Tennessee Dad Makes Octomom Look Like Model Parent


I knew there was a baby-making parent somewhere out there in this morally bankrupt country of ours that was even more irresponsible than Nadya Suleman, not so affectionately known as Octomom.

His name is Desmond Hatchett. And he has fathered 30 children by 11 different women over the past 14 years.

The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn. man was in court this week to ask a judge to cut him some slack on his child support payments. His job only pays him minimum wage, he lamented, and he just doesn’t take home a big enough paycheck to share it with all 11 of his baby mommas.

In fact, some of the women receive as little as $1.49 a month. That’s not enough to buy a Happy Meal for even one of Hatchett’s 30 kids.

The serial dad feels bad about that. “I didn’t intend to have that many,” he said, “It just happened.”

Of course it did.

Those 11 different women he impregnated all jumped him against his will. He shouldn’t have to pay for bringing all those babies into the world.

Well, it wouldn’t matter if Hatchett owned a billion-dollar piece of Facebook. It’s downright sinful to procreate so many children, five or ten or more of whom are almost certain to succumb to some pathology or another.

Yet, Triacontadad – my suggested reality show nickname for Hatchett – faces no punishment for condemning his offspring to lives of hardship and neglect. That is, as long as he continues to pay his baby mommas at least $1.49 a month for their upkeep.

The state of Tennessee has no law requiring unfit parents like Hatchett to stop procreating – even though the state’s taxpayers ultimately bear the financial burden of bringing up the babies of those parents.

But if ever there was a candidate for an involuntary vasectomy, it’s deadbeat serial dad Desmond Hatchett.

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