Woman Solicits Men Online For Breast Implants


Nicole Gomes has no shame. The 24-year-old Sacramento woman has taken to the Internet to ask some benevolent stranger or another to buy her breast implants.

“I didn’t get the boob gene from my mom,” she explains. “And it’s not something I would be able to afford by myself.”

My first thought was that Gomes must work in the sex industry. And that the young woman figured larger breasts – in addition to her obvious computer skills – would make her a more marketable pole dancer or porn star or prostitute.

But Gomes is a graphic designer, she says. And a happily married mother of two, she also says.

I wondered if she had kept her family in the dark about her desire for a bigger bosom and the lengths to which was willing to go to get them.

Indeed, Gomes signed up with a website, MyFreeImplants.com, which hooks up women desperate for larger breasts with donors – selfless, philanthropic-minded men, no doubt – who are willing to help a girl out.

I imagined the Sacramento woman’s husband would be outraged to discover that she was offering herself online. But Gomes says her hubby was good to go with it.

Well, no God-fearing man would let his wife (or girlfriend) do such a thing. If her self-esteem was such that she just had to have breast implants to feel good about herself, a sad commentary on how much this fallen world of ours values outward appearance over inner beauty, he would find a way to pay for them himself.

Gomes and her husband are disingenuous if they think some online benefactor is just going to mail her a check for $7,500 – so that she can move up in bra size from B to D, she says – and not expect anything in return.

That unclean money will come with an indecent proposal attached. The woman’s benefactor is going to want his pound of flesh.

Gomes says she is unwilling to do anything sleazy to get her breast implants. But she already has.

Asking a man who is not your husband to buy you bigger breasts is nothing if not sleazy.

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8 thoughts on “Woman Solicits Men Online For Breast Implants

  1. Nicole on said:


    This is Nicole 🙂

    Thank you for your personal insights on my husband and my decision to try a pre-existing web site dedicated to the endeavor of getting free implants. This wasn’t a new site I created, my husband told me about the site and there are many women before me that already did this. At first we thought of it as a joke and then decided that I could give it a try. I don’t have porn up or anything. I just have a good pitch that gets people to donate to me opposed to another woman on the same sight.

    I try to work out, got myself enrolled in college, work, and I just view that as another way that I can improve upon myself.

    If things are the way that you suggest, that like saying: dying your hair, wearing make up, or getting your nails done means you have a bad self image.

    I am actually quite flattered at all the controversy that was created by this broadcast.

    For this being a “Christian” site… I have never seen a more judgemental group of people anywhere. lol. I’m sorry that all of you feel the need to impose your own beliefs on others.

    -Life is too short to worry about what other people might think

    • Thank you for your comment Nicole. We understand that the website in question, MyFreeImplants.com, pre-existed before you signed on. But what strikes us is that you feel compelled to stress that you had nothing to do with the site’s creation. If you think there nothing unGodly about the site, why disavow it?

      We think it admirable that you are a purpose-driven young woman; that you are determined to improve yourself. But as the author Aldous Huxley once said, “the pursuit of good ends does not justify the employment of bad ends.”

      I do not think women who dye their hair, who wear make up, who manicure their nails have a self esteem problem. But I do lament that our culture makes women with smaller bra sizes feel they are somehow lacking. So much so that a beautiful young married woman like you, Nicole, would go so far as to go online and ask strange men to buy you breast implants.

      This Christian does not condemn you. And I do not presume to impose “my” beliefs on you. I just pray that you will find more Godly means of obtaining your implants (if you need them to feel good about yourself).

      For the Bible says, “Beauty is passing, but a woman who honors the Lord, she shall be praised.”

  2. Atheana Cage on said:

    I know its not good and that request is close to impossible even though breast implants has dropped its price in the past years, it still is expensive! Some with the low price, expert quality implants and surgeons can still be priced at a thousand bucks. And no one will give you money to do that for free, unless an exchange deal with Nicole.

  3. Flory on said:

    @LM I think some women really need breast implants and if you think they don’t I invite you to visit edelsteincosmetic.com and see the before and after pics. I was very surprised to see how some women looked before the surgery.

    Off course, soliciting money from strangers is not the way to raise the money for a surgery…

  4. It saddens me when othre women (I’m a woman) get a twisted perception of what they need to do to themselves to become “good enough.” There is something more deeply wrong with this woman if she feels that her life will be made better by having artificial objects inserted into her body. And there is also something wrong with her husband if he has no worries about her view of her own body. I really pity their children who will learn from example of what supposedly makes a person valuable and whole. From the photo posted on this topic, she is such an outwardly beautiful woman that she could model and turn heads where ever she’d go. However, like a person close to me often says, “(she) is like a beautiful package tied up in shiny paper and bows, but someone dropped the box and it is all broken inside.”

    I would have no qualms about someone seeking money for medical help if it was for a life threatening condition, or something that could be construed as medically necessary in some way. People are between a rock and a hard place these days; I am as well. I have personally been humbled by needing to seek help for medical treatment. It isn’t something I’m proud of, but I would do it again if need be in order to save myself or someone I loved from agony or death. However, I would be deeply ashamed of asking someone to help me with something that is so clearly NOT an emergency.

    Perhaps the people who seek such things are simply really are empty or broken vessels. These empty people become such easy targets for the devil and his minions. I pray that somehow God can touch these people, fill them with his light, remind them of where they come from, and help them find greater purpose for their lives.

  5. This is an Obama nation right now. It’s give me, you have I don’t. The only thing is how come I never see my poverty stricken ministry.com or help the missions.org.

    I was just asked two days ago by a young woman if I could pay her tuition. I can’t even send my own kids to school but she saw something in me. Wow!

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