Another School Day, Another Sex Scandal


Erin Sayer is a high school English teacher in Brooklyn. She’s the target of a lawsuit filed this week that accuses her of carrying on a month-long sexual liaison with a 16-year-old student she tutored.

The suit was brought by the boy’s parents who say that the 35-year-old Sayer, a wife and mother, plied their son with pot she kept in a file cabinet at school and sexed him up in her SUV.

“As parents,” said the Eng’s family attorney, Bruce Baron, “we entrust our teachers with the care of our children, to cultivate and nurture their foundations. Not to exploit their innocence, nor rob them of their childhood.”

Baron is absolutely right. However parents who want their children taught by teachers who are morally upstanding, who would not dream of corrupting the tender-aged, need to steer clear of the godless public schools if at all possible.

For hardly a school day passes without a news report of some teacher-student sex scandal at some public school somewhere in America.

Indeed, the Boston Globe reports that a former Holyoke, Massachusetts middle school teacher, on probation after admitting to unlawful sex with a 15-year-old student, was thrown in jail for 18 months this week after violating terms of her probation.

Lisa Lavoie was supposed to stay away from the teen, with whom she ran away to West Virginia in 2009. But, this past March, her teen sex partner was seen entering her apartment, where he was caught hiding in her closet.

Then there’s the Jason Wade Ward, the 37-year-old Foyil, Oklahoma high school teacher arrested this week for rape by instrumentation, lewd molestation and sodomy. The Rogers County Sheriff’s Department told Tusla’s KTUL-TV that Ward’s victim was an under-aged student.

The sex crimes committed by teachers like Saver, Lavoie and Wade are becoming increasingly commonplace in public school systems throughout the land.

I believe it is the direct consequence of the unholy campaign – begun by atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair back in 1963 and continuing to this very day – to expel God from the nation’s classrooms.

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