based argument with a secularist argument. Sure, there are scientific studies suggesting that transsexualism is perfectly normal. But it remains a grave sin in the eyes of God.

      Indeed, the Bible tells us that the godless inhabitants of Sodom and Gommorah thought their aberrant sexual behavior perfectly normal; were offended when they were warned to turn away from their sin. And that is why the two cities of the plain, and all the inhabitants, were destroyed.

      So Zoe’s argument is not with me. It’s with God.

      • zoebrain on said:

        JP – since you’re an expert on what God says, perhaps you could tell me what God says about this case:

        Should this child accept that she’s actually a boy, despite being born female, or accept medical intervention so her body doesn’t naturally change from the sex she was born with?

        See also Matthew 19:12 first line, and Isaiah 56:3-5.

        You say my argument is with God. I will quote Oliver Cromwell when he was told the same thing by the Kirk of Scotland:

        “I am persuaded that divers of you, who lead the People, have laboured to build yourselves in these things; wherein you have censured others, and established yourselves “upon the Word of God.” Is it therefore infallibly agreeable to the Word of God, all that you say? I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken. Precept may be upon precept, line may be upon line, and yet the Word of the Lord may be to some a Word of Judgment; that they may fall backward, and be broken and be snared and be taken! There may be a spiritual fulness, which the World may call drunkenness; as in the second Chapter of the Acts. There may be, as well, a carnal confidence upon misunderstood and misapplied precepts, which may be called spiritual drunkenness. There may be a Covenant made with Death and Hell!”

      • Wasn’t Cromwell’s corpse exhumed from its grave site in Westminster Abbey, hung in chains and beheaded?

    • pastorjackwilson on said:

      Answered in a typical liberal fashion. You say we don’t regard your scientific analysis which is bogus but have no intention of accepting our Biblical analysis. Yes the part that says a man may not wear women’s clothes and a man may not be effeminate comes into play here.
      If you do not recognize the Bible as the infallible word of God, we can go around forever and get nowhere.

      • zoebrain on said:

        @pastorjackwilliamson – which particular version of the Bible? The Bible tells us that snow and hail are stored in warehouses in the sky (Job 38:22), at a height about half that of the Empire State building (Baruch 3:7-8). If you believe that, then yes, we are talking past each other. The same argument that’s always happened, over the shape of the Earth (see St John Christostom’s proof that if the Bible is inerrant, the Earth is Flat)., whether people can exist in Australia (see St Augustine’s proof that if the Bible is inerrant, they cannot), the controversy over lightning rods etc.

      • @pastorjackwilliamson – which particular version of the Bible? The Bible tells us that snow and hail are stored in warehouses in the sky (Job 38:22), at a height about half that of the Empire State building (Baruch 3:7-8). If you believe that, then yes, we are talking past each other. The same argument that’s always happened, over the shape of the Earth (see St John Christostom’s proof that if the Bible is inerrant, the Earth is Flat)., whether people can exist in Australia (see St Augustine’s proof that if the Bible is inerrant, they cannot), the controversy over lightning rods etc.

        So are you saying that the bible should never use allegory? (Warehouses in the sky) The argument over the shape of the earth is a fallacy. Intelligent, Godly men always knew the shape of the earth. This is just more liberal misinformation As for any John Christostom, he was a catholic and not a Christian. That is a false religion.
        Here is the problem as I see it. Rebellious people who make their own rules always wind up going on a Christian site to voice their “beliefs”. They constantly seek approval and hope to obtain it from Christians as it will hopefully kill that nagging problem of sin within them, when they are answered with the Bible they try to put it down. The thing is they are not versed in the Bible so they spew wild accusations and misquote passages to “prove their point”. That can not work for you and it must be frustrating.
        Just because you have urges or inclinations do not make them right. I am diabetic. I have urges for hi calorie deserts. That does not mean I now have to provide them for myself. Additionally, I used to love the smell of gasoline and thought it smelled delicious but I certainly would not imbibe. Someone who has the idea to dress like a woman is affected by a un normal desire and needs to focus on something else. Someone who has “feelings” for the same sex, should do the same as well as people who feel they want sex with children or animals. Now I know you do not like to hear that but they are all variations of things not to do because they are not normal.
        This is not only in the Bible but it is common sense. People who give in to their un normal desires, rob banks, kill others, rape, even cut themselves. Just because you choose to say your deviant behavior is really not deviant, look around, everyone is not doing it and even if they were, they would miss the boat on truth and die in the flood.
        My advice, go to a good Bible Church and ask Jesus to give you a new heart and mind.

    • zoebrain on said:

      “As for any John Christostom, he was a catholic and not a Christian. That is a false religion.”

      If you say so.

      How about Calvin then. Or Martin Luther.

      “Scripture simply says that the moon, the sun, and the stars were placed in the firmament of the heaven, below and above which heaven are the waters… It is likely that the stars are fastened to the firmament like globes of fire, to shed light at night… We Christians must be different from the philosophers in the way we think about the causes of things. And if some are beyond our comprehension like those before us concerning the waters above the heavens, we must believe them rather than wickedly deny them or presumptuously interpret them in conformity with our understanding.”

      – Martin Luther, Luther’s Works. Vol. 1. Lectures on Genesis, ed. Janoslaw Pelikan, Concordia Pub. House, St. Louis, Missouri, 1958, pp. 30, 42, 43.

      “Those who assert that ‘the earth moves and turns’…[are] motivated by ‘a spirit of bitterness, contradiction, and faultfinding;’ possessed by the devil, they aimed ‘to pervert the order of nature.'”

      – John Calvin, sermon no. 8 on 1st Corinthians, 677, cited in John Calvin: A Sixteenth Century Portrait by William J. Bouwsma (Oxford Univ. Press, 1988), A. 72

      Do these views reflect your own? I certainly agree with both Luther and Calvin that if you believe the Bible is inerrant, you have to disbelieve in meteorology and “outer space”, that science and Biblical inerrancy cannot be reconciled. That Christians must be different from (natural) philosophers, ie scientists.

      • Zoe: If you don’t believe in God, if you don’t believe in life beyond the grave, then you’re wasting your very limited time on this Earth trying to persuade me that your sex change is perfectly “normal.”

        But, if you believe in God, if you believe He holds us, everyone, accountable for the lives we lead, then heed these words: Repent. Turn away from your sinful life. And find salvation in the Lord.

      • JP: Transsexual people aren’t sinful for being transexual, so there is no need to repent. This is a fact you have seemed to overlook and instead relied on social fear to base a weak claim of immorality upon.

      • Catezew, God’s Word is clear: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman” – or, by inference, a woman lies with a woman as with a man – “both of them have committed an abomination.” And a sex-change operation doesn’t change that.

      • You mean like eating ousters? Or wearing a wool/cotton blend? That kind of Abomination?
        Anyone who knows the first thing about the Torah knows you can’t just say “by inference”..

        BTW – I’m not Trans, I’m Intersex. If you think I’m Trans, please contract the UK Gender Recognition Panel, as they can’t recognise my legal sex unless I’m Trans. Donations to pay for the medical treatment I require (but Trans people do not) would also be welcome.

      • Why don’t you tell Christian Diarist readers about your transformation from a man named Alan, with a wife and child (or children), to Zoe Ellen, who is not a transgender, you say, but an “intersex,” whatever that is?

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        I believe a hermaphrodite. I have to admit that is shaky ground but God has the answer. I don’t understand the reference to Oysters. If you are going to try to turn the Bible against someone you should at least be familiar with it. The instructions against shellfish and all the rest was to the Jewish people who were ruled by God. they became ruled by Kings and eventually just fell from the truth. However one third will be restored. I believe you have a serious problem and are confused. I would be more than confused. However you are trying to group yourself with people who have purposely sinned against God where your situation is so much different from theirs.

      • Intersex – someone born with a body neither stereotypically male nor stereotypically female.

        There’s a website called “Wikipedia”, and while it’s not wholly reliable, it has a good article on the subject that’s pitched at a level suitable for you.

        I’ll quote from it if I may:

        “Intersex, in humans and other animals, is the presence of intermediate or atypical combinations of physical features that usually distinguish female from male. This is usually understood to be congenital, involving chromosomal, morphologic, genital and/or gonadal anomalies, such as diversion from typical XX-female or XY-male presentations, e.g., sex reversal (XY-female, XX-male), genital ambiguity, or sex developmental differences. An intersex individual may have biological characteristics of both the male and the female sexes.”

        I’m sure you’re familiar with Matthew 19:12? The first clause talks about those “born eunuchs of their mothers womb”. Perhaps you’ve wondered about that. Well, now you know, that means some Intersex people who were born looking mostly male, but not completely so.

        1 in 60 people are technically Intersex, and you could be one of them. But that’s misleading, because if detecting a difference from the stereotype requires a subtle and sophisticated battery of laboratory tests, is it really a difference? If it doesn’t affect appearance, nor fertility?

        A more useful figure is 1 in 500, where the difference from the norm is obvious, requiring no lab tests, merely observation.

        Now for the advanced stuff, if you’re ready for it. I hope I’m not going too fast for you.

        Some Intersex conditions – there are many different ones, over a hundred – cause a natural sex change. Usually from looking female at birth to looking male later, but the opposite can occur too.

        Do I have a serious problem? Yes, it’s called the 3-beta-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase deficient form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. 3BHSD for short. I don’t have the dangerous salt-wasting form that causes adrenal crises, but I do get problems with cortisol deficiency, and have to take all sorts of hormone replacements to stay healthy.

        I’ll quote Wikipedia again, this time the article on 3BHSD.

        “Milder forms resulting from incomplete loss of 3β-HSD type II function do not present with adrenal crisis, but can still produce virilization of genetically female infants and undervirilization of genetically male infants. As a result, this form of primary hypoadrenalism is the only form of CAH that can cause ambiguous genitalia in both genetic sexes.”

        In rare cases, like the similar syndromes 5ARD and 17BHSD, 3BHSD can cause a natural sex change after birth.

        I’m not confused – I’m confusing.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        As you say, I will try to explain this so you can understand it. You indeed are a very special case. I can only give you an opinion as I have no scripture on this. If someone does, please correct me. I think in a case such as yours, you already know who you are. The doctors may be able to say through your DNA or with the absence or presence of certain body parts combined with what you have felt you are since birth. I would imagine the last step is surgery to bring you to that point. However with that said, the Biblical analysis was that some were born eunuchs so they could give themselves completely to ministry. Perhaps, finding a good Bible believing Church will bring you to focus a little easier. I am not trying to over simplify this as there is no way that I can but I do believe for every question God has an answer and perhaps you have been ignoring the one venue that could set you straight.

      • pastor jack –

        “The doctors may be able to say through your DNA or with the absence or presence of certain body parts combined with what you have felt you are since birth. I would imagine the last step is surgery to bring you to that point.”

        That’s exactly what happened. As soon as my body started changing, I had whole batteries of medical tests – ultrasounds, MRI scans, gene tests, the works. Most such changes happen as the result of very aggressive hormone-secreting tumours, and rapid diagnosis can lead to the patient living for months, not weeks.

        Anyway, the tests showed I couldn’t have such a problem, but did indicate that I was biologically female rather than male, as had previously been thought. Psychologically, I’ve always been female, but I thought I was just transsexual, and mildly intersexed as some male parts were missing.

        I did have some surgery – things were a mess in my urinary tract – but no need for anything cosmetic, not even the usual cosmetic surgery many women have. I’m vain, but not that vain, and while 1 Timothy 2:12 raises my feminist hackles, 1 Timothy 2:9-10 is my style exactly.

        “9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
        10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.”

        I don’t profess godliness. I try to be kind. I can’t afford “costly array” anyway, 2 silver rings and a pair of silver hoops is about it for jewellery.

        There is one part of scripture that does pertain to Intersex people though. Isaiah 56:3-5.

        Unlike others who have a multitude of set rules to follow, some for male, some for female, those rules don’t necessarily apply. Some are physiologically impossible, others inappropriate. We have to make choices. There are certain basics that are universal – “keeping the Sabbath” for short, but otherwise it’s up to us to *choose* what’s pleasing to God. Others can’t do that for us, they can’t tell us what we should be doing, we have to determine that for ourselves, honestly and humbly. It’s an individual thing, one size cannot fit all.

        We’re told not to complain, but bear the misunderstandings, persecution and malice that those who don’t understand our situation inevitably subject us to. But if we do our best, don’t whine and whinge, we’ve been made a personal promise of a reward in the hereafter.

        There’s a lot more in the Talmud on Intersex conditions, this situation was well known in biblical times..Every agrarian society sees Intersex sheep, cattle, and goats all the time, it’s just as common in them as it is in humans.

      • Zoe, Even the devil can quote Scripture. You have not yet said whether or not you believe in God. If you do not, it shouldn’t matter to you what Christ followers think about your sexual orientation.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Zoe, It must be so frustrating for you however you have a knowledge of the scripture and it seems you have instinctively found some comfort there.
        I do not know your religious background or convictions but as we read the scriptures, we see Eden was a place of perfection. Adam and Eve had but one restriction which was not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I have my own theories which tell me it would have been impossible for anyone to resist. I believe this entire thing on the earth has always been how do we survive or even excel in the face of such sin.

        The Latin tells us the angels were (I know I will mess this up but you will get the idea) Percare non pecare– Able not to sin and humans were non pecare non pecare – not able not to sin. We see that in life. Some are murderers, some are only belligerent or disrespectful.What I am getting at is Adam and Eve Sinned and were thrown out of the garden. We were all together at that time within their DNA. So as the Bible said, through Adam ALL have sinned. Through one man sin entered into the world.
        We were separated from God. (Don’t have a clue why this went to bold. It is not intentional.) Anyway, we learn that with the fall sin entered into the world and corruption was the result. For instance, rain, although we need it and it helps everything to grow and live, is a curse. When God created the world the garden was watered with a mist that came up from the ground. We did not eat meat. We were made to eat from the trees now we eat from the ground. So many things changed and when it got to Noah, even more change occurred. The water shed described in Genesis , broke. The depths of the ocean broke open and that which was holding back the water allowed it to flood the earth. These are no just stories. Every major civilization has a flood story.

        So corruption causes some terrible things. I have a boy in my Church born without a forearm and a hand and the other has only three distorted fingers. There are retardation and blindness and even the animal kingdom has gone awry and has homosexuality within some of it’s groups. Yet none of this was the way God planned it. It was a result of that sin back in the Garden.

        This wthorld has been judged and it will not continue forever but the things we have, we do the best we can with them. Our main concern should be our relationship with God because separation from God caused this so reuniting with Him only makes it better. That is why God became a man (Jesus) and paid for our sin on the cross. We are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners from the beginning it is our nature. Jesus paid for those sins and whosoever believeth (trusts) in Him will not perish (eternally) but have everlasting life.

        Now the Bible says all this to those who are perishing is foolishness. I pray it’s not for you.

        Through your words I feel you and know you are not to be grouped with those who pervert themselves.

        You are an intelligent person but look more to what you feel is true. Just as you know you are a woman you must know that God loves you and wants you to come to Him. He says whoever will come to Him He will in no wise cast out.

        Ask Jesus to be the Lord and Saviour of your life and you will find that fulfillment that is lacking.

  3. Diane Kerr on said:

    Pastor Jack Wilson, I cannot see how you are setting an example (at least I think that’s what you are attempting to do) of how to carry on an intelligent conversation. Derogatory labels like “foul” and “crude” doesn’t carry any weight when conversing about matters of substance. They only reflect your own bigotry. As for you “Science as Proof” comment, how is science less effective as proof than an opinion written 6000 years ago? You haven’t been able to pinpoint what the latter can substantiate that the former cannot. If you are inferring that the length of time that an idea has come into existence somehow holds more truth, I was not aware that the sun still revolved around the Earth in your world.

    As for your comment, ” you say J.P. patronized them? How about if it was a pedophile?” So if A does not equal B, then B equals C? I’m not following you Pastor. How are you making the connection between transgendered community and pedophilia? If I google the word “Pastor” and “Pedophile”, several Pastors who are pedophile shows up as the results. If I then to infer that all Pastors are Pedophiles? At least in this case, where I am drawing the connection is direct and clear.

    The truth is, I am not writing to take either sides. I am a married heterosexual woman who was lucky enough to be born in a healthy body I have a connection and feels in sync with. So I will never know how it will feel to be a transgendered individual. On the other hand, I have respect for Pastors and people who want so much to be on the right side of life. My best friend is Christian so I know that wonderful, loving people can come from groups who subscribe to religious doctrines.

    Everytime I want see true goodness, true love, beauty and light, I am reminded of the goodness I’ve witness in small exchanges and in those really good moments where love and respect came through for all living things. I believe that’s where God is. God is not in the “is-nots” and derogatory labels you feel is necessary to assign to His creations. Beauty is found when things are in balance, not in the polarized absolutes.

    I am not a Pastor, but even if I were to be one, I would dedicate my work to help articulate the beauty of that balance and promote compassion and tolerance for things and ideas we do not yet understand because that is what it means to have real faith in your creator.

    • Diane, I said that many of them were foul mouthed and crude. Was I not correct? As a Christian I HAVE absolutes and you and I could not possibly carry on a legitimate conversation on the subject without us having the framework or rules and guidelines I believe the bible to have…
      Your idea of true beauty and light, love and goodness is for everyone to act just like you. When someone disagrees and sees something you might think as beautiful and calls it vile, you disagree. How could I change that for you. We have different beliefs. Mine stems from the Bible and 6000 years of history, yours from a new age feel good attitude that has come about in the last 50 years by people who have denounced the truth of the Bible and have created a god in their own image. This god is just the way they want him (or her, or he she) and it’s rules correspond exactly to how they believe. How could I argue that?

  4. pastorjackwilson on said:

    To respond to some of these comments, homosexuals have been known to escape that mindset and to marry and have families as well as transgenders. You use “Science” as your “Proof” as to why these people can not change. I happen to believe 6000 year old Scriptures that say it is a choice made for those who would go astray. J.P. mentioning his feelings that they should come out of it are mine also, I have family and friends that are in that position. We neither hate them nor want harm but only good for them. You however fight that they might maintain their wrong course.
    Additionally, you say J.P. patronized them? How about if it was a pedophile? They are just “Chasing their feelings” , right? Please don’t tell me it is different as deviant behavior is just that in all cases.

    Here is more on the subject:

  5. pastorjackwilson on said:

    Once again you have hit it on the head sir. I have observed as I am sure you and many others have also, that along with the homosexuals, transgenders, and most of the left comes some unbelievable baggage.
    If they kept to themselves and did not wag their tails like dogs, it still would be unspeakable but not as intrusive. However with their deviance of body comes their deviance of mind. They are foul mouthed, crude, can not carry on an intelligent conversation and they dress like creatures from outer space.
    They parade their deeds as if to shove it in everyone elses face. Do we have a hetero parade where we prance down the street naked doing all kinds of lewd acts?

    The proof that they are not normal is in front of the world so when Jesus returns they will be without excuse.

  6. I have so much pity for these misguided souls. They can not recognize that they are ill. When they congregate together, they convince each other that what they’re thinking is okay. They feel it must be okay because there are so many of them when they gather in their groups. But it is a sickness. Just like those with schizophrenia often do not recognize their illness, I think so it goes with these people who embrace a gay or gender changed life. If you put together a big room full of people with any illness, surely they would start to believe that their illness must be common.

    For some years now, my gentleman friend has commented to me about how Hollywood has been slipping in gay themes and gay characters in televison. It was done mostly through comedy and made it seem like, “see? Look at all these gay people. Aren’t they delightful? This is a representation of real life.” When really, it is a representation of delusional thinking.

    I too pray for these people. You don’t see the other members of the animal kingdom wanting to get rid of their birth organs/parts. I can’t help but wonder if some aspects of modern life, exposure to chemicals, radiation, etc., have created a possible defect in the developing brains of unborn babies, or of existing human beings for that matter that has helped this illness expand so rapidly. Whatever it is, I feel extreme pity for those affected. God help them.

  7. Dianne on said:

    And that my dear is why you only have 10 likes on facebook. Let’s drop the pseudo intellectualisms here. As one human being to another, how do you know that God does not want these people to define and love themselves the way see is right for them. How can you be sure that God did not predetermined for these individual to go through what they need to go through in order to manifest their true expressions and learn all the lesson they need to learn along the way. If you have faith in God, why would you question God’s plans and dismiss his creations because you do not yet understand them?

    Everyone goes through their own trials and tribulations, and for these people theirs revolve around their identity. For you JP, they may be different things, but how would you feel if someone else outright dismisses, worst demonizes the type of trials you needed to go through in your own life in order to get to where you needed to go and learn the lesson you needed to learn? Why marginalize certain individuals because their journeys does not make sense for you and fit neatly into your own worldview.

    Lastly, when you say ” I pray that God will rescue you from your sickness”, that is not show of compassion. You are patronizing them and you are spewing hatred for your fellow men because for one reason or another you feel like you are their superior. You see they did not subject you to their beliefs, they are simply navigating their own life as they think makes sense and is right for them. You are demonizing and marginalizing them from the sidelines and perpetuating hatred on something you really do not know about. Yes you don’t know anything about them regardless of how much secondary research you purport to go through. You don’t know anything about being a transgendered person because you don’t know what it’s like to walk a day in their shoe. Heck you don’t even want acknowledge their point of view when a commentor who may be from the community and obviously had something to add to the discussion. You won’t even accept primary sources for your topic. If you truly are a journalist, you are certainly not living up to your profession.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Diane. And, just so you know, I’m stoked to have “only” 10 “likes” on Facebook. That’s five times as many as I had this time last month.

      Also, I’ve never professed to be an “intellectual,” therefore, I can’t be a “pseudo” intellectual.

      What I am is a Bible-believing Christian. And the Word of God declares it “abomination” for man to lie with man (and, by inference, woman with woman). And I’m pretty sure that continues to apply when a mentally-disturbed man (or woman) has had a sex-change operation.

      Finally, I was absolutely sincere when I conveyed my prayers to “Zoe” Brain, the transsexual formerly known as Alan.

      For God desires that no one should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

  8. zoebrain on said:

    But according to the APA, “psychiatric help” the way you mean it doesn’t actually work. That’s been known for decades.

    “Treatment aimed at trying to change a person’s gender identity and expression to become more
    congruent with sex assigned at birth has been attempted in the past without success (Gelder &
    Marks, 1969; Greenson, 1964), particularly in the long term (Cohen-Kettenis & Kuiper, 1984; Pauly,
    1965). Such treatment is no longer considered ethical.”

    That’s why in the DSM-5 it’s no longer considered a psychiatric disorder as such, any more than being being born with a cleft palate is. Both can cause significant distress and disability. Surgery is often a cure, though the distress from past maltreatment may require psychological therapy too.

    You say that Lana Wachowski is a man, and Chaz Bono is a woman. Why? This isn’t a trick question, I’m attempting to get you to think about what causes you to believe that. What criteria do you use?

    Chromosomes, for example? 46,XY is male, 46,XX female?

    “A 46,XY mother who developed as a normal woman underwent spontaneous puberty, reached menarche, menstruated regularly, experienced two unassisted pregnancies, and gave birth to a 46,XY daughter with complete gonadal dysgenesis.” — J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan;93(1):182-9.

    1 in 300 men aren’t 46,XY (and you could be one of them, most don’t know). Some women are.

    What about shape of genitalia at birth? The problem there is that not only do many babies have ambiguous genitalia, some people have a “natural sex change” due to 5ARD, 17BHSD, 3BHSD or some other syndromes.


    OK, now that we know neither of those can be relied on, they can’t define someone’s sex, what else?

    • Thank you for your follow up comment “Zoe.” Or should I call you by your given name, Alan? (I’m a journalist. I do my research.)

      I don’t expect a gender-confused man who considers himself an “intersex” – whatever that is – but who is disparaged as a transsexual poseur by the intersex community – which itself is an abomination – would recognize that he is mentally ill.

      I bear no malice toward you “Zoe” or Alan or whatever you want to call yourself, or to other troubled souls like you. I pray that God will rescue you from your sickness.

      • catezew on said:

        Bwahahaha!!!! This is a Christian satire web site right?

        No seriously JP, I know a lot of kind loving Christians; making fun of them isn’t cool at all. I noticed you made a point of your ‘journalism skillz’ by stalking Zoe to acquire a male name to address her by. How is it, that it was more important to ‘research’ a name yet state (after writing this blog) complete ignorance of intersex people?

        Despite your unusual claim otherwise (what prompted you to even disclaim malice if you weren’t called out on it originally – conscious eating at you?), you’ve displayed yourself as quite the malicious fool.

        “What I am is a Bible-believing Christian. And the Word of God declares it “abomination” for man to lie with man (and, by inference, woman with woman). And I’m pretty sure that continues to apply when a mentally-disturbed man (or woman) has had a sex-change operation.”

        Well done in twisting the Word of God to cater to your own hate agenda. It’s people like you who caused me to abandon ‘my faith’… spreading ignorance instead of the loving message of Jesus Christ.

        Imagine if you were able to accept reporoach from a sinner? No surely you are too holy for that, amirite? So throw the ‘stones’ at us – they hurt us but can’t change us. Pray for our ‘sickness’ maybe God will listen to you instead of me? No, I was humouring you… God won’t answer your prayers because we aren’t sick. You are.

        P.S. I’m not being facetious… did that work?

      • I guess you would consider The Christian Diarist a satire website. “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,” the Scripture advises.

        As to Zoe, “she” responded to my post not with a comment, but a full-blown rebuttal, including citations of various scientific studies that, to “her” mind, affirmed the normalcy of transgenderism.

        It seemed clear to me that Zoe was no impartial reader, but someone with a gender identity issue. And my suspicions were confired when I discovered that Zoe is a transsexual.

        I told Zoe that I bore no malice toward “her” because I don’t. I believe transgenderism is a sin in the eyes of God. But, as a Christian, we are taught to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Just as Jesus would.

  9. And what kind of “Psychiatric Help” would that be? According to the APA I mean, since that’s the basis of your claim.

    Maybe this might help understanding. The Abstract from “Sexual Hormones and the Brain: An Essential Alliance for Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation” Garcia-Falgueras A, Swaab DF Endocr Dev. 2010;17:22-35

    “The fetal brain develops during the intrauterine period in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. In this way, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation are programmed or organized into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the first two months of pregnancy and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in extreme cases in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no indication that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation.”

    I over-simplify here, but “Anatomically boy brain with otherwise anatomically girl body” – or the reverse – covers the basics. An Intersex condition, like many others, where the person is born with a body neither wholly male nor female. Something you can see on MRI and PET scans.

    You can’t “psychiatrically” change anyone with a boy brain into thinking he’s a girl, and if you try that too hard, they tend to suicide. Unfortunately there’s been many examples of that. Baby boys who have had their genitals destroyed in circumcision accidents, so brought up as girls – it doesn’t work.

    Same with the rare Intersex conditions such as 5ARD or 17BHSD that cause a “natural sex change”. This can either cause or cure transsexuality, depending upon the brain anatomy.

    • A man who wants to be a woman, like the former Larry Wachowski, or a woman who wants to be a man, like the former Chastity Bono, is mentally ill, according to the APA. People with mental illness, like genetic identity disorder, need psychiatric help. Even more so, I believe those deeply disturbed souls need prayer.

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