Former Model Takes on ‘Obscene’ Cosmopolitan


The August issue of Cosmopolitan arrives on newsstands next week. Nicole Weider, a former fashion model, a purpose-driven young Christian woman, believes the “obscene”  magazine should be wrapped in a nontransparent plastic bag.

“This publication has steadily declined,” she says, “into a full-on pornographic ‘how to’ guide for teens and vulnerable young girls.”

Indeed, Cosmo’s August cover entices readers to venture inside its pages with promises of “52 SEX TIPS,” as well as one of those how-to features Nicole mentions, coaching women on how to “TURN HIM ON FROM ACROSS THE ROOM,” and a helpful article for ladies wondering what to do “When Your VAGINA ACTS WEIRD After Sex..”      

“Every issue,” Nicole attests, “dares girls and encourages them to try new sex moves (including anal sex), engage in threesomes, experiment with lesbianism, have public sex, watch porn…us(e) sex toys such as dildos, shower heads, and vibrating tongue rings to ‘please your man and stimulate your clitoris.’”

The 26-year-old is not advocating that America’s best-selling women’s magazine be censored, no matter, she says, that it is “one of the media’s worst influences on girls.”

She fully understands that Cosmo Editor-in-Chief  Kate White and her morally deficient  staff have “a right to free speech and to print what they want,” however ungodly.

But they do not have a right, Nicole notes, to market graphic sex tips to under-age girls. And while White and her nymphomaniacal writers at Cosmo almost certainly will deny that they are targeting pre-adult girls, former Cosmo editor Bonnie Fuller acknowledged  that “millions of 17-year-olds” read the magazine.

The unintentional confirmation that Cosmopolitan does indeed target tender-aged girls came in article Fuler wrote earlier this year for the Huffington Post, in which she defended Cosmopolitan for featuring pre-adult actress Dakota Fanning on its cover.

Fuller followed up the article by tweeting sister-girlfriend White, her former colleague: “I’ve got your back on Dakota Fanning.”

Meanwhile, young Nicole has contacted John Liebowitz, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, to express concern that sexually-explicit Cosmopolitan is being sold to under-age girls.

Not surprisingly, she received the brush off from the FTC chairman’s office, which informed her that her complaint was unworthy of investigation because the obscene material Cosmo is putting in the hands of millions of under-age girls does not represent a “threat” to society.

Well, the young Christian woman was undeterred. She currently has an online petition drive going, on, which makes the persuasive case that that Cosmopolitan should be packaged in nontransparent plastic bags, like Playboy, Hustler and other adult magazines.

She also demands that the magazine be sold only to those at least 18 years of age, so that the hard-core material appearing on its pages each issue is no longer readily accessible to the millions of 17-year-old (and no doubt younger) girl whom Cosmo currently reaches.

Nicole Weider is standing in the gap for all of us who lament the coarsening of our culture. May God make a hedge around her, that the young Christian woman withstand the attacks almost certain to come her way.

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5 thoughts on “Former Model Takes on ‘Obscene’ Cosmopolitan

  1. Melanie on said:

    While I am not opposed to restricting the age to 18, as a long time reader of the magazine, I noticed you’ve failed to mention some of the magazine’s good qualities. This magazine promotes female independance. Aside from the obvious sex advice (which can also be found in various male targeted magazines such as maxim, men’s health, etc) it features articles on self esteem and happiness, career and success advice, healthy eating tips, decorating tips, and essentially encouraging women to be strong and independent. I do think attacking this one magazine for “selling sex” is a bit severe. It happens to be readily available everywhere.

    • Thank you for your comment, Melanie. Do you disagree with Nicole Weider, who has actually modeled for Cosmo, that the magazine “has steadily declined into a full-on pornographic ‘how to’ guide for teens and vulnerable young girls?”

  2. Suzanne on said:


  3. Sandy C on said:

    Good for you! Keep it up.

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