Atheists Bash Prayer For Grieving Colorado Families


Have the atheists no decency, even in a time of national mourning?

No sooner had President Obama offered sympathy to the families of those killed or injured in yesterday’s murderous rampage at a suburban Denver movie theater – “May the Lord bring them comfort and healing in the hard days to come,” he said – before he found himself under attack by an atheist group.

By invoking the Lord, asserted Tom Flynn, director of an outfit that calls itself the Center for Secular Humanism, the president sent “a message of exclusion to other religions who don’t call their god ‘Lord’ and to non-religious Americans.”

Of course, Flynn couldn’t care less if religious folk who are neither Christians nor Jews were offended that Obama mentioned the Lord. He and his fellow “secular humanists” simply doesn’t want the president to acknowledge either God or the Son of God in his public pronouncements.

It doesn’t matter to Flynn and his fellow atheists that 92 percent of Americans believe in God, according to a 2011 Gallup Poll. It doesn’t matter to the godless wretches that 75 percent of Americans are Christians.

I’m sure most of that 92 percent had no problem with the president offering a prayer for the grieving families in Colorado. And I’m sure most of that 75 percent was untroubled that the president referenced the Lord.

Yet, atheists like Flynn insist that any public prayer under any circumstances is a constitutional violation of the First Amendment’s so-called “Separation Clause.”

And that any mention of the Lord, which is commonly associated with Christianity and Judaism, is a constitutional violation of the First Amendment’s so-called “Establishment Clause.”

Flynn’s argument is based on the modernist misreading of the First Amendment; a revisionist take on the original intent of this nation’s founders, almost all of whom happen to be Christians.

While they forbade the establishment of a national religion, to which every American would be expected to adhere, they never intended to evict religion from the public square.

They would have no problem with the president praying for the families who lost a loved one in yesterday’s massacre in Colorado.

And, having enacted a Constitution that refers to “the Year of our Lord,” they almost certainly wouldn’t object to his invocation of the Lord.

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4 thoughts on “Atheists Bash Prayer For Grieving Colorado Families

  1. Charlene Sphon on said:

    Unfortunately the number of Christians in the US is down to 77%… but still the majority. Makes me sick how they belittle the rest of us for our belief. The way I see it, my belief only makes me dumb in your eyes. One day we all will have to answer… Or we won’t, according to them. If I’m right, bummer for them. If I’m wrong, what was the harm in believing?

    • brodie on said:

      I can’t speak for the rest, as that’s not how we work, but I don’t belittle any believer personally. I don’t however, hold their beiefs in reverence or show it any respect. But the individual, I do respect their right to have those beliefs.

  2. One day a long, long time ago, our forefathers came to this nation to start a type of “gated community”.
    Like other gated communities it had rules. You were free to practice your faith and the Government could not force you to join a Church. BTW, the freedom of faith was for Christianity not Muslim or Buddhist or Catholic.
    They made one mistake however. they did not write it in the Charter that Atheist or idol worshipers do not have the right to speak. When you think about it, that was a big faux pas on their side. Additionally, they did not write into
    the Charter that those people could not vote. So now we have a society that permits all the ungodly, degenerates to voice what they want. It is so sad. However, the good point is that the Christians can be more vocal and overshadow them. The bad point is the Christians are lazy. Oh well, I;ll keep working on the answer. 😦

    • brodie on said:

      Wow, “Pastor Jack”! That’s one bigoted rant there. Just because I don’t believe in your god, I shouldn’t have the right to vote or speak freely? What a wonderful country you want for us. What a horrible, nightmarish totolitarian state you would like to see erected where this free country stands. And calling us degenerates just shows how mean spirited xians really are. What happed to “judge not, lest ye be judged”? Freedom is for everyone, not just your ilk. That’s a good thing.

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