Has Homosexuality Become the New Normal?


One needn’t have had “gaydar” to know that Anderson Cooper was homosexual. That’s why the significance of the CNN anchor’s declaration yesterday – “I’m gay, always have been, always will be” – is not that he made it, but that he felt so empowered to do so.

In an email to Andrew Sullivan, a fellow homosexual who authors a blog for the Daily Beast, Cooper explained that he was reminded recently “that while as a society we are moving toward greater inclusion and equality for all people, the tide of history only advances when people make themselves fully visible.”

That’s the gay strategy – to “make themselves fully visible.” As Sullivan wrote on his blog, “The visibility of gay people is one of the core means for our equality.”

That’s why gay rights activists so often state that every one of us knows someone or another who is gay.

The implication is that homosexuals constitute a sizable minority; that they deserve to be full integrated into every area of society, from the military to the Boy Scouts; that they deserve to be accorded the very same rights as heterosexuals, from marriage to adoption of children.

But homosexuals are not nearly as sizable a minority as the unsuspecting American public has been misled to believe.

Sure, most of us know someone or another who is gay. But most of us also know someone or another who is Asian.

Asians constitute a mere 5 percent of the U.S. population, which most of us would not consider sizeable. And the homosexual population is not even half that of the Asian population.

That’s not the disinformation of one of the “pastors calling for the death of gay people,” as Sullivan decried, but the fact-based conclusion of Garance Franke-Ruta, a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine.

In an article published this past spring, Franke-Ruta, who is no conservative, no evangelical Christian, pointed to an April 2011 study by the Williams Institute, a gay and lesbian think tank at UCLA, which calculated that only 1.7 percent of Americans between 18 and 44 are homosexual.

Given that data, wrote Franke-Ruta, the size of the gay population has been “massively overestimated” by members of the American public. She points to a Gallup poll last year in which those surveyed figured that gays and lesbians made up more than 25 percent of theU.S.population.

That so many Americans mistakenly believe that the homosexual population is 15 times larger than it actually is shows how successful gay rights activists have been in portraying their constituency as a sizable minority.

And they have managed to do so because of their prominence in such highly visible professions as media, entertainment and politics.

Indeed, Cooper’s acknowledgement yesterday that he is gay “and proud” was preceded several months ago by a similar announcement by fellow CNN anchor Don Lemon. And it will surprise hardly anyone when and if a former CNN anchor, currently working for a rival network, follows the lead of Lemon and Cooper.

Meanwhile, a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featured a cover story on “The New Art of Coming Out.” It celebrates “the new casual methods celebrities are using to reveal their sexuality publicly for the first time.”

That includes such Hollywood gays as Jim Parsons, a cast member on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory,” Zachary Quinto, who appeared on NBC’s “Heroes,” before moving on to such movies as Star Trek, Matt Bomer, star of USA Network’s “White Collar,” Jesse Tyler, of ABC’s “Modern Family” and Jane Lynch, of  FOX’s “Glee.”

Then there’s the political world, where homosexuality is no longer the liability with voters it once was. Indeed, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which makes campaign contributions to homosexual candidates throughout the country, says there are more than 1,000 open gay elected officials serving at some level or another in government.

And the gay community has a very special relationship with the Obama administration, which, according to the Victory Fund, has appointed more than 250 gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders to full-time and advisor positions with the executive branch, “more than all know LGBT appointments of other presidential administrations combined.”

The success of homosexuals in infiltrating the media, Hollywood and politics explains why so many Americans have been duped into believing that every fourth person is gay or lesbian or (other).

It also explains how the tiny minority has managed to advance its ungodly agenda, over the objection of the majority of Americans who continue to believe that homosexuality is a sin.

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8 thoughts on “Has Homosexuality Become the New Normal?

  1. I think the question to be asked is not, “Are there X% of them, or Y%?” but “Do we ask the government (i.e., the secular state) to treat them differently?” Asians are a small percentage of the country, as you say, but we wouldn’t endorse anti-Asian laws. Same with Buddhists.

    • But we do endorse anti – murderer laws and anti bank robber laws and anti pedophile laws. what’s your point? there is nothing wrong with Asians and unfortunately, we have given everyone the right to worship other gods in this Country and now, are you asking that homosexuality be promoted to normalcy?

      • So, the simple question is, then, are laws against homosexuals – not laws against acts like rape or sexual assault, which are in place regardless of orientation or gender, but laws where the government treats you differently/worse simply because one happens to be gay – are the same as laws against “bank robbers and pedophiles? Does a 15yr or 18yr or 50yr old gay man receive (e.g.) a disparate tax treatment, fewer rights in the secular state, fewer employment and housing protections, etc. just because some Christians have a problem with some sexual orientations?
        If “promoting to normalcy” is a leading way to say “treat them as equal citizens before the state”, then how can we as Americans or Christians do otherwise?

      • You left out pedophilia as orientation. Why? Do you think bank robbery is not orientation? Btw, all Christians recognize Homosexuality as sin and against God. Just because some liberal calls themselves Christian’s, doesn’t make them one. Now, you come to a Christian site to challenge the statements here because you are a homosexual. That’s fair. Let’s talk about it. Realize this first, anyone who hates you for what you do is wrong. Hate should not be in the Christian vocabulary. I should say, hate against people. Hate against your life style (as it may be called) is normal. If you believe there is a God and believe His word then you already know how much He hates it.
        If you do not believe in God nor Bible, we have no more debate.
        I could tell you outside of the Bible that the act is a complete abomination. You can not procreate so it is against nature. Also, if you choose that which has been abhorred for about 6,000 years, then you can also be a child molester or into bestiality. After all it’s a “lifestyle” choice isn’t it?
        If you want to continue this discussion, tell me your position on God and the Bible.

      • Sexual orientation is not a lifestyle choice, no. And neither are bank robbery or pedophilia. You can choose to take either violating and aggressive and assaultive acts and equate them with consensual adult sexual relations, but a vanishing fraction of the American populace will agree with such a horrifying equivalency. Are you really saying that two adult gay men in a relationship is the same as robbing a bank or molesting a child? 2) Sex with an animal or a child, neither of whom can consent, is hardly the same as two adults choosing to have sex. 3) Since homosexuality occurs throughout the animal kingdom and across human history, it’s not against nature, either – nature has been doing it for millennia. It may have been abhorred by some religions for 6000 years, but it’s been around much longer than that.
        I didn’t come here, as an atheist, to challenge your faith or religious views. I believe that you are welcome to them – and that our Constitution protects them! But I don’t believe that your or any religion gets to define my or anyone else’s civil or employment or other secular rights, however, and it was to discuss that, the difference of Caesar’s from the Church’s handling of the issue, that I began this discussion. I appreciate your willingness to discuss it with me respectfully and without rancor.

      • I am glad to speak to you on this subject as my only purpose would not to prove to you the truth but to change your heart and give you peace and joy. You can not say homosexuality is a unique device and therefore it falls not under any of the aforementioned sins. You say that it was practiced way past 6000 years but of course as I believe in a young earth that could not have been possible. Has it been practiced since the world began? I believe it has. However long sin is practiced, doesn’t make it right. You say there are some animals that practice it. I believe and know that also but because of deviance in nature does that mean copying the animals is the way that you want to live?
        Since the fall of man (Adam and Eve) in the garden, that sin has caused our world to go out of control. Here are some facts: In the beginning the earth was watered with water that misted up from the ground however it is still a blessing to get water when we need it, rain is part of the curse. The earth was a perfect temperature in it’s entirety but since the cataclysmic devastation of the world wide flood (Noah) the earth shook violently and is now on a what? 18 degree tilt. When that happened to polar region was flash frozen. That’s why men are able to dig up and eat the wooly Mammoths that have been discovered there. Thorns and thistles were a result of sin as well as diseases, abhorrent behavior is certainly a product of the fall. As an atheist you have chosen not to believe in God despite the evidence to the contrary. I will tell you if there is no God homosexuality is alright but if there is, you are going against His will. when did you decide you were an atheist and what is your proof of origin?

  2. I understand that sin is sin. I also understand that some sin is more detestable than others. God rails against homosexuality. On a human level, if you see a young boy stealing a piece of candy and then see a man groping a young boy, you will certainly see the difference sins and if they each are to be take as lightly as another.
    “That’s why gay rights activists so often state that every one of us knows someone or another who is gay.”
    Probably many of us know some one who cheated on their relationship, or who lied, or stole or… We do not accept sin on the basis of it’s popularity although it is it’s popularity that helps other s(non believer but sometimes believers) accept them.
    Some have idolized Jesse James. Here in the Philippines there seems to be a cross dresser or homo on practically every show.
    The Bible says, “Just as in the days of Noah…” I am afraid this ship has sailed.

  3. You had me until the last sentence. 1) Who is objecting to the homosexual agenda? 2) Homosexuality a sin? Yes, So is lying. So is lustful thoughts. All sins are just that. Sins. No worse, no better. God does not have degrees of judgement for our sins. Anything less than perfection is sin. Thus, our need for a savior… This is what we need to advance. Our need for a savior, regardless of the sin(s) we’ve committed.
    Other than that, I cannot disagree with a single statement in your post.

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