India Abortion Doctors Take Atrocities to Another Level


I have a suggestion for Invisible Children, the group that has almost singlehandedly made the obscure Ugandan despot Joseph Kony famous so that he can be brought to justice:   

How about a similar campaign to call international attention to the particularly heinous atrocities committed by abortion doctors in certain parts of India?

The Indian abortionists are not only killing unborn female babies, according to Dr. Varsha Despande, a representative of Lek Ladki Abhiyan, an Indian advocacy organization trying to stop the practice of “gendercide.”

Some also are feeding the aborted remains to dogs to cover up their crimes against humanity.

Nowhere is the practice more prevalent than in Beed, a town in the central Indian state of Maharashtra, where only 801 baby girls are born live for every 1,000 newborn boys,  prima facie evidence of female infanticide.

Despande said her organization conducted a sting operation in 2010 on the town’s most notorious abortionist, Dr. Sudam Munde, and he spoke openly about killing female fetuses and feeding them to his five dogs.

Police arrested him after the revelation, but he was rich and influential enough to escape justice for his atrocities.

Munde was arrested yet again last week following the death of a 28-year-old woman who was six-months pregnant, who came to him to abort the unborn daughter growing in her womb.

Despande fears the abortion doctor will escape justice yet again; that he will be free to abort more pre-born girls and feed them to his dogs.

And Munde is by no means the only abortionist guilty of such horiffic crime, said Despande. Other doctors in Beed keep dogs for the same purpose, she told India Today, a weekly news magazine.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra’s Public Health Ministry is doing absolutely nothing to stop the most gross violation of the Hyppocratic oath this side of Joseph Goebbels. “I have heard of the practice but have no evidence,” said Minister Suresh Shetty.

Wll, that’s probably because Shetty doesn’t want to find the evidence. Doesn’t have the mettle to bring a halt to the ungodly practices bring committed within his domain.

He’s just like all the morally-deficient cowards down through history who have failed to confront evil when it reared itself. Those whose inaction have allowed crimes against humanity to go unpunished.

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