Sex Crimes of Rich and Famous Often Go Unpunished


I wonder what Maggy Haggerty thinks about allegations against John Travolta – that the acclaimed actor sexually assaulted at least two masseurs?

I imagine it sounds all too familiar to Haggerty, a massage therapist. She went public three years ago with an accusation that former Vice President Al Gore tried to sex her up in a Portland, Ore. hotel room.

“Al Gore is a pervert and a sexual predator,” she charged. “He’s not what people think he is – he’s a sick man.”

According to the report she filed with Portland police, Gore was in town to deliver a speech on global warming. In advance of his appearance, the future Nobel laureate thought he’d enjoy a stimulating massage.

When Haggerty showed up, she said, the man who was once a heartbeat away from the presidency felt her up, kissed on her and demanded a “happy ending.” When she refused, he took matters into his own hands.

When the Gore sex scandal moved from the cover of the National Enquirer to the pages of the New York Times and other “mainstream” news organizations, his dutiful wife Tipper came to his defense.

She said she didn’t believe Haggerty’s allegations. She said she’d known massage was part of her man’s, ahem, “health regimen” for any number of years.

But the former Second Lady was no longer willing to stand by Gore when subsequent allegations were made against him by two other massage therapists.

That included a woman who reported an incident at the rooftop spa of a hotel Gore visited while in Hollywood to attend the Academy Awards ceremony (where Saint Al won an Oscar for his global warming jeremiad, “An Inconvenient Truth”).

According to the masseuse’s account, when Gore got her alone, he dropped his towel and stood naked before her. He pointed at his aroused manhood and ordered her, “Take care of this.”

That apparently was too much for long-suffering Tipper Gore. She finally decided to divorce her husband of more than 40 years.

But there was no consolation for Al Gore’s victims – the powerless women like Molly Haggerty.

For the former vice president, the sexual predator, managed to escape justice for his sins.

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