The Ungodly Business of Pornography


The porn industry was featured last night on CNBC, which took its viewers “inside the $13 billion business of pleasure.”

Well, there is no doubt that millions of Americans derive pleasure from porn, which may be found at the magazine stand, in the video store, on regular and pay-per-view cable and, of course, all over the Internet.

But it is the passing pleasure of sin, as the Scripture warns us. It has a corrosive effect on our souls.

That is borne out by the powerful testimonies of men and women alike who have experienced, first-hand, the deleterious effects of porn on their lives; whose woeful stories were not presented on CNBC.

Like the Virginia psychologist who’s husband’s porn addiction led him to abandon her and their five children.

Writing in the National Review, she recounted that her man hooked up with “an unemployed alcoholic with all the physical qualities of a porn star – bleached blonde hair, heavy makeup, provocative clothing, and big breasts.”

She was convinced that her former husband “succumbed to the allure of the secret fantasy life he had been indulging since adolescence.” And she cited several studies backing up her conclusion that porn alters behavior.”

What I find most compelling about her testimony was her conclusion that porn gives “the impression that aberrant sexual practices are more common than they really are, and that promiscuous behavior is normal.”

Michael Leahy, author of “Porn Nation,” offered the perspective of a wayward husband, whose youthful porn habit led an adult sex addiction.

“It took losing my 15-year-marriage,” he lamented, “my boys, my job, my affair partner, any hopes of reconciliation with and re-marrying (my former wife), and a whole lot of money to hit rock bottom. That’s what it took to finally get my attention.”

Leahy now devotes himself to travelling around the country, evangelizing against the evil of pornography.

Then there is Sophia Lynn, who starred in porn films to make money to support herself and her child after a divorce, she told ABC News.

She was delivered from the supposed business of pleasure with the intercession of Heather Veitch, an ex-stripper turned Christian evangelist. Lynn gave her life to Christ and took a job as a church secretary in Sioux Falls,S.D.

“This is like a dream,” said the former porn star. “I feel like my life has been saved.”

The testimonies of the Virginia psychologist, of Leahy and of Lynndispel the myth that porn is an innocent, victimless vice.

It is a blight upon America. It is a tool of the ruler of this fallen world, whom, the Scripture warns, is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour.

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4 thoughts on “The Ungodly Business of Pornography

  1. Re: Whoever made the remark that this was a good website really needs to have their head inspected.

    • God bless you for taking the time to comment. I’d be happy to respond to any specific criticism you have of The Christian Diarist.

  2. David Thompson on said:

    If people would stone their kids when they acted in a disrespectful fashion and if we kill non-virgin unmarried females like God tells us to do we would not have these problems!

    Praise Jesus.

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