What Gender Equality Hath Wrought


Keeling Pilaro is a 13-year old New York lad. And he’s a star athlete.

Not in football or baseball or basketball (or any other sport to which teen-age boys typically gravitate).

He plays girl’s field hockey.

And he dominates. In fact, as an eighth-grader last season, Keeling made all conference, after scoring 10 goals and assisting on 8 others.  He was a man among girls.

That’s what prompted school officials inSuffolk County, N.Y.to consider whether to bar Keeling from suiting up for this year’s field hockey season.

“It’s a girls’ sport,” said the school section’s executive director. “When a boy plays, it leads the way for other male players to come in and take over.”

He is absolutely right. And, yet, a Suffolk County committee decided this week that Keeling can continue to whoop up on the girls.

Anyone who has followed the ongoing national debate about “gender equality” could see something like this coming.

For the insistence by radical feminists on a completely level playing field with men – with  no respect to God-given gender differences – leads to the kind of game-changing policy made by Suffolk County.

Women can’t compete with men in sport. Guys have a decided physiological advantage. God built us bigger, stronger, faster.

Yet, feminist types continue to challenge the gender barrier in sports. And they attack men as sexist who prefer not to compete against women.

Like the Our Lady of Sorrows high school baseball team in Arizona. It forfeited the Arizona Charter Athletic Championship game rather than take the field against a 15-year-old girl playing for the opposing team.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Linda Maatz, director of public policy at the American Association of University Women. “Does she have cooties?”

Ha, ha.

Well, how would Maatz and other feminist types like it if male athletes started to follow Keeling Pilaro’s lead? They could kiss Title IX goodbye. They could say goodnight to the WTA, WNBA, LPGA and other women’s professional sports.

It would be the end of women’s sports as we know it. Male athletes would, indeed, come in and takeover. All that would be left for women would be such sports as synchronized swimming, ice skating and gymnastics.

I’m not saying that because I’m some sort of unrehabilitated male chauvinist.

It’s because I don’t want to see radical feminists, preaching their gospel of gender equality, destroy women’s sports.

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