Defeat Awaits Gay-Marriage Backers in North Carolina


Here’s a message to gay America as voters in North Carolina go to the polls today to decide the fate of Amendment 1, a ballot measure that would define marriage as between one man and one woman in the Tarheel State’s constitution:

Don’t attack those who vote for the measure as “gay haters.”

I voted for a similar measure in my state. And it was not because of any animus I have toward gays – some of whom I count as valued friends, some as respected colleagues and some as beloved members of my very own family.

I simply believe that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. And I refused to check my Christian convictions at the door to my polling place when the issue of same-sex marriage appeared on my state ballot.

Some suggest that it is inconsistent for those who share my views to fully accept gays as friends, colleagues and family members while, at the same time, denying them the right to marry same-sex partners.

But it’s actually consistent with Christian doctrine, which teaches that we are to love the sinner, while hating the sin.

Indeed, I’ve had congenial relationships with individuals I suspected of adultery or illegal drug use or working in the sex trade. I did not condone their aberrant behavior, their sinful conduct. But I treated them with loving-kindness as I prayed that they would come to repentance.

Now if they had sought society’s blessing of their immoral lifestyle – if, say, the acquaintance I suspected of being a paid escort joined a movement to legalize prostitution – I would have strenuously opposed them.

Just as I oppose homosexual activists who demand society’s acceptance of their ungodly lifestyle. Who insist that they should enjoy the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

Supporters of same-sex marriage say that those of us who stand against them on moral grounds are religious bigots. Some even go so far to defend the homosexual lifestyle as to invoke the words of Jesus, who said, “Judge not lest you be judged.”

But, of course, they conveniently ignore something else Jesus said:

“Go and sin no more.”

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7 thoughts on “Defeat Awaits Gay-Marriage Backers in North Carolina

  1. Homosexuality not natural and was never ienntded to be, this way of life is not what God approves of and never will I don’t care for the lesbian/homosexual lifestyle but I do care about the people who have this lifestyle!! Why is it that you all are mad at us for telling the truth but you refuse to believe it. Man did not come first God did and we are supposed to follow his example and instruction on how to live our lives that is why he gave us the Bible his infallible Word!! God is infallible!

  2. Just because you got you derege in law for 2 countries does not make you and expert on human knowledge or human relations if you wanted to be an expert on that you should have taken a different course!! The only thing I can tell you is that there is no course on this earth that you can take to make you an expert on what you think you know and try to back up with the law, the separation between church and state was established so that the government could not get involved in what the church does.

  3. Russell on said:

    When you limit other people’s liberty solely to satisfy your own religious beliefs, that qualifies as hateful. If not of those you oppose, then of the notion of civil liberty.

    • Are you suggesting that those of us who support limitations on such practices as child pornography, polygamy, pedophilia and prostitution because of our my Christian beliefs are somehow hateful?

      • Fact: Sexual activity and paniirg between animals of the same sex IS found in nature, therefore natural. Videos on youtube are evidence. In the end, God is not saying anything. These are men who say that they have the authority to speak 4 God. Which man you believe speaks 4 God or is a prophet is a matter of your particular cultural history. That’s why religion must be separate from the State. If you want a Biblical marriage that is your right, but you cant force others to believe in that too.

    • Everything I know and believe comes from my rtnoeialship with Christ and belief in God the father not some secularism that a lot of people believe, my heritage did not hold on to me to make me believe there way. I believe in God creator of heaven and earth and in His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible is my life line that I live by, I am not perfect and I still make mistakes but my faith and belief stand solid!! I will continue to believe my pastor over ignorance any day!!

    • I have 2 advantages that give me a more obtvcjiee point of view.1. I am a lawyer, I understand laws change2. Although born raised in US I lived 7yrs in Spain, studied law and became lawyer in Spain and US. This allowed me to see that religion, law language are cultural and historical products. People born to Arab parents speak Arabic and believe in Mohamed, people born in US speak Engli and believe in Christ, in China Religion law are cultural historical not obtvcjiee like Physics.

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