Bristol Palin is an Overcomer


I’m a Bristol Palin fan. I think the young Christian woman is a role model for teen-aged girls (and boys) who’ve overcome bad decisions in their lives.

Bristol’s backstory will no doubt be familiar to most of those who tune in to her new reality show, “Life’s a Tripp,” which premiers tonight on Lifetime network.

She became a single mom at 18 years old, the “highest-profile teen pregnancy of the year,” declared the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

That’s because, unlike the other 440,000 or so teen-age girls who gave birth in 2008, Bristol’s mother was not only the governor of Alaska, but also the suddenly famous Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States.

At a time when young Bristol almost certainly would have preferred anonymity, her private life was out in the open for the whole world to see. And because her mom was not only Republican, but also conservative, Bristol found herself the subject of many unkind attacks.

But Bristolproved herself more than a conqueror, through her Christian faith.

While she accepted that her pre-marital sexual relationship with boyfriend Levi Johnston was wrong in the eyes of God, she did not compound her sin by aborting their unborn baby.

And while she hoped to marry the father of her son Tripp, and get their relationship right with God, she ultimately decided that it was better to be a single mom than to wed a ne’er-do-well like Johnston, who’s most noteworthy life achievement was a 2010 semi-nude pictorial for Playgirl magazine.

Now 21 years old, Bristol has come into her own. The trials, the tribulations she has faced since she was pregnant with Tripp have drawn her closer to Christ; made her a stronger, more confident young woman.

Bristol’s 2010 appearance on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” proved to be her coming out party. Defying expectations, she made the finals of the competition, an unlikely outcome she attributed to faith and prayer (not to mention the overwhelming support she received from the voting public).

Like her mom, Bristol has found herself the target of haters. Like Stephen Hanks, the obnoxious homosexual who shouted sexual obscenities at the young Christian woman while she was shooting an episode of her Lifetime show at a Hollywood restaurant.

Bristol, “the Pistol,” did not shrink from battle with the hater.  She got in the homosexual’s grille. And she gave him no quarter.

It is because Bristol puts on the whole armor of God each day that she has the boldness to confront the vile and wicked, like Hanks. “I know that God is on my side,” she said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “And my faith is everything to me.”

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2 thoughts on “Bristol Palin is an Overcomer

    • have any of you watched her show — is this really a Christian witness? Is she really an overcomer?
      Does she really put on the whole armor of God while dogging the father of her child continuously?

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