Female Journalist Violated by Egyptian Islamists


Natasha Smith planned to be in Cairo today to see Mohammed Morsi take his oath as Egypt’s first Islamist president. But the British journalist was forced to leave the capital city prematurely, she reported, “following a horrific sexual and physical attack in Tahrir Square.”

It is just the latest, sickening evidence that Islam is not the “religion of peace” its adherents claim.        

Smith’s attack occurred earlier this week as she was making her way to Tahrir Square, where a throng had gathered to celebrate Morsi’s historic election. Though Smith was “accompanied by two male companions for safety,” they could not protect her from the swarm of Egyptian men determined to have their way with her.

“Hundreds of men were dragging me away, kicking and screaming,” she recounted. “Men began to rip off my clothes. I was stripped naked… They were scratching and clenching my breasts and forcing their fingers inside me in every possible way… I was dragged naked across the dirty ground… Men pulled my blonde hair – a beacon of my alien identity.”

In the midst of her brutal assault, Smith, who attested, “I’m not religious,” suddenly found religion. The TV journalist said aloud to herself, over and over, “Please God. Please make it stop.”

And it finally did stop, by the grace of God.

Smith was spirited away to a medical tent where she collapsed into unconsciousness. When she came to, she was surrounded by Muslim women who had treated her injuries.

The women told Smith that the attack upon her was motivated by rumors that she was a foreign spy. “But if that was the cause,” said Smith, “it was only really used as a pretext, an excuse, to molest and violate a blonde young Western girl.”

What would amuse, if it wasn’t so outrageous, is that the Muslim women who treated Smith fretted that her attack would reflect badly upon their country and their Islamic faith.

“Women were crying and telling me,” Smith recounted, “‘This is not Egypt! This is not Islam!’”

But it is indeed Egypt, where Coptic Christians, who make up 10 percent of the country’s population, are the targets of ethnic cleansing by the radical Islamists who propelled Morsi into the presidency.

And it is indeed Islam, the religion practiced by jihadists responsible for much of the terrorism the world has witnessed since the turn of the millennium, beginning with the September 11 attacks here in the United States that took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent souls.

And Islamist violence continues to claim additional victims with each passing day.  As journalist Natasha Smith experienced  first hand.

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7 thoughts on “Female Journalist Violated by Egyptian Islamists

  1. Assaults happen in the US as well, by “Christian” men. And a young, blonde, attractive female should know better.

    • There has never been, in my memory, a sexual attack by hundreds of Christian men, in the U.S. or elsewhere, on a female – young, blonde, attractive or otherwise. The Islamists in Tahrir Square are an ungodly breed apart.

      • Does the fact that there were hundreds make it any more traumatic than if it had been one man? Rape is rape. And I’m pretty sure the Bible says to love the sinner but hate the sin.

      • I consider rape a particularly odious crime, along with murder and child molestation. And, no, it absolutely does not matter, in my mind, whether there is one guilty assailant or hundreds.

  2. Mike on said:

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but any woman journalist going to Tahir Square should know better. This is typical Islamic behaviour, they are nothing but a primitive violent culture dominated by cowardly men that treat women as animals. I really don’t know why she is surprised. This occurs frequently in her own country – it is amazing to me any country lets these Islamic animals into their country – Islam needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.

  3. Pete on said:

    How many women journalists have to be assaulted on Tahir Square before they get a clue that it’s not a safe place for them?

  4. ““Women were crying and telling me,” Smith recounted, “‘This is not Egypt! This is not Islam!’”” Lying sluts. that is exactly what islam is and the brits are getting what they deserve. Did they think they could prime to arabs to attack only white Jewish girls?

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