Village Voice Media Continues to Enable Sex Trafficking


Hello, My name is Chase! New, hot, & ready to forfill [sic] all of your wildest dreams. Weighing 115 and standing at 5’4” with the complete package to take you to ecstacy [sic] ! ! ! In call starting at $80. Out call starting at $100. Poster’s age: 19.

That’s an actual sex ad posted today in the Seattle listings of, a website that boasts a 70 percent market share of the nation’s prostitution ads according to AIM Group, the leading research and consulting service for the classifieds industry.

The owners of, Village Voice Media, are determined to defend their lucrative partnership with sex traffickers, including those who pimp out teen-aged girls like Chase (who probably isn’t even 19-years old).

That’s why they’ve sued the state of Washingtonto invalidate its new law requiring classified advertising enterprises – like, like Craigslist – to verify the ages of girls, like Chase, appearing sex-related ads.

As the spokesperson for its lawsuit against the EvergreenState, Village Voice Media chose female lawyer Liz McDougal, whose defense of online sex trafficking is the immoral equivalent of Sandra Fluke’s advocacy of a government-mandate on private health insurers to provide contraception coverage.

McDougal agrees that the “trafficking of children for sex is an abomination.” But her company refuses to stop doing business with the sex traffickers responsible for that abomination.

“I believe,” she said, in a written statement, “that aggressive improvements in technology and close collaboration between the online service community, law enforcement and (non-government organizations) is the best approach to fighting human trafficking.”

Well, when exactly should we expect to see this anti-trafficking tech come online?  And when exactly shall we expect to see that collaboration between online classified companies, like, and law enforcement and NGOs?

Too late, certainly, for Chase and other young girls whose bodies are being sold on, generating millions of dollars in ill-gotten profits to Village Voice Media, McDougal’s godless employer.

That’s why the state of Washington is absolutely right to crack down on and its 70 percent market share of prostitution ads. No morally-upright company would knowingly and willfully profit from sex trafficking or other illicit activity.

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