Companies Pay No Price for Offending Christians


So Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer each donated $100,000 each to defeat Referendum 74, a state of Washington  ballot measure that would overturn  a law, passed by the state’s “progressive” legislature and governor, that would allow same-sex marriages.

What both the Microsoft co-founder and CEO are telling those of us who use the software giant’s products, who object to homosexual couplings, who consider it an abomination in the eyes of the God, is that they couldn’t care less about our religious sensibilities.

If we don’t like their politics, too bad. We’re welcome to purchase our next operating system from some company other than Microsoft.

That’s the attitude of not only Gates and Ballmer, but executives of all too many Fortune 500 companies that promote causes and organizations that most social conservatives, most evangelical Christians, find objectionable.

Indeed, the list of corporations that have gotten in bed with gay rights activists on same-sex marriage includes not only Microsoft, but also Starbucks, Boeing, Google, Nike, Time Warner Cable,Aetna, Xerox, Goldman Sachs, Viacom and Alcoa.

There is a similar, unholy relationship between Fortune 500 corporations and Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider. While few companies directly fund the death dealers, many indirectly support its agenda through such seemingly innocent organizations as the Girl Scouts and the YWCA..

Indeed, the Girl Scouts have partnered with Planned Parenthood to “bring information-based sex education programs to girls.” The YWCA has hooked up with the abortion “rights” organization to co-host workshops on youth pregnancy and prevention.

The list of corporations complicit in Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of innocents include Alcoa, All State, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Dell, Dove, Lockheed Martin, MetLife and Motorola.

I know  there are some, if not many, who count themselves evangelical Christians or social conservatives or both, who have misgivings about signing on to boycotts, for one reason or another.

Well, I will not presume to suggest that they ignore their misgivings; that they no longer drink Starbucks coffee or wear Nike sneakers or use AT&T as their cellular service provider.

I will only say that, as for me and my house, we will not give one dollar more to such corporations for them to use in support of causes – like same-sex marriage and abortion – that we find morally repugnant.

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14 thoughts on “Companies Pay No Price for Offending Christians

  1. pastorjackwilson on said:

    I would feel much better if people who made comments, especially when they say they are looking for transparency would at least do as much to have a profile and not log on as an intermittent agitator.

  2. Thank you for this. For some reason, I only spotted this today as I was looking at what a reader posted. Also, I needed my interpreter as I have no idea of Tagalog. Do you speak the language?

  3. Where do you get your information for those companies listed that fund Planned Parenthood?

    • From multiple sources, including publicly available records of Planned Parenthood and companies that support the nation’s leading abortion provider.

      • Thanks, but that’s not reliable enough. I do research on some of these things and some in your list I find no corroboration on. I’m just looking to be more complete, but if you aren’t willing to share specifics, it’s not good.

      • Thank you for your comment Colleen. I have a day job as a working journalist for a major newspaper (this blog is a labor of love I pursue in what free time I have, for the glory of God). The posts you read on this site are the product of reporting, research and, in some cases, inside knowledge gleaned from my day job. I stand by what I’ve written.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Colleen, what are your specifics?

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Collleen are you pro=Planned Parenthood? If you are, may I suggest you post that which you found wrong with JP’s information. One thing you will (hopefully) find with most Christians, if we say something that is proven wrong we will retract it.

      • pastorjackwilson, No. I’m not pro-PP. I’ve just had too many people spread rumors without proof so I don’t trust just any persons word on the matter. I want to see tax forms, advertisements, e-mails, logos. I want the information to be indisputable when I accuse a company of murder. If I am to judge a company, I want to hear the witnesses against them, not just some person saying they know something without any proof. And it’s ok if he doesn’t want to share the info. It just means I won’t necessarily believe him.

      • pastorjackwilson on said:

        Thanks for the reply Colleen and I am glad to see you are not for PP. I also like to see plenty of proof. J.P. usually supplies it all. I know myself, sometimes writing against these people, I leave out a lot that can be easily retrieved by anyone who would want to find the info. That is between you and him for sure. I would ask, why don’t you be a little more identifiable and have a profile? It’s nice to see who one is speaking to and perhaps get an insight on why they believe what they believe.
        Thanks for the address but I have no apps 😦 I am not too much up on those things. Mt cell is an antique! 🙂

      • They have an online scorecard as well as an app. I’ve never tried to figure out how to make a profile here. I guess like you and the cell phone, there is certain technology that I’m just not taking the time to pursue. I can see how you’d like to know who you’re talking to though.

        As far as these things go, I do research on this very issue. I know a lot about companies that support Planned Parenthood. None of these is on my list and I’ve researched their corporate giving extensively. Now, different people have different criteria, how far back they are willing to go… all sorts of things. But I thought I was asking for proof. He gave me his word as proof. Obviously he doesn’t want to share the rest. Ok.

  4. I agree with you whole heartedly. I would however like to see someone take up the job of listing the pro-Christian Companies to whom we could cheerfully give our business. We need more than just boycotts, we need to tell Companies we will make them prosper by doing what is right.

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