An Extraordinary Act of Christian Charity


James, thought by some Biblical historians to be the half-brother of Jesus, issued a challenge to those of us who consider ourselves Christians: “Be doers of the Word,” he wrote, in the epistle that bears his name, “and not hearers only.”

Rankin Paynter proved himself this week equal to the challenge set forth by James.

The Winchester, Ky. businessman was shopping at a local Kmart that was scheduled to close its doors for good. He asked a clerk what was going to happen to all the unsold items and he was told that “power buyers” would take it all.

So he signed up to be a power buyer.

The day before the store closed its doors for the very last time, Paynter got a call saying he could purchase the store’s entire lot, which included everything from winter clothes to over-the-counter medication.

He agreed. And Paynter stood on line six and a half hours to purchase all $200,000 worth of the store’s unsold inventory at four different cash registers.

Then it took the septuagenarian businessman two trucks, two vans and six workers to move all the liquidated merchandise from the store to a storage facility.

Paynter didn’t know immediately what he was going to do with all the goods he bought from Kmart. He could have flipped his purchase and made a quick profit of $30,000 or $40,000.

But in an extraordinary act of charity, Paynter decided to donate the entire lot to Clark County Community Services, a faith-based organization. It works side by side with God’s Pantry, another faith-based organization, to serve the the Kentucky county’s needful.

“We’ve all been put on this earth to help each other through,” said Paynter, proprietor of a jewelry exchange store. “If I can help people through, I’m happy.”

Paynter is an example for all of us who truly desire to be good and faithful servants of Christ. For the Word instructs: “To whom much is given, from him much will be required.”

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3 thoughts on “An Extraordinary Act of Christian Charity

  1. Smith on said:

    It’s not just Christian charity, it’s human charity. We’ve all been put on this earth to help each other, if I can help people through, I’m happy.

  2. On our present course, the day can come when the powers that be block this type of charity, as it seeks to be the only one whom people look to for help, not “our Father who art in Heaven,” who usually works thru His own.

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