Latest Proof Islam is No ‘Religion of Peace’


At least 21 people were killed Sunday in suicide bombings during worship services at three Kaduna, Nigeria churches.

They are the latest victims of Boko Haram, a radical Islamist sect. Its terror attacks on Nigeria’s Christian community have taken the lives of more than 560 innocent men, women and children so far this year, according to the Associated Press.

Such unholy murder of innocents attests that Islam is not the “religion of peace” its apologists claim. For Boko Haram feels perfectly justified to kill Christians – and any other non-Muslims – in the name of Islam.

In fact, violent attacks upon Christians in Muslim-majority countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia tripled between 2003 and 2010, according to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a research fellow at American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

In just the past 30 days, Muslim terrorists have murdered more than 1000 innocents and injured another 2000.

Last week’s toll included not only the 21 Christian worshippers killed in Nigeria Sunday, but also the 26 killed the day before by a truck bomb at a crowded market in Landi Kotal, Pakistan.

There were also four persons killed by machine gunfire last week, including a 90-year-old woman, in Parang, Philipinnes; 12 people, including several Christian evangelists, beaten down last week in Cairo, Egypt; and six casualties, including three children, of a Muslim grenade attack in Pattani, Thailand.

If Muslims were victims of such attacks, we would never hear the end of it. Especially if it came at the hands of the United States (orIsrael).

It would be all over Al Jazeera. There’d be a United Nations resolution condemning the attacks. President Obama would apologize for the U.S.and order reparations to the Muslim victims.

Yet, we hardly hear anything about the genocidal crusade against Christians throughout the Muslim World; hardly anything about the 3,000 victims of Islamist terrorism – Christians and non-Christians alike – over the past 30 days.

Not from the U.N. Not from human rights organizations. Not from the international media. Not from the Arab communities in the United States and other Western nations.

That’s because, while they may not condone terror, they sympathize with the “aspirations” of those behind the terror.

Those that believe the United Statesis “the Great Satan,” the epithet first used byIran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. Those that believe Israel should be “wiped off the map,” as Hamas, the Islamist terror group, declared. Those that believe that Christian minorities living in predominantly Muslim countries are “infidels” deserving of death.

Muslim terrorism is the great evil of our time; a clear and present danger that the civilized world ignores at its own peril.

For as the carnage in Nigeria demonstrated all-too-clearly, Islamist groups like Boko Haram mean to kill all of us who do not bow in obeisance to their god.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Proof Islam is No ‘Religion of Peace’

  1. a servant of GOD on said:

    what u wrote about prophet muhamad shows dat u ar nothing but an animal it means u dont beliv in ur bible

  2. ecks why on said:

    Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and some snappy graphics, great for emailing…

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