Amen to Waitress Who Refused Sexed Up Uniform


I do not know Courtney Scaramella’s faith life. But I applaud the 23-year-old waitress for taking a stand against the owner and general manager of the Los Angeles sports bar where she worked when they decided to sex up the uniforms worn by female employees.

When she was hired by the sports bar nearly five years ago, Courtney and her fellow female employees wore a uniform of shirt and pants. But that changed recently, when the ownership ordered waitresses to wear tiny little school-girl skirts.

Courtney went so far as to try on the skirt, but the petite young woman found she couldn’t bend – even a little – without exposing herself. Her biggest fear was that some liquored up customer would pull off her skirt – which was fastened at the waist by mere Velcro – either by accident or intention.

After submitting a written complaint back in January, Courtney was no longer required to squeeze into an itty-bit skirt sized for a pre-teen girl. However, she contends, her hours were cut, and her income diminished.

Finally, management decided to rid themselves of their more-modest-than-thou waitress, according to Courtney. So now she’s fighting back with a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment, wrongful termination and unpaid wages.

Now, had young Courtney been a longtime employee of one of those so-called “breastaurants,” establishments that put well-endowed, underdressed waitresses on display for lustful male customers, I would have little sympathy for her.

Because she would have known what she was getting herself into when she took the unwholesome job.

But Courtney never tried to trade on her bodily assets. She passed up Hooters, Titled Kilt, Twin Peaks, Mugs and Jugs and other such breastaurants to take a waitress position at a sports bar where the required attire was not a tight-fitting tank top and short shorts, or plaid bra and matching tiny plaid skirt, but a less provocative shirt and pants.

It took great courage for young Courtney to refuse to accept the degrading new un-dress code the managers of her sports bar instituted. Especially, in an economy in which most are inclined to hold on to even the most disagreeable job rather than risk joining the ranks of the out-of-work.

Again, I do not know her faith life. But I do know an act of Godliness when I see it.

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6 thoughts on “Amen to Waitress Who Refused Sexed Up Uniform

  1. Larry on said:

    I feel bad for the girl. Times change, the business has to change in order to compete with other places like Hooters, The Tilted Kilt and others. She doesn’t want to wear the uniform, no problem. To say it looks as skimpy as a pre-teen dress is pushing it. If she was afraid of it coming off, put a button on it. One person mentioned that many young ladies get jobs in bars because they are pretty. That’s the way these places are. Nobody is forced to go there or work there. She quit, stood up for herself. That’s great, let it go and get on with your life. She does not deserve any “compensation” for doing that. She does deserve respect and kudos for what she did.

  2. In that case- Very sleazy. Time for a good law suit! 🙂

    • Agreed. If young women want to work for establishments where they are expected to wear next-to-nothing, I leave that between them and the Lord. But when a young woman has worked for an establishment for the better part of five years, when she has gone to work each day in a respectable shirt and pants, when she suddenly is told that she must dress like a trollop as a condition of her continued employment, I believe an injustice has been done. She deserves a civil judgment in her favor.

  3. My opinion is if you don’t want to be abused, don’t put yourself in that position. Many young ladies get jobs in bard because they usually just hire you if you are pretty. They will train you. You already know when you don’t see any homely girls the type of job it is. This lady had her limit and I give her kudos for it. Although I don’t claim to know her spiritual position, working in a bar is not the typical Church going girl’s job of choice.
    Suggestion, don’t go down to Egypt. Get a job in a bona fide restaurant if you want to be a waitress. A good place can produce good tips. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.

    • I agree with you. But, it should be noted, not all sports bars are “bars,” per se. They really are full blown restaurants, but are placed in the the generic category of sports bar.

      • Gabby on said:

        Agreed. My husband and I regularly frequent a ‘sports bar and beer market’ in our town. It simply is the best restaurant in town. Sure it has a large screen and you can watch sports there, but the restaurant section is like any other. The waitresses, who are average looking, are dressed in black pants and black buttoned shirts.

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