FOX News Shows Love to ‘Convoy of Hope’


Big ups, as the kids say, to FOX News for airing a segment this past weekend on Convoy of Hope, the praiseworthy faith-based organization.

My acquaintance with Convoy of Hope dates back five years or so, when I was member of a church that partnered with the charity on an annual community event, reaching out to the poor and needy in surrounding neighborhoods.

The event, financed by a special offering collected by our church, staffed primarily by church volunteers, attracted thousands of mostly struggling families.

Every one of those families was offered free groceries. There was a job fair for those looking for work, as well as free hair cuts and work clothing. There was health screening for those lacking medical coverage, including free mammograms for women. There was day-long entertainment and free bicycles for pre-teens.

Then was a tent for those who wished to have one our pastors or church elders pray over them.

Convoy of Hope was founded in 1994 by Hal Donaldson. Its mission, according to its website, is “to feed millions of people in need in the United States and around the world” through children’s initiatives, citywide outreaches – like the event my old church co-sponsored – and disaster relief.”

Donaldson has a desire to help the least of those among us because of his own first-hand experience growing up in San Francisco. When he was but a boy, his parents were in head-on collision with a drunk driver. His father was killed; his mother was left incapacitated for some time.

That left the Donaldson family needy. But local churches, as well as kindly members of the community, stood in the gap for the family, providing them food and shelter. Those generous acts, according to Convoy of Hope’s founder, gave him and his siblings a sense of hope and hearts to one day help those in need.

And so it is that, since its start-up 18 years ago, Convoy of Hope has provided aid to more than 52 million people in more than 100 countries. That includes roughly $300 million worth of food and supplies.

What I particularly appreciate about faith-based organizations like Convoy of Hope is that they do not slough off to government the obligation that the Christ followers among us have to help the least among us, our brothers and sisters.

Indeed, that’s why Convoy of Hope has undertaken a 50-state “Tour of Help and Hope” this year, which will distribute $50 million worth of goods and services to poor families.

“Government can’t do everything,” Donaldson told FOX News. “That’s what we’re showing with Convoy of Hope, with our 50 state tour. We’re going into communities and showing that neighbors can help neighbors.”

Amen to that.

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3 thoughts on “FOX News Shows Love to ‘Convoy of Hope’

  1. I’m usually upbeat on these kind of activities , and I do not mean to take away from what this group accomplishes and perhaps it’s my own (God please forgive me) jealousy but it drives me crazy.

    What it amounts to is the same as we do here in the Philippines but most will never see because Fox News would not promote us. (Jealousy again-stop, stop). Anyway, we have doctors and medical assistants offer to come to our area. We give check ups and perform minor surgeries like cyst removal and circumcisions. We feed the people (up to one thousand) we have also had face painting for the children and various other things to try to meet their needs. However, they come, they go and we are still here. Not one has ever thought to send financial support to continue the work although many had promised. I mean not even $5 per month.

    This kind of operation is about the operators. About them traveling, staying in hotels, bonding on the road and, with the help of places like Fox News, able to raise millions of dollars to do this. Now in their defense I do believe they want to help others and whenever we help others there is so much in it for those who help. The Bible says the wages of the Pastor are joy so it’s not a bad thing.

    Again, it’s a lot jealousy and I really do ask forgiveness but after being here for six years and the only time I got to go back to the States was for a funeral and I did not get to go to my father’s although more important, I spent a month there while he was in the hospital. He died when I left.

    No vacation, no medical coverage, only a rental home, a 21 year old vehicle that I got after being here almost six years and put 4x the amount paid for it into repairs. Sound like I am whining a bit? Thanks for letting me. There are not too many stateside who hear me.

    We have started a work here that I am very happy with but now we have to leave our tiny building. We have overflowed it. We have many sustaining programs where we teach academics, music, livelihood and how to maintain a house on little to none.

    When that bus rolls past, the hope goes with it but here, when others come and go, we continue.

    • God bless you, Pastor, and your ministry. I can’t deliver a FOX News feature, but I can promise a future blog post on your Kingdom-building work in the Philippines.

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