Eastwood Family’s Vulgar Display of Wealth


“Let me tell you about the very rich,” F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote. “They are different from you and me.”

He was absolutely right. And we need look no further than Dina Eastwood for confirmation.

On a recent episode of her new E! reality show, “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” the wife of famed actor Clint Eastwood stood idly by as her stepdaughter Francesca and her photographer beau destroyed a $100,000 Hermes Birkin handbag to make an artistic statement.

To flaunt wealth in such a manner is nothing short of obscene.

 Especially, when there are so many needful people throughout the fair land – including California’s Monterey County, where more than a quarter of children are living in poverty right outside the gates of the Eastwood family’s $20 million, 15,000-square-foot palace.

Dina Eastwood, who, as a teen growing up in the working-class city of Castro Valley,California, held minimum-wage jobs at McDonalds and cleaning apartments, obviously has forgotten where she came from.

Otherwise, there’s no way she would have stood for the destruction of a handbag that costs more than the average American earns in more than two years.

The star of “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” which also features Francesca, her stepdaughter, and Morgan, her biological daughter with Clint, sounds especially disingenuous when she professes herself a person of compassion.

 “I must volunteer on nonprofit projects to feel fulfilled,” she told Carmel Magazine.

She also told the magazine that, while she and hubby Clint are been blessed with great wealth, they are inconspicuous consumers.

“It is a value to me and it is a value to Clint,” she said. “I love purses and shoes as much as anybody else, but we do most of our shopping at Marshall’s, Ross and Mervyn’s. Clint’s very non-flippant with money. He’s a Depression-era baby.”

Apparently, the very rich couple’s values did not trickle down to daughter Francesca.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone along with photographer-boyfriend Tyler Shields when he decided that they should burn the red crocodile Hermes bag and attack its charred remains with a chainsaw.

Shields explained that destroying the bag was a way to demonstrate that material objects don’t define a person.

But a far better way for the envelope-pushing photog and girlfriend Francesca to make that point was to sell the $100,000 bag – a coveted favorite of such celebrities as  Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham – and donate the proceeds to a charity serving the needful.

Dina Eastwood insists that she did not approve of the artistic “statement” by her stepdaughter and her stepdaughter’s beau. But she didn’t stop it. And she even gave the two young vulgarians undeserved publicity on her surreality show.

That makes her no less guilty than they.

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6 thoughts on “Eastwood Family’s Vulgar Display of Wealth

  1. Kathleen on said:

    I think Dina Eastwood is a lovely woman by far and other Hollywood stars and spouses pale in comparison! Who is to say this purse was not actually donated. It is a $100,000 purse for a name not because of cost and material; I gaurantee that it did not take a $100,000 to make…..anything can be worth $100,000 if someone thinks and believes it is worth it. Dina Eastwood seems to be a very down to earth woman with good values, morals and a sense of grounded stability…..and I applaud her for that!

    • I do not know Dina Eastwood personally. I’m willing to accept that she’s a “lovely” woman by Hollywood standards. That does not forgive her for standing idley by while her stepdaughter, a latter day Marie Antoinette, and her stepdaughter’s all-too-effete beau destroyed a $100,000 purse that could have been sold, with proceeds donated to a charity that helps the needy. No, Dina did not condone the profane “artistic statement.” But she sure didn’t stop it.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Lots of judging going on here. The hand bag is just decorated leather. No real value was destroyed – it doesn’t cost that much to make.

    • The bag has a price tag of $100,000. Had it been sold – rather than destroyed – the proceeds could have been used to provide a little aid and comfort to those whom the Lord described as “the least of these My brethren.” I do not believe it overly judgmental to suggest that the Lord would not approve of how young Francesca Eastwood and her beau chose to dispose of such a valuable possesion.

      • Kathleen on said:

        I think the Lord and the Christian community (myself included in that) have bigger issues to deal with, than to worry about whether a leather hand bag was destroyed that someone believes to be worth so much money.

      • There is no issue of probity too big or too small to escape the Lord’s notice. And those who count themselves faithful Christians have a duty to cry out to the unrighteous, including Hollywood celebrities, “make straight the way of the Lord.”

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