Abortionist Claims Inspiration From Martin Luther King

Can a serial killer be an authentic Christian? Willie Parker thinks he can. He’s a Washington, D.C. abortion doctor.

In a Q-and-A published by the Newark Star-Ledger this past Sunday, the Lord’s Day, Parker offered a decidedly twisted explanation of his conversion from a pro-life obstetrician to a pro-death abortionist.

“In listening to a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King,” said Parker, “I came to a deeper understanding of my spirituality, which places a higher value on compassion.”

The abortion doctor remembers that King’s sermon was drawn from the parable of the Good Samaritan.

What he took away from the Baptist preacher’s message was that, “what made the Good Samaritan ‘good’ is that, instead of focusing on what would happen to him by stopping to help the traveler, he was more concerned about what would happen to the traveler if he didn’t stop.”

That revelation, said Parker, erased whatever qualms he had about stilling the beating hearts of the unborn. Today, he is willing to abort under any and every circumstance he can get away with under existing law.

Indeed, the Star-Ledger reported, “he’s one of those rare doctors who is willing to push the limits and provide abortions at 24 weeks of pregnancy. That places him among only 11 percent of all abortion provider who will do the procedure that late in the second trimester.”

Parker should be shunned by any God-fearing community, but particularly predominantly-black Washington, D.C. Because Parker, who is black, has taken more innocent black lives over the past decade than any D.C. gang banger or dope  dealer.

Yet, Parker calls himself a Christian; likens himself to the Good Samaritan.

Well, a rude awakening awaits him when he stands before the throne of judgment, when  the Lord declares, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice iniquity.”

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